Why are people leaving the message?

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    The message of william Branham is like a 3-legged stool. The three legs are:

    1. William Branham prophetic ministry. This refers to the supposed supernatural element in his life and ministry.
    2. William Branham's credibility. He is seen as being an extremely humble person who was highly credible.
    3. The message or teachings of William Branham. This is what unites those in the message and is what holds them apart and separate from other Christians.

    If you can knock out one of the above legs, the stool falls over, belief in the message collapses and the person examining it will come to the realization that the message is false. This is the purpose of this website - to provide clear undeniable proof that

    1. William Branham had multiple visions and prophecies that failed.
    2. William Branham consistently lied while behind the pulpit.
    3. William Branham's teaching do not agree with a plain reading of scripture.

    Unfortunately because of the effects of Cognitive Dissonance, simply presenting a factual refutation of William Branham's message will often not be sufficient to get someone to question the message.

    Care must be taken to approach the subject properly and we have written and article that specifically deals with "How to help those in the message."

    Click on the links below to watch or hear the stories of some of the people who have left the message:

    1. Stories of Ex-message Ministers
    2. Stories of former message believers

    Reasons for leaving

    When William Branham died on December 24, 1965, he was for the most part revered by the Pentecostal movement as a man who had a supernatural healing ministry. He was also seen as having wandered into false doctrine and strange teachings. Because of his teachings about his own ministry, at the time of his death he had a small but fanatic group of followers who believed him to be the last prophet of the last age.

    But with the development of the internet and computer search technology, it became possible to research whether:

    1. William Branham's stories were consistent, factual and true;
    2. Any of William Branham's visions failed to come to pass;
    3. His prophecies had been fulfilled; and
    4. His teachings were biblical.

    The results of this research are available on this and other websites.

    It has led to thousands of people coming to understand that William Branham was not who he said he was. This finally results in them leaving the message.