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Statement of Honesty

In the past we believed that William Branham was Elijah the Prophet in fulfillment of Malachi 4:5. We apologize to anyone we may have affected as we lived and shared this false doctrine. We realize now that we minimized the power of Jesus' death on the cross to completely save the lost, and replaced it with faith in a man. We also realize that we minimized the power of the Holy Spirit in our churches, our lives, and in the lives of others. Today, we acknowledge faith in Christ alone, and we ask for your forgiveness.

Name Years in the Message Position Country
Sylvia Perkins 50 years U.S.A.
Hannah Verhoek 44 years Sunday School Teacher Netherlands
James Perkins 43 years U.S.A.
Jane Olin 43 years U.S.A.
Paul Jenkins 41 years Worship Leader U.S.A.
Sharon Barradas 41 years U.S.A.
David Barradas Sr. 41 years Musician, Trustee U.S.A.
James Manuel 40 years Pastor, Trustee South Africa
Jennifer Collins 40 years U.S.A.
Kathy Jenkins 40 years Worship leader's wife U.S.A.
Greg Goad 40 years U.S.A.
James Goad 40 years U.S.A.
Joe Olin 39 years U.S.A.
Rod Bergen 39 years Song leader, Trustee Canada
John Collins 37 years part of the Amen corner U.S.A.
Sarah Barradas Thomas 37 years U.S.A.
Jennifer Landes 35 years Deacon's wife, Organist U.S.A.
Joanna Gillis Steinke 35 years Sunday School Teacher U.S.A.
David Young 35 years Former VGR Employee U.S.A.
Vince Barnhart 33 years Minister U.S.A.
Anna Barone 33 years U.S.A.
Jake Bergen 33 years Musician & Song Leader Canada
Sharon Rolland 32 years Pianist Netherlands, Norway
Dio Hernandez 32 years Deacon, Song leader U.S.A.
Jeremy Bergen 32 years Sunday School Teacher Canada
Joanna Bergen 32 years Pianist Canada
Bryan Lynch 30 years U.S.A.
Mark Benjamin 30 years Pianist, Music Director South Africa
Andrew Loza 30 years U.S.A.
Stephen Phaladi 30 years VOGR Translator, Minister South Africa
Christopher Smith 30 years U.S.A.
Bruce Painter 30 years Pastor U.S.A.
Daniel Burboa 29 years Musician U.S.A.
Naomi Rozak 28 years Minister's wife Canada
Benjamin Gibson 25 years Sunday School Superintendent U.S.A.
Melissa Wollman 25 years U.S.A.
Lisa Radcliff 25 years Sunday School Teacher U.S.A.
Lydia Burboa 25 years U.S.A.
Anna Bergen 24 years Canada
Kris Bellemare 24 years U.S.A.
James Rozak 23 years Associate Pastor Canada
Emily Bittner 22 years Canada
Adama Soro 20 years Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Emily Arndt 20 years Musician U.S.A.
Lora Dailey 20 years U.S.A.
Jason Taggart 19 years Canada
Rebecca (Brown) Gould 18 years U.S.A.
Christian Cyr 17 years U.S.A.
Matt Landes 17 years Deacon U.S.A.
Vickie Clifton 16 years U.S.A.
Bobby Clifton 16 years U.S.A.
Martha Saylor 16 years Musician (flute) U.S.A.
Shaun Riddlebaugh 15 years Minister U.S.A.
Jennifer Riddlebaugh 13 years Minister's wife U.S.A.
Carol Kuhnke Wenman 12 years Tape Replication, Radio Editor Canada
Nekeisha Brown 12 years Canada
Anna McClary 12 years U.S.A.
Gordon McClary 12 years Evangelist, Assoc. Pastor U.S.A.
Jeremy Gunter 8 years Deacon, Evangelist U.S.A.
Kristi Carter Gibson 8 years Sunday School Teacher U.S.A.
Tim Kraus 5 years U.S.A.
Sunny Olsen 45 years U.S.A.
Edward Eneah Kanju 20 years Associate Pastor (for last 10 years I was in the message) Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Itumeleng Masoko 25 years Born in the message South Africa
Douglas Felipe Brazil
Edgar Lim 33 years Church treasurer Philippines
Elliot Lingwati 32 years Preacher, Deacon South Africa

"Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered." ~ Romans 4:7

To add your name to this list, just send us an email with your information to 250px or you can send a private message to us on our Facebook page. You can also read the personal apology written by the editors of this site at Humble Pie.