The Tent Vision

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    ...and ends with his second vision about a tent. (See the article on the Heavenly Vision to learn about the first tent vision.)

    William Branham had a second vision of meetings being held in a large tent. Details on the first vision are here. This second vision took place sometime prior to 1956 as the first time he relates the vision is in January 1956. He indicated the vision was "Thus Saith The Lord."

    In July 1965, the vision was still unfulfilled when William Branham stated:

    You are driving us to that tent, to make that vision fulfill.[1]

    William Branham died prior to the end of 1965 with the vision still unfulfilled.

    This is an example of another failed prophecy.

    Quotes of William Branham

    William Branham stated he had ordered a large tent:

    What number of card did you…? [Blank spot on tape—Ed.] My ministry’s not like some of the brothers who goes and lays his hands on the sick, and everybody prays for each individual. I… My ministry just… Perhaps after I return from Africa and overseas this time, I may never have no more… It’s leaning that way very strong towards me, in America, to leave off healing services; just congregational prayer (See?), and have evangelistic services: like come set up a big tent. I just got one in order the other day, seats fifteen thousand people: chairs and everything. Like to set it out here in Louisville and stay for three months. See? And just stay till God says it’s enough, it’s over. See?[2]

    The first telling of the tent vision:

    ...the Angel of the Lord taken me out then, and He taken me to a real bright stream of water. It was the most beautiful blue water, and great fish were swimming around in it. He said, “I will make you a fisher.” And He said, “Now cast your lure into the water. When you do, pull it slow, first time. Next time, just give a little jerk, not too hard. And the next time, set your hook for the catch.”
    And I started; throwed my line in the water. I pulled it. Everybody begin rejoicing, saying, “That’s wonderful. That’s wonderful.” I got all excited, and jerked it hard on the next one, was out. I pulled the fish, and all, out of the water. But, when it was, it was a little bitty fish, and it just about the size of the lure. And I got my line all tangled up, and I was straightening out my line.
    And the Man which was talking behind me; walked around in front of me, dressed in Palestinian clothes, and a turban on His head. He had a white robe. He said, “Brother Branham, that’s it.”
    I said, “I know I didn’t do right.” I said, “I jerked it when I oughtn’t to.”
    He said, “Don’t get your line tangled up in these kind of times.” 46 And I said, “Well, I’m running it straight as I can. I’ll be very careful.”
    And He said, “Now, the First time I spoke with you, you put your hands on the people and told them what was wrong with them. And the Second Pull, why, when you did, you would know the secrets of your hearts, and I made you a seer before the people. But you was always trying to explain it. You oughtn’t to have done that.” Said, “You’ve made a public show out of it.” I said, “I’m very sorry.”
    Then He taken me from there, and I seen a great huge tent. I never seen such a—a tent! And it was packed and lined everywhere, with people. And I walked out to the…looked like I was standing above the people, looking down; where I just made an altar call, and hundreds and hundreds of people were weeping and rejoicing after they had accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. And I looked.
    And then I heard a man get up and say, “Call the prayer line.” And people begin to line up over on this side, the left, from where I was looking down towards the platform. And they lined all the way up-and-down the street, for a prayer line.
    I noticed to my left, which would have been to my right if I was on the platform, a little wooden building. And I seen that Light that they have the picture of, you know. It’s always in the meeting. I seen that Light leave me and go to that building, and go in that building. And a Voice said to me, “I’ll meet you in there. That’ll be the Third Pull.” I said, “Why?”
    He said, “Well, it won’t be a public show like the other.” And I came to. And I…
    Now, at the beginning of this new year, back to my tabernacle where I started from, see, back to the beginning where I started. I—I am very grateful to God for these things.
    And many of you know that just before leaving on the other crusade, about eight or ten years, I think around ten years since, well, nine years it has been. It was… These things were told exactly how the auditorium services, you remember; exactly how that Brother Lawton would live exactly three years and then be taken away; that Brother Ward would build a tabernacle down in this position, this direction here; and all just exactly. You know it, you old-timers. It happened just that way, and so will this, for it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD. And you’ll know.[3]

    The tent is still on order:

    Then I go down to La Crescenta, California, to set some things in order, which, my tent is already made and ready to go out on the field now. And so, well, I’ll probably start on the West Coast of California, going down through California and Arizona, this coming winter, the Lord willing; with exceptions of the time open between the meetings for a service to go into Africa again. David duPlessis and many of the men here from Africa, that want to set up the African Campaign, was with me in this meeting. Going to meet up there, we’re to get with Brother Arganbright and have prayer, to see where the next meeting will be.[4]

    The tent was based on a vision:

