What We Have Learned

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How to Deal with Doubt. Thomas doubted but Jesus did not condemn him. When you express doubt and say, “My faith is weak,” instead of God saying, “How dare you?” God says, “Here, I will help you to have faith and not doubt.”
Knowledge and Love. Knowledge is not the basis for Christian behavior, love is.
Cognitive Dissonance. A man with a conviction is a hard man to change. Find out why (and its not spiritual).
Fear in the Message. Some feel that those that bring to light William Branham's many failings have unnecessarily put their eternal destination on the line. They point their fingers and say, "What if you're wrong?" The underlying emotion is that of fear. It is interesting that in virtually all of the emails that we have received from message believers, fear is what they try to use to persuade us not to say anything.
Integrity. Would you risk your health to cross a bridge that was decayed, and may not bear your weight? If not, will you risk your soul on the message of a man who lied to you over and over again?

God is not against thinking

A New Thing. Does God want to do something new but we are eating off something that is fifty years old?
Is it dangerous to question William Branham? Or is it dangerous not to question William Branham?
What if William Branham was a Prophet? If you are following Jesus Christ, and are filled with the Holy Spirit, it would not matter whether William Branham was actually a prophet.