Non-Biblical Doctrines

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    This article is one in a series of studies on message theology - you are currently on the article that is in bold:

    Below are links to articles on various doctrines taught by William Branham that he said were Biblical. But they are not. These are all examples of "Twisted" and/or "Lazy Theology", where William Branham takes scripture and completely bends its intended meaning. Click on the picture or description name for the full article.

    What does it mean to have Fallen From Grace? Is it how you dress? Or is it something radical like replacing faith in Jesus Christ with a man-made law?
    Enoch and Noah were on the Earth preaching at the same time, according to William Branham. Enoch represented the wise virgin while Noah represented the foolish virgin. Is this what the Bible actually teaches?
    Matthew 24:28 says "For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together" in the King James Version. The English Standard Version says "Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather." How does this simple change impact Message doctrine?
    Michael the Archangel. To most Christians he is an angel. To Jehovah Witnesses he is Jesus. William Branham also taught that Michael was Jesus in the form of an Angel. Is this Biblical?
    Are There Women Angels? Did you know that the Book of Zechariah talks about winged women?
    Some Christians were required to believe Satanic doctrine in order to be saved! According to William Branham, Christians in a number of ages were required to believe Satanic doctrine in order to make it to heaven! Is this Biblical???
    Was King Saul the people’s choice by democratic vote? Or was he the king that God chose? What does the Bible say, and what did William Branham say?
    Were the midwives of Egypt good or bad? William Branham called them witches. The Bible calls them God fearing. Why the difference?
    Do lilies toil? William Branham said they do, Jesus said they don't. Why was William Branham misquoting Jesus?
    Why did John weep in the book of Revelation? John wrote that it was because "no man was found worthy to open and to read the book." William Branham said, "It wasn't that. A man under the influence of the Holy Ghost wouldn't weep for that...I believe he was weeping for joy!" Why did he obviously change scripture to match the doctrine he wanted to preach?
    Abraham and Sarah. When The Lord told Abraham they would have a child, and Sarah laughed in the tent, then denied it to the angel, WMB said if it wasn't for Abraham, God would have struck her dead. But is this what the Bible teaches?
    Amos 3:3. William Branham's interpretation of Amos 3:3 emphasized that God did not want people to be in unity when they had a basic disagreement about some important matter. For example, he said that God could never be among the United Nations because people in different nations were too different from one another in their views. Is this really what the Bible says?
    The Sin in the Wilderness. William Branham believed that the children of Israel that died in the wilderness and did not enter the promised land were eternally lost. But is this what the Bible teaches?
    The Role of Women. William Branham taught that a woman's place was in the home, in the kitchen. He discouraged women from actively participating in society, in roles within the churches, and in education. These doctrines suited his life well, as it gave him freedom from responsibility in the home. Find out what the Bible says.
    Mixing Law and Grace. What happens when you mix law and grace? Why did William Branham teach that Jesus came to "magnify" the law?
    The Body of Christ. William Branham taught that there is a church natural and a church spiritual. Is this correct? Does God really have two classes of children? Are there really special Christians that believe the message and the not-so-special sons and daughters that just believe the Bible? What does the Bible teach on this issue?
    Suffering. William Branham taught that the Lord punished him for listening to his Mother-In-Law, and not joining the Pentecostal movement. But in the book of Job and Jesus' teachings, suffering and sickness are not a sign of being out of the will of God. Job's friends never fell ill, yet were entirely wrong. What does the Bible really teach?
    Reason and Faith. Is reason and thinking opposed to God? People in the message have said to us when confronted with errors in William Branham's message: "We don't have to understand it, that’s where faith comes in.” But what does the Bible say?