Evan Moselely and the Return of William Branham

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    This DC-7C was sitting in Arizona for years, waiting for the resurrection of William Branham

    At the Goodyear Field in Arizona is an old DC-7C airplane that has been sitting untouched for over 45 years. It is a fantastic time travel capsule as it hasn't been touched. It originally belonged to Ladybird Johnson, and was her personal plane, so apparently it was quite luxurious in its day.

    Evan Moseley and his brothers purchased the plane based on a request from William Branham. They believed that it would be used in the fulfillment of the tent vision.

    It is sad that someone could be so deceived that this would be the sole hope of their life.

    Evan Moseley's story

    The following is an excerpt from “Generation - Remembering the Life of a Prophet” by Angela Smith (2006):

    I was 14 years old and attended Brother Outlaw's church with my people when Brother Branham came to the Phoenix region in 1947. For me, he had a very strong presence, and when he asked the congregation to bow their heads while he prayed for the people, believe me, I bowed mine. He did an evangelistic service about healing and salvation, but there was something about him that made us realize that he was the greatest man of God that you had ever come into contact with. It intimidated me. I don't know what other word to use.
    After these meetings, I heard nothing more about Brother Branham for more than ten years.
    Between 1958 and 1959, there was a man from Ireland who went by the name of Gordon Magee who went to Brother Outlaw's church. He taught that before the end time there should be a return to the ministry of the prophet Elijah. My wife Tillie and I started to pray. We knew we were in the end time, so where was this prophet?
    While we were praying about this, a fellow asked to store a bunch of Brother Branham's preaching tapes at my brother Alan's house. He started listening to them, then gave me some of them. After hearing two or three, Tillie and I said that was what we were looking for and praying for. So we put our names on the mailing list and started receiving tapes regularly. This happened in 1960.
    The Message that Brother Branham brought was revolutionary. It was an eye opener. When that discernment began, no one could stand before him and deceive him. No one could lie or hide anything from him. I saw his position in the Scriptures and it was very tremendous. The revelations that Brother Branham brought in messages like The False Anointed Ones, Marriage and Divorce and so on, were THUS SAITH THE LORD. Some of them were like tremendous bombs for us. It changed our way of thinking and understanding; opened our eyes to what will happen at the time of the end and the Rapture.
    My revelation is that Brother Branham taught us a Message, but unless I take that Message and the Holy Spirit comes and anoints the Word for me, it is nothing but teaching. The Holy Spirit watered and brought the Message into my life, and that to me is the sign.
    We were five brothers, but only four - Jim, Alan, Robert, and me - followed the Message. We were in the field of crop spraying. The first time we went to meet Brother Branham in person was in 1962, and that was when we tried to give him a plane that we had, but he didn't accept it. He said that he had made a promise that he would not fly or have nothing to do with an airplane unless it was THUS SAITH THE LORD. I never spoke of it again, unless he mentioned it. I felt like I was asking a prophet to break a promise, so I didn't do that. But then, when he asked us to get a plane, it was his responsibility. We didn't want him to do that.
    From that time until he was removed from the scene, I had the opportunity to be with him on many occasions. One was during a hunting trip he took in the fall of 1964, a moose hunt with Brother Tony Stromei and Brother Billy Paul, in the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona.
    We learned that he was on the mountain, so we went after him because we were so worried about our mother. She was the person who wrote the letter to Brother Carl Williams, rebuking Brother Branham; he mentioned it in the EN Not Knowing message . As soon as we heard the tape, we knew it was our mother, and we were very concerned. She was a Pentecostal elder, and their basis was that speaking in tongues was evidence of the Holy Spirit. She believed in water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus (they were right in that), but she thought Brother Branham was tearing Pentecostal doctrine apart. She wrote a letter to Brother Carl Williams, which he showed Brother Branham. Alan, Robert and I found them on the reservation and spent a few days with them.
    Branham was not really hunting, because the Lord had shown him that there was not a moose in the whole area. This was the place the moose migrated to when it cooled, but it wasn't cold enough to chase them away yet, so we just stayed around the countryside as visitors.
    After talking to him about my mother, he said, "Don't worry about it." He told us how our parents had been saved through that Pentecostal branch, and they couldn't get off that branch and go to a new one. It would be like putting new wine in an old skin. They lived and suffered disapproval on their day and are now unable to go out and accept the present time. He said, "One day I will come to you and I will catch her spirit, and everything will be fine." It comforted our hearts, and we don't care about it anymore.
