The Theological Consequences of Leaving the Message

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    When someone comes to an understanding that William Branham was not a prophet and that his "message" is of no consequence from a prophetic standpoint, where does that leave us spiritually? People who have come to understand that William Branham was not who he claimed to be ask the following questions:

    • Should we look for another Gentile Elijah prophet?
    • If the doctrine of the Seven Church Ages is false, where does that leave us?
    • If there is no restored truth, what should we believe?
    • How should we view Christian denominations? Are they of the devil?
    • Where should I go to church?
    • I was sincerely trying to follow Christ. Why did he allow me to fall into false doctrine?
    • If William Branham and the message are false, is the whole Christian message false?
    • What should I believe?

    The questions that come flooding into the minds of those who realize that they have been following a false prophet are many and wide ranging.



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