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    The Message
    Learn more about the Message.

    Urban Legends
    Everyone loves stories that are vague on facts. Here are a few popular Message "legends".

    Is the Message a Cult?
    It's a tough question, if you are in the message.

    This is a list of definitions related to the ministry of William Branham and is a work in progress.

    The Message

    The term that William Branham used to refer to his teachings.

    ...And here's all of His promises, and He promised He would do that just before the end time. Then we know the message is right. My message is the end time, and get--the church to get right. THIRSTING.FOR.LIFE_ PHOENIX.AZ FRIDAY_ 60-0304

    Also referred to as the "Message of the Hour". For a detailed discussion, go to The Message.

    The Squeeze

    The "squeeze" is persecution on the Bride before the rapture. It's like their own special mini-pre-tribulation tribulation. It's a messed up doctrine that says that one day the doors will be closed on churches, and the bride will be hunted down. It's at this time the bride will be creating their own squirrels, as the third pull will be accessible to all the bride. Everyone will be Elijah's, essentially, and hiding from Jezebel.


    • The Third Pull: read the article about the Third Pull
    • Make believers: like Judas, they are pretending to believe.
    • Foolish Virgins: Good honest people who don't get the prophet's Message.
    • Sunset Mountain: Rattlesnake Mesa, where William Branham went hunting in 1963 and 1964. a
    • I'll ride this trail again: See The Returned Ministry Sect
    • Monitor: Since TV's aren't allowed in homes, they call them "monitors" and watch movies instead.
    • Kings Sword: A vision William Branham told in the deleted portion of the Seventh Seal
    • Tape Boys: Leo Mercer and Gene Goad. Lee Vayle called them homosexual.
    • Spoken Word: William Branham's sermons.
    • Sin: Unbelief and drinking
    • Misconstrue One Word: What Eve did in the Garden, and what William Branham did most sermons.
    • Truth for your age: Word / Messenger for your age / day = William Branham's words.
    • The Word: Jesus...and William Branham's sermons.
    • Stature of a Perfect Man: Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness & Love, as embodied by William Branham
    • Wave Sheaf: William Branham, who was in the stature of the perfect man,
    • Holy Ghost Baptism: Baptism of the Spirit as opposed to Water Baptism
    • The Token: a phrase coined by Clarence Larkin that means the word for your day
    • Midnight Cry: William Branham's sermons
    • Voice: William Branham's sermons
    • Shout: William Branham's sermons
    • Trumpet: William Branham's sermons
    • Voice of the Sign: William Branham's sermons
    • Seventh Angel Messenger: William Branham
    • Worldly: doing something against the conduct code as found in William Branham's sermons
    • The Pyramid: Stature of the perfect man
    • Seventh Age Messenger: William Branham
    • The Eagle's Cry: William Branham's sermons
    • Thus Saith The Lord: William Branham's sermons
    • Serpent Seed: Anyone who doesn't agree with The Word
    • Backlslid: Left a Message Church
    • Never was seed: Left a Message Church
    • Cains seed: anyone you don't like
    • Reprobate: anyone you don't like
    • The World: participating in any activity outside of church
    • Rickys and Rickettas: Anyone with an interest in fashion or music
    • Messiahette: special name for believers
    • A son of man revealing and the son of man: How to idolize William Branham without calling him God.
    • Rapturing faith: believing harder than anyone else that you are saved.
    • Ms Dogmeat: Any woman with makeup.
    • Specials: Church Karaoke
    • Trustee: A member of the board of directors of a church
    • Church Order: William Branham's comments that give all authority of the trustees and deacons to the Pastor
    • Chewing Gum: share it with a friend. If they don't accept, they're not a friend.
    • Foot Washing: Prayer meetings with water basins (because everyone already has clean feet).
    • Sex Glands: lips, eyes, hands...anything that moves, really.
    • Chamber: There are three rooms in a house, the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The chamber is the third room.
    • Chamber pot: Not a message term, but a useful item in the fourth room.
    • Lodges: Anyone gathered in a group outside of this building.
    • Heathen: Anyone outside of the sound of my voice.
    • Pentecostal chickens: Pentecostals
    • Eagle food: William Branham's sermons
    • The shuck: Pentecostals
    • Nominal Christians:Pentecostals
    • The capstone: William Branham's final sermons / Jesus Christ.
    • Faith is a Revelation: blind hope that I know what I'm talking about
    • The Thunders: Pick your definition and you too can start a cult.
    • Curtain of time: the distance between heaven and earth
    • Designed by Satan: women
    • Word manifested for your day: William Branham
    • Satan's Eden: A place with women
    • Capstone of love: I've got it, and you are cannon fodder.
    • Grieving the dove away: breaking William Branham's code of reverence.
    • The Breach: The scriptures in Revelation between the 7 Churches and 7 Seals.
    • Seven Angels coming down: the five angels that Met William Branham on Sunset Mountain.
    • Binding the Mamba: vocally rebuking the devil.
    • Applying the token: throwing out your country music tapes
    • Being an eagle not a chicken: Better go back to the altar and repent again.
    • God in flesh: William Branham shooting squirrels
    • Vindicated: fish stories about special meetings
    • "Word Prophet": William Branham, who often said Thus Saith The Lord
    • "Spoken Word Birth": Thinking you are saved by listening to William Branham's sermons
    • 'Sign of the Messiah': Discernment, which could be William Branham memorizing the prayer cards
    • Parousia: Vaylism
    • Theophany: your heavenly body
    • Third Exodus: following William Branham's sermons
    • Nazarite Birth: William Branham's commission not to drink
    • Desecratin' a Fiery Cross: KKK reference
    • Numerology of the Bible: Integrating Wiccan numerology to the Bible. Calling your kid "one" or "two" and Elvis "rat" or Ricky a "cat".
    • God's 3 Bibles: Heaven, Pyramids, and the KJV.
    • Hybreeding: mules can't reproduce, serpents can.
    • Cannonfodder: People you don't like, who will go through the tribulation
    • Tribulation: after the rapture when the world falls apart into anarchy and war.
    • Rapture: when the Holy Spirit leaves the Earth with all true Christians (even though he said "I will never leave you")
    • 'Super Sign': William Branham's sermons
    • 'Super Sense: Faith
    • Absolute: The Bible or William Branham's sermons