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    Dozens of pastors and ministers who followed William Branham have left the message. And they continue to leave.

    Why is this happening? Why would a minister, who had not only followed the message of William Branham but also encouraged others to follow it, leave?

    This page contains interviews, videos and written testimonies of message ministers who no longer follow William Branham. These ministers have given up a great deal to stand for what they believe is the truth.

    Podcast Interviews with Ex-Message Ministers

    Pastor Tim Humes

    John T. (Tim) Humes is the pastor of Living Word Tabernacle in Bessemer City, North Carolina. He was a respected minister in the message until he started to have significant questions. He recently presented the opening arguments for a jury trial related to the message.

    The Jury Trial: Opening Statements

    The Jury Trial: Presentation Of Evidence - Part 1

    The Jury Trial: Presentation Of Evidence - Part 2 (Christmas)

    The Jury Trial: Presentation Of Evidence - Part 3 - The Common Salvation

    The Jury Trial: Presentation of Evidence - Part 4 - The Original Faith

    The Jury Trial: Presentation of Evidence - Part 5 - Marriage & Divorce

    Pastor Lance Leroux

    Lance Leroux came to faith in Christ in a message church in his late teens. He became an associate minister at Cloverdale Bibleway and later, the pastor of Living Word Assembly, a message church in Langley, BC, Canada. Here is his reasons for leaving the message of William Branham.

    Jeff Jenkins

    Jeff Jenkins was the Pastor of Believer's Christian Fellowship in Lima, Ohio for many years. He stepped down in 2014.

    Hear Jeff Jenkin's interviews on the OFF THE SHELF podcast

    Click here to listen to jeff Jenkin's discussing the 1963 Arizona cloud
    Click here to listen to Jeff Jenkin's testimony of why he left the message

    The following videos outline his reasons for leaving.

    James Manuel

    James Manuel joined the Message in 1972, and spent 40 years believing and promoting the Message. He was honest with the failures once they came to his attention, and is still a passionate Christian.

    Hear James Manuel's story on the OFF THE SHELF podcast

    Click here

    James Rozak

    James Rozak was a Minister in the Message in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Read his story on why he stepped down from this position once he discovered the truth about William Branham's ministry. James Rozak is also the author of the Morning Mercy website.

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