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    This article contains the facts, history, and stories of a number of people who were present in William Branham's meetings - you are currently on the topic that is in bold. Click on the picture or the name for the full article.

    Billy Paul Branham was born in 1935 to William and Hope Branham. Billy Paul accompanied his father on healing campaigns across the United States, Canada, Africa, and India. Billy Paul became the vice-president of Voice of God Recordings, Inc. in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Click here to read more from a sermon recorded in Canada in 1989.
    Fred Sothmann moved to Jeffersonville in 1959, and was granted the sole rights to reproduce William Branham's recorded sermons in 1962 by the William Branham Evangelistic Association. He was with William Branham hunting in Arizona in March 1963. Fred Sothmann believed that William Branham was God the Father, and that people should pray in William Branham's name.
    Leo Mercer was one of two men in charge of recording William Branham's sermons (one of two 'tape boys'). He went on the lead "The Park", which was a gathering of Message Believers in Prescott Arizona. He was accused of homosexuality by Lee Vayle, and accused of molesting and abusing children at The Park in testimony given in the Supreme Court of California.
    Doug McHughes first attended one of William Branham's meetings in 1947. In 1964 Doug's friend Roy Borders introduced him to William Branham and he was invited to go hunting with William Branham in Arizona in 1964.
    Bud Southwick was a hunting guide in northern British Columbia. He led William Branham on both of his hunting trips in British Columbia in 1961 and 1965. Click here to read more.
    Joe Riley was a hunting guide who took William Branham and their sons hunting for cougar. Joe Riley attended many of William Branham's services between 1947 and 1965. Click here to read excerpts from a video of Joe Riley recorded in 2001.
    Herbert Graef was a deacon in William Branham's tent meetings in Karlsruhe, Germany from August 12th to August 19th 1955. Click here to read the testimony written by Herbert only a few months before he passed away in 2006.
    Pearry Green was ordained as a minister by William Branham on November 21, 1965, and was the Pastor of Tuscon Tabernacle for many years. Pearry Green accompanied William Branham on various hunting trips, and located and released the "Deep Calls To the Deep" video of William Branham. Click here to read more.
    Tom Brown travelled with his wife Marilyn to many of William Branham's meetings in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and witnessed many miracles in these meetings. They also spent some time with William and Meda Branham, and their daughters were friends with the Branham daughters. Tom Brown's father-in-law, Bill Dauch, was a friend of William Branham, and is mentioned in various sermons of William Branham.
    David Lunsford's Pastor encouraged his congregation to attend Rev. William Branham's meetings. In 1961, at the age of 19, David and five of his friends went to one of Rev. William Branham's meetings. At the end of the service he witnessed several miraculous healings. David's father, Jack Lunsford, and a family friend named Gene Hamby were later healed during one of William Branham's meetings in 1963.
    Arvel Mosier was Hattie Wright's son. William Branham left him with a promise that he would drive the truck for the fulfillment of the Tent vision.
    Julius Stadsklevjoined William Branham during a 10 week missionary trip in South Africa during October through December of 1951. In 1952 Julius Stadsklev published a book entitled "William Branham, A Prophet Visits South Africa" in which he described many of his first-hand experiences, and included numerous photographs, newspaper clippings, and written testimonies of the people who were healed during these meetings.
    David Mamalis spent much of his life transcribing the sermons of William Branham, and referencing paragraphs from these sermons to scriptures in the Bible. He first heard William Branham speak in California in 1961. He moved from California to Arizona after hearing William Branham preach "Choosing of a Bride" in L.A. in 1965.
    India Interviews collected by Rev. Samuel Shinde of people who were in attendance at William Branham's meetings in India.
    Gene Norman was hunting with William Branham in March 1963 when a blast went off. He said, "I hunted, oh, probably about a half hour, and that blast went off. ...When I looked up I seen two long streaks like, ah, like a plane leaving a trail."
    Are Message Ministers Credible?. Ed Byskal, a hunting partner of William Branham and a major minister in the Message, came out against Peter Duyzer in an emotional story. We asked Peter if there was any truth to this story, and received a surprising reply. Get your felt hat on when you read this article.