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William Branham said that Loyce Branham, his daughter-in-law, and the wife of Billy Paul Branham, was healed of "female trouble" which was the reason "she could not have any babies."

Was Loyce healed?

William Branham clearly stated that "the Holy Spirit came... cursed that female trouble, and give her the blessing."

While she did have two boys she was unable to have any more children. In fact, there were four girls that were born that were either still born or died shortly after birth. Therefore, the "female trouble" that she had wasn't "cursed" and it wasn't the Holy Spirit.

It should also be noted that, while William Branham said that he prophesied the birth of both of Billy Paul's children, there is no public record of this before the children were born. This is typical of all of William Branham's prophecies.

Grave records

According to findagrave.com, the following children were born to Billy and Loyce Branham but presumably were stillborn or died shortly after birth:

  1. Hope Marie Branham - Died May 22, 1967
  2. Elizabeth Marie Branham - Died Feb. 11, 1969
  3. Loyce Marie Branham - Died Dec. 26, 1970
  4. April Marie Branham - Died Oct. 31, 1973

Quotes of William Branham

Now, little Billy Paul Branham, Junior, I give thee to Almighty God in dedication, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. There's something about little babies, that's—I think is so sweet. I remember Loyce, she cried and clutched her hands. She's real nervous. Loyce has come up out of great tribulations, just a little Kentucky girl that had rather a hard life. And she… One night, Jesus appeared to her, standing in the cold. And she come, running up to the house around midnight, her and Billy, after they got married. And they… down by the side of the duofold there, I put my arm around her and led her to the Lord Jesus. She wanted babies so bad. They'd been married several years. And coming down from Yakima one day, she was kind of weeping. It had been a… The Holy Spirit came in and told her of a female trouble that she'd had, that had cau—reason she could not have any babies. Then the Holy Spirit came again, and cursed that female trouble, and give her the blessing. I dedicated him just now.[1]

And so, remember, my daughter-in-law was barren, to begin with. She could not have no children. And one day, leaving a meeting, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Loyce, you will bare a son. The Lord has blessed you. Your female trouble is gone." Little Paul was born, nine months later. Two months before this baby come on the scene, I was setting, eating breakfast one morning, at the table, and Loyce and Billy was setting across the table from me. And I seen Loyce feeding a little baby with a pink… or a blue blanket wrapped around it. And Billy was setting in the corner, feeding little Paul. I said, "Billy, I just saw a vision. Loyce was feeding a baby wrapped in a blue blanket." He said, "There goes my hunting trip. That's just nine months from now." Eleven months later, little David was born. And I haven't been able to dedicate him to the Lord yet, and will not until we return again. So you see what it is.[2]


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