William Branham's Double Standard

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William Branham the Hunter

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During his sermon on the Sixth Seal, William Branham takes the time to lash out critically at big-game hunters:

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"Why, it's a sin. That's not sport. When I was standing out on the field out yonder, in where I hunt and things like that, and see where them white hunters come out there and shoot them deer and cut a hindquarters off of it and sometimes kill eight or ten little does and leave them laying there, and their fawns running around trying to find their mammy, and you mean that's sportsmanship? That's pure murder in my book… Buffalo Bill and them plainsmen had shot off all them buffaloes, forty, fifty in an afternoon. They know when they ridded that, they got rid of the Indian. Oh, my, a stain on the flag the way they treated them Indians. There you are. But remember, the Bible said, "The hour's come that God will destroy them that destroys the earth."

Then on May 26, 1965, William Branham went to Africa and shot 34 large game animals (including buffalo) in 21 days.

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Owen Jorgenson wrote that:

“Bill wanted to shoot a lion…He tried setting a trap. First he shot a zebra. Tying the dead zebra behind the Land Rover, he drug it in a wide circle around a tree, then left the zebra carcass under the tree, hoping a lion would smell the zebra scent and follow it to the tree”.
"William Branham couldn't display any animals from his safari in Africa. He had left his 33 hunting trophies at the airport in Beira, Mozambique, with instructions for his air carrier to fly them back to the United States. Unfortunately, the trophies never arrived in the U.S., which meant that they were stolen in Mozambique. Because the airline was at fault, it offered Bill free airfare to Africa for another safari."

So it turns out that William Branham became the big-game hunter that he condemned so harshly. To quote John Oliver, "he's like a psychotic reverse-Noah."

Plus, how much money would it have cost to ship 33 large game animals back to the United States?

William Branham in Shorts

William Branham also preached against was wearing shorts, which is something else he did while hunting in Africa:

William Branham in shorts in South Africa.
Now she has got her Adam to wearing her underneath clothes. A man put on them little old sissy-looking shorts , and get out here, I don't think there is much man to him. He is the biggest sissy I know of. See? See, she has got her perverted Adam to act like she, see, wearing her underneath clothes. She seen what she could do out yonder when she took off all of her clothes but her underneath ones. That's the shorts. Course, that's the woman's underneath clothes, and here her Adam is wearing them now...You don't even know whether you're a man or woman. And I understand that our United States Army is coming out next in shorts . That's right. See what the perversion is? It's a woman's clothes..."
Oh, what a perversion! What a age! What a time we're… How deceitful it is! Oh, all these things, "and don't know it," a perfect perverted spirit is in the man. He is veiled from the lust of Satan, and the woman is, too. It's a satanic spirit of a great society. See, they don't know, but they're a organization. Women with shorts on, belongs to an organization. Man dressed like that, is on a organization. I'll give you the abbreviation of it, B.S.S., Big Sister Society, so that's what they belong to. Come out there, a big sissy society, with them little old pants on, big old knotty-looking, dirty-looking thing. I—I…
Man, now you may differ me with this, but that's the Truth. You have been perverted and don't know it. You're not, don't act like a man no more. See, coming so soft; and, their son, will be nothing to them anymore; man, and women, too. They are a society. There is a organization. Why? "John, next door, wore shorts, so why can't I? Luella wanted me to wear them because John wore them, next door. And, well, if—if Susie Jane can wear them, so can Martha Jane wear them, or Susie Lou," or ever who her name is, see. See, it's a society. It's an organization. You spiritually belong to it, and don't know it.[1]

William Branham watching Marilyn Monroe

On June 1, 1963 William Branham says watched Marilyn Monroe in "The River of No Return",

"The kids had been telling me, "Daddy, you go down that River Of No Return, all the time," Said, "They got a play like that on, tonight." They told me a certain night it would be on, a week or two ahead of time. I thought, "Well, I want to see that, 'cause I've been down that river, two or three times; about five times, I think." Well, I--I went to see it. And Miss Marilyn Monroe acted that out." [2]
It wasn't just the 10 Commandments he went to see.

