Vatsala Arculi

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In 1959, I was living in Hong Kong. During a medical examination, I was told by the doctor that I had advanced breast cancer, and I needed immediate surgery. So I came to Bombay to see my family doctor. He was shocked to see my condition, and told me he would meet me early next morning at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital and arrange for my surgery.

The healing of her sister-in-law

I was in the doorway leaving his Clinic, when my sister-in-law, (who was a dying person and totally without any hope) chanced to pass by. I was amazed to see her like a blooming flower, full of life and health. She told me how she became like that. Her husband, (my brother), took her to Brother Branham’s meeting. That day she did not have any faith, but she saw the miracles taking place on others. The next day she had faith and as Brother Branham said, ‘Those of you who have any sickness, lay your hand on that part and thank the Lord Jesus for healing you.’

She said, “Lord, where will I lay my hand? From head to foot I am finished and gone?”

Then she laid one hand on her head, and the other on her abdomen, and by the grace of God she was instantly healed of all her sickness. My sister-in-law said he was very simple, and he just said that, ‘Whoever you are, and whatever your sickness is, the Lord will heal you. All you have to do is, by faith lay your hands on the affected part and just trust Jesus.’ Then as soon as he said that, there was a great outburst in that place where the meetings were held in Byculla. Hundreds of people were jumping and yelling and shouting, and waving their hands, because such great miracles had taken place.”

Vatsala Arculi's healing

Then I turned back into the doctor’s clinic, and told my doctor that I would not come to Tata Memorial for the surgery the next day. He was shocked and asked me why. I told him, “I trust the Lord Jesus to heal me”. He was amazed and his mouth fell open and all the other patients in his clinic were watching and heard me say that. I said ‘Bye’ to the doctor and left.

I went home with my sister-in-law and wrote a letter to Brother Branham straight away, telling him to pray for me. A month later I received a simple letter from Brother Branham, in which he told me how God loved me and how Jesus paid the price for my sin and sickness. There was a piece of handkerchief and it was said in the letter to lay it on the affected part.

I knelt down and took the handkerchief and said, “Thank you Lord Jesus, no man’s hand is being laid upon me; it is Your hand”. I put the handkerchief on my chest and immediately, instantly, all the cancer was gone from my body, and I was totally healed.’ I got up and started praising God.

Healing of Insane Parsi Man

After my healing, I told my experience to many people, especially after my return to India. I was contacted by some Parsi friends, to whom I had been telling about Jesus. They came to my house and told me how their brother, a big officer, who had come from abroad, became so terribly afflicted. He had to be put in a room, whose walls were all covered by foam mattresses, because he used to bang his head, and nothing could be done. I had been telling them about the Branham Tabernacle sending prayer cloths to different people. I told them to take that cloth and pin it to his vest, and see that it never left his body.

The next day, the man who was totally afflicted by the devil so badly, who was insane and wanted to commit suicide, and would smash up everything; was totally normal.

Then they invited me to come and speak to their family and relatives about Jesus. I was able to tell them, how it was the power of Jesus Christ that was working through a servant of His, and this was a result of that. I also told them how I was healed of cancer and so many other people were healed of their sickness.

Healing of crippled Lady

Now this lady’s mother-in-law had been bed ridden for thirty years and was about to die. They came to my house (quite a distance away), and told me that their old mother was about to die, and circumstances in the family were such that it was the wrong time for her to go, as it would cause a lot of confusion. So I told her, to write to Brother Branham, and instructed them what to do when the letter comes ie. put the cloth on her heart and she will be healed. That’s exactly what they did.

Their mother-in-law, who was bed ridden for so many years, and lived on the fourth floor of the building, was the next day walking up and down, up and down. They all saw the miracle that God had done on their mother. This way the news spread, and many people were healed.”