Doug McHughes

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    Doug McHughes, first attended one of William Branham's meetings in 1947. In 1964 Doug's friend Roy Borders introduced him to William Branham in Bakersfield, California, where he was invited to go hunting with William Branham.

    The Hunting Trip

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    When Doug McHughes arrived at the campground at the box canyon under Rattlesnake Mesa, William Branham was out about a ½ mile out from the camp with Banks Wood, showing him the place where seven angels had visited him the year before.

    The group hunted for four days. On the fourth day, as Doug McHughes was taking some pictures of the camp, something unusual happened. William Branham had just walked over to the rock where the campfire was when everyone heard a noise coming straight out of the sky. Looking up, they watched what Doug described as "a screaming wind" come straight out of the sky and hit the top of the cliff above the campground. The wind circled the whole area, whipping the tops of the trees and tearing rocks from out of the cliff. Not sure of what was going on, Doug McHughes looked at William Branham, who had taken his hat off and was staring into the wind. Although William Branham later mentioned that the wind made three claps, Doug McHughes said that all he heard was just "a screaming noise". After what seemed about five minutes, the wind went straight up into the sky and disappeared.

    After it had gone out of hearing, Bro. Branham put his hat back on and said, “you know, one time God spoke to Job out of the whirlwind".

    Healing of Doug's Mother

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    On the fourth day of hunting, Doug was standing a few feet behind William Branham in the campground, who was fixing a scope on someone's rifle. William Branham turned to look at Doug and said, “Bro. Doug, your mother lives in California. She is about the same age I am, and she has something wrong with her feet. She has little tumors around her toes. She is scheduled for surgery for that."

    Prior to going hunting, Doug had just been in Long Beach, California, with his Mother. While at her home, she had showed Doug the tumors on her feet and had told him, "If you see Bro. Branham, have him to pray for me.”

    Bro. Branham looked at Doug and said, "You tell her it's 'Thus Saith The Lord', she won’t have that surgery.”

    Doug's mother went on to live into her 80s, and never had to have surgery on her feet. Even in her old age, she was mobile and would walk everywhere.

    Healing of Doug's Eyes

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    Doug was a contractor, and was working on a house when dirt fell into his eye. Doug washed his eye with water, but his eye still bothered him. He went to his Doctor, who sent him to a Specialist the next day. The Specialist ran some tests and came back with the dire news that “eventually you will go blind in your eye.” During the time Doug was hunting, he wore dark sunglasses as the light would irritate his eye, making them water. Doug had told the other brothers, "don’t tell Bro. Branham about the trouble that I have, as I don’t want to bother him."

    A few seconds after William Branham told Doug about his mother, he said, "I see a large heavy set doctor looking in your eye. 'Thus saith the Lord', you won’t lose that eye.”

    Later that day Doug McHughes was hunting alone near Rattlesnake Mesa when he noticed his eye wasn't hurting him. He took off his glasses, then his hat, and then stared into the sun...and his eye still didn't hurt! Doug rushed back to camp excited to tell everyone of the news, but no one was there. A while later, William Branham walked into the campground, bumped into Doug and said "How are those eyes now?"

    Since that time, Doug McHughes eyes haven't bothered him. Later, when he went on another hunting trip with William Branham into Colorado, Doug spotted a deer a few hundred yards away that no one else could see until it walked closer.

    Short testimony of humility

    Bro. Branham was a humble gentleman, who was a pleasure to be around...On another trip, Bro. Branham said, "In the morning we will go up this creek and get our pigs."

    There was a brother in the camp who said “Oh, Bro. Branham, the pigs won’t be up there, they’ll be over here!”

    So Brother Branham said, “Good, then lets go over there and do that.”

    So the next day we went to where the other brother told us to go, and there wasn’t a pig all day. The next day we went to where Bro. Branham had told us to go, and we got pigs within an hour. William Branham was humble, but secure in what God told him.