Then on June 23 of the same year he says that he had never seen her:

"When I seen this woman not long ago, in a vision the Lord showed me, see her die. That, I can't never think of that woman's name, she, Marilyn Monroe. And I had never seen her. I don't go to movies." [3]

William Branham said an Angel told him not to defile himself. Can you defile yourself by wearing women's garments? How about by watching soft-porn?

"He's a sinner to begin with. He's a pig to begin with. He don't know no different. If he goes to the movies, and he goes on Sunday, and he goes to ball games, and he does all these things; he's a sinner to begin with. His nature's like a hog...But when you go and call yourself a Christian and stick your nose in with him, then you're no better than he is; but you're worse!" [4]
"She said, "Lets go to a movie." I said, "I don't go to movies." She said, "Well there's a dance down at the Odd Fellows Hall." I said, "I don't go to dances." (July 22, 1960, Sermon: Watchman, what of the night?)
William Branham accepts the keys to a free Cadillac in front of his free house. Learn more about William Branham's questionable finances.

William Branham, sold out for a Cadillac

William Branham preached against driving a Cadillac. He then turned around and accepted one as a gift. He also accepted his home as a gift, and expensive rifles.

I said, "A Cadillac?" I said, "Me go down through Arkansas and some of them poor little old Arkansas'ers down there picking cotton, little old mothers with their hands stuck up with cockleburs and things, or burrs off of that cotton, picking, pulling a sack, half dead with female trouble and things like that, eating fat bacon and corn-bread for breakfast, come put a dollar in my meeting, and me ride in a Cadillac? No, sir. No, indeedy." I said, "No, indeedy, I will never do that! (July 15, 1952, Faith in the Son of God)
Even a lot of preachers trying to justify this Elvis Presley, which is nothing in the world but a modern Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot got thirty pieces of silver. Elvis Presley got a million dollars and a fleet of Cadillacs, but he sold out.

Trimmed Hair & Short Skirts in the Branham Family

William and Meda Braham with their daughters, with their skirts above their knees and hair to their shoulders.

William Branham preached against scandal skirts, skirts above the knees, and anything other than women wearing long skirts. He also preached against women trimming their hair, and considered it a sin worthy of divorce. But if you look at his family pictures, his daughters did everything he preached against. They wore short skirts and modeled their hair to try to fit into the modern fashion as much as possible. If this is the case, it means that the token was not applied in the Branham household.

Look at the modern one today. Little skinned-down dress, that, every form, she can't move without sinning. Walking, tipping down the street, with all the makeup and cosmetics a Max Factor can put on her, nearly. Fixing her hair like some little girl. Wearing a little skirt just up, about, above her knees, if she's got on any, at all. But, you look at her, she is pretty. Satan knows how to do it. He's the author of beauty, that type of beauty which results in sin. [5]
I was preaching here in Phoenix, not long ago, on something like that, and the minister's wife setting on the pulpit, with one of these boyish bobbed hair all kinked up, and with a dress that she couldn't even keep her underneath skirts from shining. Couldn't get down over her knees. About four or five inches above her knees, setting up there; jumping up-and-down, leading songs. I blasted it just as hard as I could. Course, he won't invite me back. I don't expect to. But he knows what's right and wrong. When I stand at the Judgment, it's not on my hands anymore. [6]
I've passed across this country. I've made remarks about Mrs. Kennedy, with her Jezebel haircut, and all like that, and her big waterheads, and these women. I wonder, if Mrs. Kennedy would have heard the Messages I have preached, she might have let her hair grow out, a long time ago. But I've crossed this country, back and forth, showing by the Word, that it's wrong, and a condemnation for women to cut their hair, and the Pentecostal women continue, go on the same way. She might rise in the day of Judgment, not knowing it, but you know better. It shows the Blood hasn't been applied. The Token is not there.' [7]


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