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This article is one in a series of studies on healing - you are currently on the page that is in bold:

This article examines the healings of a number of people who were prayed for by William Branham.

One thing is clear - the number of people that Branham claimed to have been healed were vastly overstated.

Testimonies of Healing

Congressman William Upshaw - Crippled
Charlie Mitchell - Lung Cancer
Florence Nightingale - Stomach Cancer
Kari Holma - Raised from the Dead
Georgia Carter - Tuberculosis
Esther Massey - Unknown Disease
Vatsala Arculi - Breast Cancer
King George VI - Sclerosis
A Man Sent from God by Gordon Lindsay
A Prophet Visits South Africa by Julius Stadsklev
FGBMFI - Voice - Magazine
Jack Lunsford and Gene Hamby
Donny Morton - Rare Brain Disease

Other Testimonies

An Interview with Demos Shakarian and Howard Ervin

Fulfillment of Prayer for Great Men of the World

Betty Daugherty

India Interviews

Edna Golden