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    A significant portion of William Branham's followers believe that every word he said is inspired and accurate. Here are some things he said that are easily identifiable as being wrong. Some of these are currently being propagated to kids as truth by the Young Foundations Ministry, in a series of online articles called “Did you know”. (Young Foundations is the youth ministry of Voice of God Recordings, Inc. and publishes these documents on its Young Foundations website.


    What William Branham Said Better Science (The Truth)
    A shooting star [is] really seen a weather light. A meteor shower has nothing to do with the weather.
    the world is square, and the papers packed the article. The world is a sphere (a round ball).
    one-fourth of the people of the world never dream. Everyone dreams (but some people just don't remember their dreams).
    The acid of a fishes body will eat up a hook in the fishes mouth” Fish can't eat through metal with their mouth.
    there's thirty and nine major diseases in the world today.” There's more than 39 disease types in the world.
    Before they had paper, all the old ancient writings was either on rock or on skin.” Papyrus was popular before parchment.
    They're going to find out, someday, that they're not seeing a hundred and fifty million years of light space either. They're going right around in a circle.” Telescopes see in straight lines all around us.
    Right down in the center of the heart, there's a little compartment where there's not even a blood cell in it. It's not in the animal heart, only in the human heart. They say it's the occupant of the soul.” Not as far as we can see.
    Mustard cannot by hybrid.” (January 18, 1965) Mustard can be hybrid
    Opium comes from lilies.” (January 18, 1965) Opium comes from poppies.
    If an angel started from Mars to come here to earth, flying at the speed of light, it would take him billions of years to get here?” If you went to Mars at the speed of light, it would take you 4 minutes on average.


    William Branham

    • “In the times of the pyramid, they had atomic power that shook the world out of its orbit.” (Did you know #11)
    • “the Catholic church come in existence in the Book of Genesis. Nimrod established the first Catholic church” (Did you know #11)
    • “Each side of the city of Babylon was thirty miles, from one wall to the end of the other wall, making it a hundred and twenty miles around. It had streets in it that were two-hundred feet wide, and the walls were eighty feet tall, with about forty feet across the top.” (Did you know #11)
    • “When Brother Branham was here, eighty-seven percent of all alcoholic beverages that was drank in the United States came from Louisville, Kentucky, and about ninety percent of all the tobacco also came out of Louisville.” (Did you know #12)
    • “Joseph's bones were in a little old lead casket when the children of Israel left Egypt…[then it went to] be in a museum in England.” (Did you know #19)

    Better History

    • In the times of the pyramid, they harnessed the power of the lever.
    • Churches did not exist until the New Testament.

    • Ancient Babylon is about 1km by 2km in size.

    • Jeffersonville had a worse reputation for liquor than Louisville.

    • Joseph's tomb is in Israel, and there is no record of his bones coming through England.

    Pop Culture

    William Branham

    • “[Elvis] Presley had three or four heart attacks…in his teens.” (Did you know #23)
    • “Marilyn Monroe died of a heart attack” (April 17, 1964)
    • “The word Elvis means a "cat," and the word Ricky means a "rat." (Did you know #18)
    • “Saturday night is a night that Satan takes hold.” (Did you know #16)
    • “a parking meter on the street [is] unconstitutional.” (Did you know #10)
    • “It takes two-thousand to make a multitude.” (Did you know #12)
    • “A barber put carbolic acid on Brother Branham’s hair, thinking it was shampoo, and this was the starting cause of his hair loss.” (Did you know #5)

    Better Pop Culture

    • Elvis Presley died from misusing drugs.

    • Marilyn Monroe died of poisoning, possibly suicide related.
    • Elvis means "all wise" and Ricky means "hard ruler".

    • Saturday night is the start of the first day.

    • Parking meters are constitutional.

    • He made this up.

    • He went bald naturally, and his sons did too (unless they all went to the same barber).

    Not In The Bible Stories

    William Branham

    • “Adam had long, shaggy, black hair, and Eve had blond hair and blue eyes.” (Did you know #6)
    • “Lazarus walked down to the River Jordan with Jesus when He went to be baptized by John.” (Did you know #7)
    • “Jesus had great sparkling blue eyes.” (Did you know #9) (except in Hoffman’s painting)
    • “Laodicea means 'woman' in Greek.” (Did you know #17)
    • The midwives in Egypt were evil.
    • “In the Bible, there was a mother called Herodia. She taught her daughter to tap dance and…[there is] record of seventy of her offsprings, Herodias' daughter that danced before Herod, that either died prostitutes or on gallows.” (Did you know #21)
    • “The first time the earthquake ever shook the whole earth, was on Good Friday.” (Did you know #18)
    • “On the Day of Pentecost when men came out of the upper room speaking in different tongues, every language under Heaven that was spoke in that day was represented there, even English.” (Did you know #9)
    • “Jesus died speaking in tongues, but not in Hebrew. He spoke in a heavenly language.” (Did you know #18)
    • “The great battle of Armageddon will be fought right there near the gates of Jerusalem.” (Did you know #22)

    The Bible

    • The Bible does not describe Adam or Eve.

    • Lazarus is not mentioned during the baptism of Jesus.

    • Jesus' physical features are not described in the Bible (and Hoffman's painting has brown eyes).
    • “Laodicea does not mean 'woman' in Greek.” (Did you know #17)
    • Read The Midwives of Egypt
    • There is no record in the Bible that Herodias' daughter tap danced.

    • There are many earthquakes recorded in the Old Testament.

    • The languages heard on the day of Pentecost were the languages spoken by the people on the street. No one there spoke English.

    • Jesus' last words are recorded in the Bible and are not in an unknown tongue, they are in Aramaic.
    • Tel Megiddo is miles away from Jerusalem (approx. 90km).


    When William Branham wanted to use statistics to prove his point, he would often use 80% and provide no backup for his comments.

    Now, in the meetings, there's somewhat about seventy to eighty percent that passes through the prayer line, you here, that's healed within the space of ninety days, are well.[1]
    And during that time, cancer broke out, sickness in the Church. Oh, my. Eighty percent of the people are sick now.[2]
    Statistics shows by doctors, I believe, that eighty percent of the women that has children that smoke cigarettes, if they'd raise their baby like they should, to the breast, in eighteen months it dies. It kills the baby, the nicotine poison in the milk of the mother. [3]
    They made an analysis throughout Arizona, where I live, of all the schools. They gave the children, unknowingly to them, a mental test. And guess what? Including high schools and--and grammar schools, there was eighty percent of the children suffering with mental deficiency.[4]


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