    And someday, if God willing, I’m trying to get out of it right now, and asking the heavenly Father… And by a vision He told me about a tent that Brother Moore and them is going to California now to see to set in order the first time. They will put a little place there where we can pray for the people, and I can get away from the people just a minute so that I won’t feel that pull when I’m praying. That’s what makes me weak. That’s what takes me from the platform early. Don’t lay it onto my kid; it’s not my kid. He stays with me like, sticks closer than anything I’ve ever had in my life. He knows just exactly what to move. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be in the insane institution, ’cause they let me stay.[5]

    The tent was still being ordered three years later:

    Now, while he’s gone I can talk. He certainly has been a real brother to me. And he—he come down and the best he could do, get the ministers and tell them we were coming. The reason we try to do this, if you have a sponsorship, well then, that certain denomination that sponsors it, the other denomination feels they have nothing to do into it. But if you’ll just come… Here’s my motive. I’m planning on, God willing, making one great big push this next summer in the States, if God willing, and Canada. I’m ordering a tent to seat somewhere around eight to ten thousand people, and we want to find out locations that we can put this tent up and not stay just for four or five days or a week; we want to stay four or five weeks, teach, so I can have the afternoons, and so forth, and lay the foundation down real closely.[6]

    The tent vision:

    And then some time ago, I was in a vision and I saw a—a large tent. Oh, it was a mammoth, big affair. And I had just been speaking, and many souls were at the altar, and were just kind of weeping with their hands up, quietly and softly. A nice gentle-spoken man came out to the platform and said, “Now they will form the prayer line while Brother Branham is making ready.” And I was standing that way, of course, the prayer line would been to my left. And I noticed a crowd of people that seemed to cover a city block or more, that was standing in line. There was a little building, a wooden building, inside of this tent. And there was a woman standing there, a man, one taking names, and people were going in on crutches and stretchers, and coming out the other side, walking. Well, I wondered what all taken place in there. And then that Angel of the Lord, Whose picture you see here, It went from me, and went right over that little building, and stood there, then went down. And a Voice spoke, and said, “I’ll meet you in that place.” Well, now, I’ve looked forward for that time.[7]
    But after the… knowing this, that the Lord had spoke some time ago about… Ah, I suppose about three or four years ago (My wife, which is present now, would be able to know just the date. We have it wrote down.), that I seen a vision of a large tent or—or something, that we’re anticipating someday having, and where we could come into a place and stay a long time. We can get the ministers, and so forth, together, where the converts can all have homes to go to, and—and shift our meetings around, where they’ll not interfere with the regular services of the churches. Maybe be off on Wednesday night, and Sun—have Sunday afternoon instead of Sunday night, somewhere it won’t interfere with the rest of the religious services. And during a time that there’s no revivals around close, could stay, and we could have teaching in the morning, like ministerial classes, and so forth. Then in the afternoon, to teach the sick how to hold their healing when they receive it, and such as that. I’m on my way home immediately after this meeting here for that very same purpose at my Tabernacle. 3 Now, then in this vision, I saw a little building setting in a corner. And this Light that was near me, It went and stood over that building, and a Voice spoke, and said, “I will meet you in there.”[8]

    The vision was still unfulfilled in 1962:

    And so far as I know, that every vision that He’s ever give me has been fulfilled, except the one that I’m a change in my ministry, to where I’m to pray for people in a little place like a little room under a tent, or a big auditorium or something. It looked, to me, like a tent. You remember that, two or three years ago? Most all of it was brought to pass. I was to go down in Mexico, and how it would rain that night and what would take place down there. And He told me my ministry of the First Pull. Remember about catching the little bitty fish, or missing it? Second one was a small fish. But then He told me, “On the Third Pull, don’t fail. See? And don’t tell people.” I’m always trying to explain what I’m trying to do. He let me know not to tell people what you’re doing. Just do what He tells me to do and let it alone. See?[9]

    The vision is still unfulfilled in 1965:

    And now I want to find out, through the elders. I feel led. I’ve never had such a hunger in my heart for God, in all my life, than I have now, see. For…And I—I want to get my own tent and my—my stuff, like the Lord gave me a vision to, and I believe the time is just now at hand. And I want to see while I’m here, why we can’t get the tent.
    ...But now speaking on what the services, and going to Africa, and the things that we’ve tried to arrange for these few days here in Indiana. And somehow or another, Lord, it may be You are driving us to that tent, to make that vision fulfill. So Thy will be done, we’ve committed it this way, the best of our understanding. [10]
    And then I’m here to get the trustees together. I’m kind of getting put out of all this turning me down on place to hold a meeting, when I’m feeling led to do it. So I think I’m going to ask if we just can’t get our tent and—and put it up, and just stay there, you know. Get out here in the ball park, or out on a farm, and move it from place to place, just as the Lord will lead. And I feel that that’s what He’s going to do. You know, there’s a vision concerning that. And I think that maybe the reason this happens…Now, you know, a lot of times we think it’s horrible because certain things happen, but, you know, that might be God, see, driving you into these things. When, He said it, He’ll do it.[11]


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