Pearry Green

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Pearry Green was born in Manning, Louisiana on July 1, 1933 and died in August 2015. He was ordained as a minister by William Branham on November 21, 1965 and was the pastor of Tuscon Tabernacle in Tucson, Arizona.


Pearry Green was a friend to William Branham, accompanying him on various hunting trips. He also wrote a book called "The Acts of the Prophet" about William Branham, and Sarah Branham (William Branham's youngest daughter) also published a letter in 1989 naming Pearry Green as a swindler.

Pearry Green and the Municipal Bridge

In a telephone conversation in 2012, one of the editors of this website phoned Pearry Green to ask him whether there was any historical evidence with respect to 16 people dying in the construction of the municipal bridge.

Pearry informed us that he stood under the municipal bridge with William Branham and that William Branham identified the section of the bridge that fell into the river causing the death of 16 men by drowning. When asked to confirm whether there was any evidence that would corroborate the death of the sixteen men, Pearry Green's only response was that "the prophet of God wouldn't have lied to me."

Sharks Swimming in Los Angeles

Page 119 of the 1993 version of "Acts of the Prophet" by Pearry Green contains the following conversation between Billy Paul Branham and William Branham about the Destruction of Los Angeles:

Brother Branham turned to Brother Billy Paul and said, "Billy, all I can say is that God has told me no different (about Sister Florence)."
After making this statement, he turned to his son and said, "Billy, where are you standing?"
"Downtown Los Angeles," Billy Paul replied.
"Where are you standing?" Queried the prophet.
"In front of the May Company, downtown Los Angeles," replied Billy.
At this Brother Branham made a prophetic statement:
"Billy" he said, "I may not be here, but you won't be an old man until sharks will swim right where we are standing."

William Branham vouches for Pearry Green

William Branham said the following about Pearry Green:

Brother Green preaches the same thing and Message that I believe in. He's left his home; he's left his people; he's left his church. He was, I believe, he was a district superintendent or something of one of the organizations, and give the whole thing up when he heard This. He left everything that was dear to him also to come to the desert, just to support what God is giving to us now.
Sermon: What house will you build me. Tucson, Arizona, November 21, 1965.

A portion of the prayer William Branham said over Pearry Green at his ordination is as follows:

May he carry this Message, Lord, into this city and wherever You'll call him. May he be loyal, filled with the Spirit, living a life above reproach. God, let him have the hearts of the people, and that he might teach them and lead them and direct them in the path that we all desire to walk. Grant it, Lord.
Sermon: What house will you build me. Tucson, Arizona, November 21, 1965.

Sarah Branham accuses Pearry Green of being a swindler

Written in 1989
I remember that my father was very troubled before we left Tucson for the Jeffersonville meetings where he was to preach “The trail of the serpent” and expose names of the people of this message that were doing wrong including family members. In this tension we left Arizona. The last argument before we left was because my sister Becky wanted to stay in the apartment with her friend Betty Collins. My father never wanted her to stay. Finally he gave in as mother had already agreed and left her there. She gave her word that she would not leave the apartment.
...Later I found out that Rebekah was with Pearry Green and they had a difficult time finding her to let her know about the accident.
...From the family inheritance I received my share of 55,000 dollars after my mother passed away. The Rev. Pearry Green of Tucson presenting himself nicely as the pastor of the Branham family suggested that I give him 50,000 which he would invest into a travel agency. He said, “From this time you don’t need to worry any more. You can go as missionaries to Guatemala and every month you will receive you’re your support.” I don’t remember exactly whether it was three, four or five times he sent a monthly support. Then he informed me that things did not work out the way he expected, and we didn’t see the rest of the money until this day. But we were not the only ones falling into the trap with him.
...When I was about to give birth to another child I asked my brother Joseph to give me 1,500 dollars to cover the hospital expenses, his reply was: “Where do you think I can get this money from?” I went to Rev. Pearry Green and he sent me off with “next to nothing.: My sister Becky took me to the Welfare while living in the house that is just as much mine as hers. We were of course not only disappointed we were upset seeing the luxury the rest of the family and also especially the ministers in this message are enjoying.
...All insiders know about the 65,000 dollars Brother Sidney Jackson gave to Rev. Pearry Green who promised to take him as a co-pastor and accommodate him in Tucson. After the passing away of Brother Jackson of course Sister Jackson being left without money she begged Rev. Green and even other brothers approached him in this matter and finally he denies having received the money. I only hope that others who were also cheated will have the courage to come up with their stories and claims.

