Did William Branham's teaching agree with the Bible?

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    William Branham stated that the Bible was the absolute and that he only taught what the Bible said. Is that true?

    The following is a list of questions that we have attempted to answer regarding the teachings of William Branham. Please click on the link to go to a detailed discussion of the question:

    1. Did William Branham's teaching on the Seven Seals come from the angel of God?
    2. Can a wedding engagement be broken?
    3. Was Adam first created as a "spirit being" or is this Mormon doctrine?
    4. Was Time Created as a Result of Sin?
    5. Who got naked first? Adam or Eve?
    6. Why did William Branham teach that some Christians were required to believe Satanic doctrine to be saved?
    7. Elijah and Elisha prayed. Why did William Branham say they didn't?
    8. Why did William Branham disagree with the doctrine of the clarity of scripture, a long held doctrine of the church?
    9. William Branham believed he was the fulfillment of Revelation 10:7. Was he correct?
    10. Did God change Saul's name to Paul?
    11. William Branham taught that eagles typed prophets in the Bible. Where is this found in scripture?
    12. William Branham believed that if a wife cuts her hair, her husband can divorce her. Does the Bible teach this?
    13. William Branham believed that a man can remarry after divorce but a woman can't. Why did william Branham preach something that neither Jesus or Paul did?
    14. Should 100% of the tithes go to the pastor?
    15. Are pastors today the same as priests in the Old Testament?
    16. Are ministers required to marry a virgin?
    17. Did William Branham approve of polygamy?
    18. Were there any times when William Branham's "Thus Saith The Lord" actually failed?
    19. Why did William Branham disagree with the Bible and teach that the people chose Saul as King of Israel?
    20. What are the three holy words of the Bible that William Branham spoke of?
    21. Why did William Branham say that 2 major prophets were never on the scene at the same time when the Bible doesn't teach that?
    22. William Branham said that God left Jesus when He was on the cross. Does the Bible teach this?
    23. Does God really have THREE Bibles as William Branham taught?
    24. If you don't feel saved, are you still a Christian?
    25. How hard do lilies work?
    26. Did John weep for joy or because no one was worthy?
    27. Were women really designed by Satan?
    28. Can you lose your healing?
    29. Was Enoch the seventh from Adam? Is this proof of the Serpent Seed doctrine?
    30. Is the harlot in the Book of Revelation the Roman Catholic Church?
    31. Are Christians considered amateur gods?
    32. Is Jesus Christ the same as Michael the Archangel?
    33. Does the Bible say that we have to "read between the lines"?
    34. Noah started building the ark after he saw Enoch go in a Rapture
    35. Was Enoch a type of the wise virgin, and Noah a type of the foolish virgin?
    36. Was William Branham the fulfillment of Malachi 4:5?
    37. Is the spelling of William Branham's name of spiritual significance?
    38. Illegitimate children cannot be part of the rapture.
    39. Should Christians "cast down reasoning"?
    40. Can the Holy Spirit abandon you?
    41. How nice do you have to be to people that disagree with you doctrinally?
    42. Is salvation something that you earn?
    43. Does long hair mean uncut (i.e. no trimming of split ends) for women?
    44. Does God hear the prayer of a woman that has cut her hair?
    45. Can a man get a divorce for any reason?
    46. Were the midwives in Egypt actually witches?
    47. Is your admission to heaven conditional on William Branham's judgment?
    48. Are There Women Angels?
    49. Did Jesus die screaming for help, crying for mercy because He was separated from God?
    50. William Branham mixed law and grace. Is that a problem?
    51. Was William Branham's understanding of water baptism historically correct?
    52. When Jesus died on the cross, did God leave him? Did he simply die as a man?
    53. Did William Branham simply copy Emmanual Swedenborg's teaching on the Godhead?
    54. Does the Bible really teach that the serpent had sex with Eve?
    55. Can any two walk together unless they be agreed? Did William Branham understand Amos 3:3?
    56. Was William Branham's understanding of Amos 3:7 correct?
    57. 1 John 1:7‎‎
    58. What did William Branham teach happened when someone "fell from grace"?
    59. Were the Israelites that died in the wilderness eternally lost?
    60. Was William Branham guilty of Theological Trespassing?
    61. Did William Branham's teaching on the Token agree with Paul's teaching on the subject?
    62. When is a person sealed by the Holy Spirit?
    63. Is a gentile Elijah prophesied in the Bible?
    64. Does the message teach the correct interpretation of Matthew 24:28?
    65. Is Billy Paul an old man? And if he is, why aren't sharks swimming through Los Angeles?
    66. The evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is believing in William Branham
    67. Did William Branham reveal the Son of Man?
    68. Does the Holy Spirit lead people into the message?
    69. If the seventh seal was silent, how did William Branham know what it meant?
    70. Isaiah 9:6
    71. Zechariah 14:7
    72. Revelation 16:13
    73. Are biracial marriages unscriptural?
    74. What was God's reaction to Sarah laughing?
    75. Does the Bible teach there are two tiers of Christians?
    76. Is the "Bride" a special category of Christian?
    77. If the Son is not eternal, can the Father be eternal?
    78. Is there a difference in the meaning of Eternal vs. Everlasting
    79. If sex was not in God's original plan, how come he made us as sexual beings?
    80. Are people born with spiritual gifts as William Branham taught?
    81. What is the meaning of "begotten"?
    82. Does the Christian church actually teach that there are three gods in the Trinity?
    83. Did William Branham misrepresent the Church's historical view of the Trinity?
    84. Is tithing required in the New Testament?
    85. Is Capernaum under the sea?
    86. How many rules do I have to keep in order to get to heaven?
    87. Is it a sin for a woman to wear pants?
    88. Is the message dress code in the Bible?
    89. Has "that which is perfect" come?
    90. What is the actual meaning of El Shaddai?
    91. What was The Sign of the Messiah?
    92. Was William Branham's view of the future biblical?
    93. How did William Branham view himself?
    94. Does God only have seven compound names?
    95. Who are the two witnesses of Revelation 11?
    96. Why do we need William Branham's message when scripture is sufficient?
    97. Is the message "stale" manna?
    98. William Branham and Alcohol
    99. Can you tell if someone has the Holy Spirit?
    100. Why did William Branham say that Saul did not commit suicide, when the Bible says he did?
    101. How could open-toed shoes be immoral if virtually everyone in the Bible wore them?
    102. Q&A with a message minister relating to William Branham's doctrine

