William Branham, A Prophet?

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    Was William Branham a prophet? We invite you to learn more about his life and ministry:

    Click to read William Branham's life story. He was born in a small shed in rural Kentucky, experienced tragedy in his youth. He and became a Pentecostal minister in 1933 and started an international healing ministry in 1945. You may also be interested in the following articles:

    William Branham said THUS SAITH THE LORD many times. Go see for yourself. The problem is that not many of the things he said "Thus Saith The Lord" about came pass. The margin of error to be a true prophet is very slim. Why did William Branham speak "Thus Saith The Lord" falsely?
    William Branham pointed to the picture of the pillar of fire as his greatest vindication. What looks like a halo hovers behind his head. Douglas Studios refused to let him use it as the cover for his biography. The Beatles had a picture taken with a similar halo. Could the solution to this mysterious light rest in the January 25, 1950 edition of The Houston Chronicle, which said that it all happened "under the glare of the great lights of Sam Houston Coliseum."
    ? William Branham admitted in 1950 that he often guessed at the disease. We would guess that perhaps he got better at guessing after years of practice.
    Did you know that William Branham made errors in Discernment? That's one of the reasons for the infamous "blank spot on tape". The other reason for the "blank spot" was to remove any reference to Jim Jones, a man who also had the gift of "discernment", and who William Branham helped bring to fame.
    William Branham said he received his doctrine from an Angel. He said this specifically about his sermons on the Seven Seals. But why is much of his sermons on the Book of Revelation almost verbatim from the works of Clarence Larkin? Was Larkin the Messenger who revealed the mysteries?
    Was William Branham Honest? "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another." (Ephesians 4:25) What would you do if you caught William Branham lying on a sermon recording? Would this affect your opinion of him? Would you still consider him to be credible?
    The Man from Windsor lied on his prayer card. William Braham said he received forgiveness...and the diseases on his card came on him...and he died 6 months later...and he remained bedridden to this day...and he died a year later...and he remained in a serious condition...and he became paralyzed...and he died 6 weeks later...and he remains paralyzed. This story changes so much it is unclear whether there is any truth behind it.
    Proposing to Hope Brumbach. William Branham's in-laws were divorced, and living in separate cities at the time of his engagement to his first wife, Hope. This is different than what he talks about as part of his Life Story. Why?
    Hope Branham's Nurse was a close friend. Hope told her, "I hope you find a man like my husband." Her name was Hilda. No, it was Louise. Or Juanita? Perhaps Evelyn? Why is her name different every time the story was told?
    William Branham said his father died when he was young. That's why he had bad grammar. And he had to take care of 10 kids on his own. Except his father died after William Branham already had two children. Why did he lie?

    A true vision should be the same every time. But William Branham's visions changed drastically, even though he claimed to read them off an "old yellow paper." Which version is true, or all they all made up? One thing is for sure, you have to reject at least one version of some of these visions. Shouldn't something be black and white if you want to rest your soul it.

    William Branham said a lot of wrong stuff. Much of this is now promoted by Voice of God Recordings as Truth to kids. Things like: Opium comes from lilies, mustard cannot by hybrid, it takes billions of years to get to Mars, Joseph's bones went to England, Elvis means a "cat", the midwives in Egypt were evil, and eighty percent of the children in Arizona suffer with mental deficiency. Why did he make this up, and why do you trust him?

    William Branham led a double life. He preached against sports hunting, then shot 34 large animals in 21 days in Africa. He preached against visiting theatres, then went to watch Marilyn Monroe. He preached that shorts were women's clothes, and wore then while hunting in Africa. What else did he do that he preached against?

    William Braham said that Matt Dillon was a "sheriff in Kansas. And Matt Dillon was as yellow as a rabbit. He shot twenty-eight man in the back, innocent people." But Matt Dillon was just a character on the TV show "Gunsmoke". He was not a real historical person. What else did William Branham talk about that was fiction?

    William Branham claimed that Flying Saucers were investigating Angels of judgment. The CIA said they were spy planes. And Voice of Healing published numerous articles on "vindication" of suspect photographs. Read it for yourself.

    William Branham claimed the pyramids were built by Enoch, and cast no shadows. But photographs prove that the pyramids cast shadows, so why would the Egyptians need anything more than a lever, some chisels, a few thousand slaves, and sand to build the pyramids? Why did he make stuff like this up?


    How credible was William Branham? 30%? 100%? We have spent a lot of time trying to separate fact from fiction as it relates to William Branham's ministry. Its a hard task. Some say he was always in another dimension...but unless another dimension changes past reality, he may have just had his head in the clouds.


    William Branham always said he was poor. But he died with two homes (fully paid), a Cadillac that was given to him, and $3,113,676 in cash, plus stocks. How is this poor for 1965?
    Hagin Prophecy. Did Kenneth Hagin and Anna Schrader predict William Branham’s death in 1964? William Branham called Anna Schrader a prophetess, so this should have been important to him.
    3 Holy
    Three holy words. William Braham said he had to say them before a person was healed. He said that no mortal knows those words. Scary...but similar to one of the Gnostic Gospels where Thomas learns three heavenly secret words that can call fire from heaven.

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