Strange Teachings

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    William Branham believed, and taught, a number of things that appeared to be quite bizarre:

    1. Why was there a Pentagram clearly displayed on the front of the Branham Tabernacle?
    2. Are Christians that believe the doctrine of the Trinity lost?
    3. Are UFO's actually investigating angels?
    4. Did God moved the rock that Moses stood on to the Arizona desert in 1964?
    5. Who built the Pyramids?
    6. The Pyramids couldn't be built today.
    7. The Great Pyramid never had a capstone.
    8. The Pyramids don't cast a shadow.
    9. Did you know that the earth is square?
    10. Do men have one less rib than women?
    11. What other strange things did William Branham believe?

    In other places, William Branham contradicted himself, both in his biographical stories but also in his preaching. Here are a few examples:

    1. I am God's prophet... I never said I was a prophet.
    2. Millions will be saved... or maybe only 50.
    3. Don't leave your church... No! Leave your church now!
    4. You can't tell if someone has the Holy Spirit... Yes you can! Only people that believe me have the Holy Spirit!
    5. Did William Branham blow his horn... or not?
    6. Other confused teachings of William Branham