    When we sat around the fire with him, we were very amazed and had a lot of respect. I wouldn't interrupt you even if I were to ask you something. He had many interesting stories to tell about miracle cures that he kept us glued to. Looking back, I think Brother Branham was kind of trying to keep his mind involved with something so that the visions wouldn't come. He was going there, you know, to try to rest from his visions and things. He was talking about how Welch Evans had been bitten by the snake when they were fishing and how the Lord had healed him, making it so they didn't have to take him to the hospital or anything. Then he pulled on his pants leg and his ankle was black and blue. He had cheered there in Kaibab, and was still limping. He said: “Here I am limping around for two or three weeks.
    We learned that Brother Branham had talked to someone about buying a Buggy, and in early 1965 we bought him a Jeep.
    Alan, Robert and I, we found this little jeep. A man had completely dismantled it and rebuilt it from scratch, placing a Chevrolet Corvette engine. He was really dolled up.
    We lost our brother Jim in a plane crash and his widow wanted to help with the purchase of the vehicle, so we bought the jeep and took it to Brother Branham. First we went to Brother Billy Paul and told him it was for Brother Branham. He got in the jeep and we went to Brother Branham's house.
    When Brother Branham left, he said, "No, I can't accept it." Well, we told you that we hadn't gone there to have to carry him home, period. Then he went to his car window, reached for the checkbook on the dashboard and said, "Let me write a check."
    We said we wouldn't take a check, and I'll never forget that. Branham stopped, stood up and said, "Okay, you did it for me, now, what can I do for you?"
    Alan said, "Well, Brother Branham, when you set up a tent and start those tent meetings, we would like to be able to help you." Brother Branham stopped for a moment, then said, "No matter what you do, when the tent is set up, you will be there." That was what he said.
    He always made you feel like the most important, and that he was privileged and honored to be with you. He had that ability. It was not a pretense, it was genuine.
    He also had an incredible sense of humor. A few months after we gave him the jeep, he was speaking at the Full Gospel International Businessmen's Fellowship (CIHNEC) convention at the Ramada Inn in Phoenix. I met him at the entrance before breakfast and he was telling me how he loved the jeep. He said: "I got 150 km / h with him". You know how he always told Brother Billy Paul about driving fast.
    Soon we were eating and Brother Branham was a few chairs away. I leaned over and said, "Hey, Brother Branham, how fast did you get with that jeep?" He looked quickly to see if Brother Billy Paul, who was sitting after me, had heard, and placed his finger on his lips: "Shhh". He did not want Brother Billy Paul to know that he had reached 150 km / h.
    Brother Branham never lost sight of his goal, and he was totally, 100 percent dedicated to the Message. When he went to rest, he got together and played with his friends and companions, but when it came to the Word, there was not even a distraction. The word distraction was not in its nature. We respected Brother Branham for that.
    Once, we were hunting with Brother Branham at Mount Sunset, it was about 10:30 pm and he was building a fire. He had been unshaven for three days, soot on his hands and an old black hat on his head. I remember walking away a little, watching him, and saying a little prayer of thanks in my heart for that humble little man who was lighting the fire, while I noticed the enormous responsibilities that fell on him. Branham paid a great price to bring this Message to us. He certainly paid. It cost him a lot. It cost him his whole life.
    In the spring of 1965, he went hunting for lions in Utah, with Alan and another brother. Our wives had prepared dinner for them at Alan's house when they returned, and after they ate, Brother Branham was driving to the truck; that's when he asked us to get him a plane.
    He was very sincere, said that we would know what kind of plane we would take, and that he would pay all expenses. Then he explained in detail how he planned to hold two-week meetings, and then, when the tent was being set up elsewhere, he and some of the other brothers would go out into the desert, fish and hunt. We were supposed to go all over the world.
    Brother Branham did not say that the Lord showed him something, but I knew that he had made a promise not to fly or have anything to do with an airplane unless it was THUS SAITH THE LORD. Prophets keep their promises.
    Well, afterwards, when Brother Branham was taken off the scene, I couldn't understand why he asked us to get a plane, said that this was what we were going to do, and suddenly, he was gone. I was upset, and I started to pray and cry out to the Lord.
    I believe Brother Branham will have the tent, he will have the Third Pull, and everything will happen just the way he said it. My whole life revolves around that, and I get firmer with each passing day.
    For me, William Branham was the greatest man after Jesus Christ who walked this earth. He paid a great price to bring us the Message, and I believe that God was very proud of His servant.