    Quotes of William Branham

    And I—I’m a person just with one Book, and that’s the Bible. I just believe what the Bible says and—and don’t try to take other’s word.[1]

    Back to the Message! Back to the beginning! Back to what Paul taught![2]

    Therefore, I believe the Bible to be the absolute Truth of God, and It isn’t to be added to, or taken away from, but just lived, preached in Its simplicity, lived the way It was wrote, and God is, if He ever was God, He is still God. And if This is His Word, and He made a promise that He cannot back up, then He isn’t God.[3]

    You say, “It means this.” It means just what It says. The Bible said, “It’s of no private interpretation.” If It says, if It says, “black is black, and white is white,” that’s just what it is. It’s the Ultimate. It’s the Absolute. And every man that’s born of the Spirit of God is tied to That, no matter, nothing will separate him from It. He’s tied to that Word, because it’s Christ. Christ is the Word. And Christ cannot lie about His Word, for He is the Word.[4]

    And it’s got to come to one final absolute, and my absolute is the Word, the Bible. And as a pastor here of the church, my absolute is the Word, and I want…I know you, our brothers, you kind of look to me to be your absolute to what… as long as I follow God, as Paul said in the Scripture, “You follow me, as I follow Christ.”[5]

    And I have my own thoughts of that, and I believe that what the Bible says is the Truth.[6]


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