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Full Gospel Men's Voice (now the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International) Feb 1961

Branham has been used by God, in the Name of Jesus, to raise the dead!

Gordon Lindsay, “William Branham As I Knew Him,” The Voice of Healing, Feb. 1966, p. 11

In the many hundreds of times I saw him speak under the anointing, he would unerringly speak forth the secrets of men’s hearts — things which he had no possible way of knowing.

Ern Baxter: “New Wine Interviews Ern Baxter”, New Wine Magazine, Dec 1978

Branham never once made a mistake with the word of knowledge in all the years I was with him. That covers, in my case, thousands of instances.

Walter Hollenweger, “The Pentecostals” (1972, p354)

Concerning the gift of discernment, Hollenweger who translated for William Branham in Switzerland, stated: “I am not aware of any case in which he was mistaken in the often detailed statements he made.

D.R. McConnell, A Different Gospel, Hendrickson Publishers Inc, 1988. p. 166

Branham worked astounding miracles of healing in his crusades. To this day his gifts of supernatural knowledge of those to whom he ministered remains unparalleled, even among modern healing evangelists.

William Branham’s Family Tree, Eric Pement]

William Branham was an American evangelist who achieved world renown for a powerful healing ministry which began in 1946 and lasted nearly 20 years..."Lifelong pentecostals stood in awe at the specific detail packed into Branham’s gift of “discernment” (as he called it), as Branham would reveal names, addresses, ailments, and personal details of people whom he had never seen before.

Cyberjournal For Pentecostal-Charismatic Research #16, Jan 2007, Contemporary Pentecostal Leadership: The Apostolic Faith of as Case Study by Dr. Mathew Clark

William Branham’s visit in the early 1950’s impacted both the denomination and the nation [South Africa]. The miraculous aspects of his ministry were undeniable, and he gained numerous followers in the country.

Cult Awareness and Information Centre

That there were healings and supernatural occurrences at Branham's rallies is historically verifiable.

Discernment Ministries International: William Branham, Rev. Robert S. Liichow, 1997

Now, unlike many outright frauds, like Peter Popoff, Branham did reveal things to people and about them that he got supernaturally. He was not faking these things. What happened in his meetings were without a doubt supernatural in nature.

The Enigma of William Branham - Andrew Strom & Larry Magnello

William Branham was another evangelist mid-way through last century who was mightily used of God for a number of years. In fact, there can be little doubt that he was endued with power to a degree that has rarely been seen since the days of the apostles.

Dictionary of Christianity: William Branham (1990, p182)

The Pentecostal masses revered his legendary healing gifts, the ability to detect diseases by the vibration of his hand and the ability to discern the secrets of a person's heart.

Harrell, D.E., All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1978) p25

Most of the participants of the [post-WW11] revival looked upon Branham as its initiator. Out of his massive union meetings in 1947 spread reports of hundreds of miracles and marvels.

Weaver, C.D., The Healer-Prophet: William Marrion Branham (A study of the Prophetic in American Pentecostalism) (: Press, 2000) p139

As the pacesetter and pre-eminent visionary of the healing revivalism that flourished in Pentecostalism from the late 1940’s through the late 1950’s, William Branham was deeply respected for his legendary power.

Allan Anderson: "An Introduction to Pentecostalism", Press, 2004, p58 Branham’s sensational healing services, which began in 1946, are well documented and he was the pacesetter for those who followed before he became involved in doctrinal controversy.

The Evangelicals: A Historical, Thematic, and Biographical Guide, Robert H. Krapohl and Charles H. Lippy, April 30, 1999, p69]

Historians generally mark this turn in Branham’s ministry as inaugurating the modern healing revival.

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