For more of Sarah Branham's testimony, read the article on William Branham and Money.

Owen Jorgensen, the author of Supernatural: The Life of William Branham, published the first five volumes of his books through Tucson Tabernacle, Pearry Green's church. If Pearry Green was as bad financially as Sarah Branham said, Owen would be one to confirm this. Perhaps Owen overlooked Sarah Branham's letter when he did his research on the life story of William Branham. A little research can sometimes save you a lot of heartache.

Testimony of Pearry Green

The following statements are taken from a sermon preached by Pearry Green:

Early life

My family moved to Beaumont, Texas in 1949 when my father became pastor at the Emmanuel Gospel Church. Shortly after we learned that there was a man by the name of William Branham who was conducting divine healing meetings in Houston, Texas, which was less than 100 miles away. I was 16 at the time and had the baptism of the Holy Ghost and had an experience of speaking in tongues. I’d read about Divine healing, read every miracle in the Bible, and believed them. From age 9 I had quoted Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." but I had no idea what it really meant.

First experience

Brother Branham was speaking at the Sam Houston Coliseum on January 23, 1950. We arrived early enough that we were able to get a seat on the lower level, directly in front of the pulpit, 11 rows back. The first speaker was Brother Gordon Lindsay; he was followed by Brother F.F. Bosworth. After those two spoke, Brother Branham came to the pulpit and as he looked across the audience, he said, “Good evening, friends.” It was so personal; it felt like he was talking to me. I got up out of my seat and stood in front of the platform on the left-hand side near the pulpit.

Blind boy received his sight

When he called for the prayer line, about 15 people came forward. I found from where I was standing, I could directly view the prayer line. I’d never seen one before and did not know what to expect. The first person was a seven-year-old boy who had been blind from birth. Brother Branham took the boy by the hand and asked us to bow our heads while he prayed for the child. As soon as the prayer was over, the boy looked around like he could see. Everybody began to praise the Lord. My thought was “How do I know the boy was blind?” They held up a handkerchief and the little boy reached out and grabbed it. They held out a microphone cord, and he stepped over it. Brother Branham said, “Now, run back to your daddy.” The boy turned and looked out at the audience of approximately 11,000 people. He had never seen his dad!

When the child had been called to the platform, a man came and stood next to me. The man now called the boy by name. The platform was about four feet high, and the boy came to the edge of it and leaped off into the man’s arms. He played with the man’s red necktie, and then saw the man’s tears and touched them. Then he began to feel the man’s face, just like a blind child would. That was his dad. He threw his arms around his dad’s neck and looked directly at me. I knew I had seen a miracle. This was the beginning of the change of my life.

Feet created for little boy

There was also a young lady that brought up a six-year-old boy who had been born with no feet. Brother Branham took him in his arms and asked her to remove the stockings. Once more he asked us to bow our heads, which I did. But again, I watched upward at Brother Branham as he prayed. I wasn’t the only one watching, because in the midst of his prayer it appeared that Brother Branham dropped the little boy, and many people in the audience gasped. Right in front of my eyes, I saw two little feet created. This still affects me until this day. When I see little baby's feet, it stirs something within my soul.

Couple unfaithful to each other

While I was still weeping over that, another lady walked up in front of Brother Branham. He had said to those in the prayer line, “You people need to confess your sins and put them under the Blood, because I’m not responsible for what He shows me.” As this young woman stood before him, he said, “Young lady, I don’t mean to embarrass you, but you’ve been unfaithful to your husband.”

The entire audience immediately fell quiet, with the exception of one man who jumped up and started shouting and running toward the platform. Brother Branham turned and said, “That’s alright, let him come. That’s her husband.” This stirred my thinking: “How did he know that was her husband?” As the man came onto the platform, Brother Branham said to him, “What about you and your red-headed secretary last Friday night in a motel?” He continued, saying, “You two haven’t sinned against God; you’ve sinned against each other. You broke your marriage vows and you need to confess and repent to each other, forgive each other, renew your vows, and go home and be faithful to each other.”

Years later I asked him how he knew if someone had repented and put their sins under the Blood. He said, “That’s easy, Brother Green. When someone confesses their sins, God is faithful to forgive them. He not only forgives their sins, He forgets their sins. If He forgets them, He can’t show them to me. So, anything He shows to me, I know it has not been confessed.”