The End Of Mercy

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William Branham taught that God's mercy ended when the Seals were opened:

  • "How the Lamb ceases to be a mediator when the Seals are opened." (First Seal)
  • "No mercy if you reject this: “If a man heard the jubilee call, and refused to go free, he was taken to the post and an awl marked his ear. Ear is where you hear…then if he hears IT, and refuses to accept his freedom, then he has to serve his denominational master the rest of his life.” (Fourth Seal).
  • "Those who laughed at the word asked for rocks to fall on their heads. “And when you spurn mercy, there is nothing left judgment.”" (Sixth Seal)
  • “He arrives; and a Seal opened, revealed; a trumpet sound, war declared, and away they go. And then the messenger dies. He seals away this group; they’re put in. And a plague falls on those who rejected It. See?” (Sixth Seal)

Your Choice

If you believe that the Seals were opened in 1963 to William Branham: welcome to the judgment. If you were born after 1963 and you believe this doctrine, then there never was a time Jesus sat as mediator for you.

Or, you can spurn William Branham's teachings, and accept Jesus Christ as your savior and mediator. William Branham was wrong, and you can find unending mercy today.