William Branham's Visions

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This article contains links to articles on signifcant concerns regarding the message and ministry of William Branham. For artiles on Eyewitnesses, Healings, Doctrines or Prophecies click on the appropriate link.

Honest concerns about the Ministry of William Branham

The Heavenly Vision. Read a vision written in William Branham's own words, taken from the tract "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision", which tells of a vision that commissioned his healing ministry in March, 1945. Note that this does not correspond to Israel becoming a nation, and the vision does not mention an angelic commission.

Vision of The Third Pull is very important to the Message, but very nebulous. By 1963, William Branham had said that the third pull was angels, the opening of the Word, revealed mysteries, the seventh seal, the king’s sword, the vindication of his ministry, and the spoken word. So what is the 3rd pull and why is it important?

Vision of Plum and Apple Trees. William Branham had a vision on the morning he laid the cornerstone for the Branham Tabernacle of a grove of plum and apple trees. His interpretation of this vision is clear - both Trinitarians and Oneness believers are found in the Cross. So why did he later teach that people who followed the trinity were lost? Was this early vision wrong, or was his later doctrine wrong?

1933 Ohio River Experience. The June 2, 1933 Jeffersonville Evening News reported 14 conversions in a tent meeting held by William Branham. This is far less than 5,000 witnessing an light coming down on the Ohio river when the 17th person was being baptised, as told by William Branham. What is the truth about this story?

Vision of Angels. Message Believers may point to this prophecy as being recorded on the tapes, and later fulfilled. But read the prophecy closely. Where is Joseph? Where are the litte birds? Where are the larger birds? Why are there only 5 angels in the vision? Why is the cloud not mentioned in this vision?

The Cloud. At around sunset on February 28, 1963, a cloud appeared in the vicinity of Flagstaff, AZ and remained sunlit for 28 minutes after sunset. Believers of William Branham's see it as a supernatural sign the preceded William Branham's opening of the Seven Seals. Read the various quotes about this prophecy, and how they constantly change.

The Cause of the Cloud. What caused the cloud? Did you know there was a second cloud to the north? Did you know that Dr. MacDonald (who was quoted in the Life Magazine article) was famous for his investigations of UFO's? Did you know that rockets have been launched recently that show the same cloud formation in the sky? Better check this out.

Rattlesnake Mesa. William Branham said that he was hunting on Sunset Mountain. But his daughter wrote that he was hunting on Rattlesnake Mesa. Gene Norman was hunting with William Branham in 1963, and said that he met up with William Branham on Rattlesnake Mesa Road. Is it evening time on Sunset Mountain, or serpent time on Rattlesnake Mesa? Big difference - so find out the truth.

The Timing of Cloud Events. For years, followers of William Branham believed that he was hunting on February 28, 1963, the day the cloud appeared over Flagstaff. But William Branham preached in Texas on March 4, 1963, after which he drove back to Tucson to go hunting. Why is this imporant? It's because he wasn't on Sunset Mountain when the cloud appeared.