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    William Branham called himself a friend of Ed Daulton. Ed Daulton was part of the group that lived in the "Park", which is how many in the message to the Pine Lawn Trailer Park in Prescott, Arizona where a group of William Branham's followers moved in 1962.

    Ed Daulton decided to moved to the Park after William Branham encouraged him to make the move. William Branham assured him "Go on ahead, brother Dalton. I see this coming out alright. We'll all be okay." But what faced Ed Daulton's children was significant abuse at the hands of Leo Mercier, the man that William Branham anointed to lead the group at the Park.

    William Branham also told Ed Daulton privately that he would not experience death but would go in the Rapture. He told Ed Daulton that this was "Thus Saith The Lord."

    The following is an excerpt of the transcript from an interview of Ed Daulton's youngest daughter, Deb Daulton Thibodeau:

    Deb Daulton Thibodeau: ...the idea was presented to Dad and it was talked about, and he didn't want initially to leave the proximity of the prophet. He wanted to stay in that area, but he was quite enchanted. And he told us several times when we were kids, that he was just very enchanted about the idea of going out west and picking oranges and living in the sun. And he was concerned enough about this move, that he wasn't initially ready to make it. And brother Branham, you know, he preached and hunted a lot in Tucson. And when he bought a house there that decreased some of dad's anxiety and he was ultimately then persuaded to go ahead with the vision, but he did speak with brother Branham about it… with William Branham about it.
    And he asked him about this big move, because it was a big move. You're talking about an entire family of 12 siblings, and several of them were married and had children their own. And he has described to me the moment that William Branham laid his hands on his arms and said to him, “Go on ahead, brother Dalton. I see this coming out alright. We'll all be okay.” And that's what dad needed to make that move. And from there, that's how we ended up in the Park.[1]
    Rod Bergen: So talking about your dad in your book, you referenced your dad's dying words, which were "Brother Branham lied to me. I have been betrayed." What was your dad speaking those words in reference to? ...How had William Branham betrayed him?
    Deb Daulton Thibodeau: ...When my dad died, he died over a period of about four days, very slowly and just, just agonizing. He did not want to die. He did not believe he was supposed to die. He had told us his entire life about the Thus Saith The Lord promise that William Branham gave him that he would be taken up in the rapture ...he would go up alive in the rapture.
    Rod Bergen: So William Branham had told him "Thus Saith The Lord, you will go in the Rapture"?
    Deb Daulton Thibodeau: This is what we heard our whole lives.
    Rod Bergen: So this is what your dad told you? William Branham had told him?
    Deb Daulton Thibodeau: That he had a promise to go up in the rapture. He would go up alive in the rapture ...and here he was on his deathbed, unable to function in a human capacity any longer. But he agonized over the fact that he was not going to go up alive in the rapture. And for a long time after mom died, he got it in his head that she would not be chosen or in the bride of Christ because she went by way of the grave. So we all got through that with him.
    And then when he died in those last few days... saying, "He lied to me, he lied to me, brother Branham lied to me. I've been betrayed!"
    You know... what an awful thing on your death.[2]

    Quotes of William Branham

    I just heard some good news, that the last of Brother Daulton’s family came in, the other boy…the other girl. That’s ten, is it? Nine. You remember that was under the new ministry when the Lord told him there that the…his family would be saved. I been praying for them, standing there not knowing what I would be saying, the Holy Spirit said, “I give you your family.” See? Uh-huh. And there it is, every one of them. See how the Lord does? See, His words are perfect, they never, never fail. Well, we don’t want to get onto the Divine healing side, we’re trying to stay as long…this part, on the prophetic side.[3]
    So Brother Ed Daulton seen that happen; he was praying for his children. Got outside, and he turned back around, and the Holy Spirit said, “Speak for Ed’s children.” And I said, “Brother Daulton, the Holy Spirit tells me by that same gift that we’re looking to be perfectly manifested soon, I give you your children in the Name of Jesus Christ.” And when he got home there, his daughter and son, already give their hearts to Christ. (Just a few miles down in the country from me.) And I think every one of your children is saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and…?…Is that right, Brother Daulton? Is there any of them with you? One daughter. Was that the one was saved right away then? The oldest daughter was saved the next morning. And every one of his children is now saved. How the Holy Spirit…When God says anything, He keeps His Word. See? 12 Now, how could I have saved those children? See? It—it isn’t. If it’s not your own words, if it isn’t you own thinking, then it’s—it’s ever what’s inspiring you. And if it’s God, then it’s God’s Word. See? So that’s the way on—on the meetings here at night when you see those things happening, that’s not me. I couldn’t do that. It’s—it’s God doing that. And if you’ll just believe it, then that’s all you have to do, is just—just believe it.[4]
    Ed Daulton, Baptist sitting here, from down in Kentucky, sitting right here. How many children you got, Ed? Twelve children. Standing right here, he asked for his children. I walked out of the building. Ed come to me again; I said, “Ed.” The Holy Spirit was on me, said, “Give it to him. Give him.” I said, “I give you your children.” Every one of them, saved and baptized. There was his teen-ager sitting at home, waiting, crying, has been saved since he was up here. This Baptist brother from down in... Oh, oh, how wonderful He is when He speaks![5]


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