Videos: Prophecies & Visions

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    The following is a listing of our current videos dealing with the William Branham's prophecies. Watch the videos below, or click on the headings to read more about each topic.

    William Branham's Prophecies & Visions

    William Branham held himself out as a prophet. But was he really a prophet? Did any of his prophecies fail?

    Did "Thus Saith The Lord" ever fail?

    William Branham said repeatedly that when he said "Thus Saith The Lord", it never failed. Is this true?

    Donny Morton - Failure of "Thus Saith The Lord"?

    Agnes Shippy - Another failed "Thus Saith The Lord"?

    The Municipal Bridge Vision

    The African Prophecy

    The Brown Bear Vision

    The Voice on the Ohio River

    Prophecies About William Branham

    Were there any prophecies by other people regarding William Branham? Were they fulfilled?

    Hagin Prophecy

    Visions by William Branham

    William Branham was famous for his "visions". The following videos examine his famous vision of the Cloud.

    The Prophecy of the Cloud

    What caused the Cloud?