Mistakes to avoid when leaving the message

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Believing you were in a higher level of knowledge and holiness

People in the message believe they are in a higher level of spiritual knowledge and holiness than Christians who do not follow William Branham. They were told that all "non-message" churches, denominational and non-denominational alike, are teaching error. But this is a false dilemma.

When a person comes to understand that William Braham was a false prophet, they also need to come to an understanding that many of the things they were taught were also false.

It is common for those who have left the message to feel extremely uncomfortable when attending churches outside the message.

This is understandable but it is a feeling that must be overcome because it is based on false teaching.

If you have left the message are searching for deeper revelation and deeper truth, you need to stop and understand that this feeling is driven by a message understanding of what true spirituality is. But it is in itself a false teaching.

Here is what the Bible says we should be looking for in respect of deeper spiritual understanding - True Spiritual Knowledge

Believing that some of the teachings of William Branham are correct

Deuteronomy 18:20-22 requires the rejection of William Braham as a prophet. But was everything that William Branham spoke in error?

Of course not! But that does not mean that we should sift through what he said to try to figure what was correct and what was false. The consequence of failing the test of Deuteronomy 18:20-22 is that we should ignore him.

If we are followers of Jesus, the New Testament should be the basis of our belief. We also recommend that you read our article on the subject of "What should we believe?"