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    Charlie Mitchell was told by William Branham who he was, where he lived, what was wrong with him, and that he was healed. According to the testimony of both William Branham and Charlie Mitchell, neither men had met or seen each other before this incident, which happened in front of hundreds of people and was recorded at that time.

    The video clip is an excerpt from a 1978 interview with Charlie Mitchell.

    Meet Charlie Mitchell

    Charlie Mitchell lived in St. Paul, Virgina, and worked in a coal mine as a mechanic and trolley operator for 23 years. In May, 1964 a pole came off of the trolley (which traveled up and down a vertical shaft) and hit him in the head, fracturing his skull and causing other complications. About the same time, he found that he was unable to sleep on his left side, but thought that this was caused by an old mattress.

    For the next few months after the accident, the mining company sent Charlie Mitchell to various hospitals to analyze his deteriorating health, which was thought to be linked to the trolley accident. In November 1964, a lung specialist found a tumor the size of a fist on his left lung. Requesting previous x-rays, the specialist traced the tumor back as early as 1961.

    An operation was scheduled, and Charlie Mitchell was told he would have a 50% chance of recovering after the operation, and a 0% change of surviving without the operation. Reverend Fulcher, Mr. Mitchell's pastor, spoke to him before the operation about William Branham's healing ministry. Soon after, an audible voice spoke to Mr. Mitchell and said "Don't be operated on". So, despite the pain, Charlie Mitchell postponed the operation to attend William Branham's meetings, telling the specialist "give me 30 days to think on this".

    Audio Clip of Rev. Branham calling Mr. Mitchell out of the crowd

    There is a man sitting right back here; he is suffering. He's got a tumor on his left lung. He doesn't... He isn't from here. You have been a mine worker. That is right. I'm a total stranger to you. If that's right, shake your hand. The tumor is in your left lung, and you're up for an operation right away. That's right? You're not from here. You're from out of town. You're from Virginia. That's right. You believe God knows who you are? Mr. Mitchell, that's right, go home and be well. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Ask the man! Never seen him, in my life. He was sitting there, praying. THIS DAY! THIS SCRIPTURE!
    William Branham, Sermon: This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled, February 19, 1965

    The evening of February 19, 1965

    The meeting on February 19, 1965 was held at a school in Jeffersonville, as the crowd was too large for the Branham Tabernacle. The school gymnasium was full of people on one side of the stage, and the school auditorium was full of people on the other side of the stage.

    Charlie Mitchell tried to get a prayer card, but with thousands of people in line, it was decided that no prayer cards would be handed out. Somewhat disheartened about this, Mr. Mitchell finally found a seat on the 3rd row from the back on the auditorium side of the school. Still, when William Branham preached the sermon "This day this scripture is fulfilled", Charlie Mitchell felt that the message was spoken directly to him.

    At the end of the service, William Branham called out a minister for healing near the front of the auditorium. Desperately wanting healing himself, Charlie Mitchell put his face in his hands, and prayed "If I am a man of God, let this man call my name." Suddenly, Mr. Mitchell saw an eye looking at him, and he raised his hand and started to praise God.

    Then, William Branham began speaking directly to Mr. Mitchell, and identifying him. He said, "if that's right, shake your hand." Mr. Mitchell waved his hand, then stood up. At the motel room that night, people crowded around Mr. Mitchell, wanting to verify the story, and wanting to know what he had done to be identified. Mr. Mitchell's response was "The only thing I know is that I just give up this whole world, and take Jesus".

    After the meeting, the lung specialist was confused by the absence of the tumor on additional x-rays saying "these can't be from the same person". The Specialist then made an appointment for Charlie Mitchell with the "best surgeon in this hospital" who, after a series of additional tests and x-rays, met with Charlie Mitchell and said "Don't let anyone operate on you because, there is no tumor there.