Tom Brown

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Tom Brown, a retired businessman from Lima, Ohio, travelled with his wife Marilyn to many of William Branham's meetings in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and witnessed many miracles in these meetings. They also spent some time with William and Meda Branham, and their daughters were friends with the Branham daughters. Although not officially in charge of recording the sermons of William Branham, Tom Brown did at times bring his own recording equipment to the services, and participate in recording the services. Tom Brown's father-in-law, Bill Dauch, was a friend of William Branham, and his healing is recorded on various audio tapes.

The testimonies on this page are excerpts from a video interview with Tom and Marilyn Brown in Lima, Ohio.

William Branham recognized the Browns with the following statement:

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So I want to thank Brother and Sister Dauch over here, Brother Brown, and them, who I understood by telephone conversation that they gathered together a group of people and prayed for me. And now, that just is something, does something to you. You know, you pray for others and everything, and then when you find out that somebody's praying for you when you need it, that means a whole lot. (The Way Of A True Prophet, Jeffersonville, Indiana, May 13, 1962)

Like a cloud over the congregation

The last meetings I was ever in were in Shreveport. That's when Brother Branham preached "On the winds of a Snow White Dove". And he kept singing that song over and over and over, you know. And then you hear him say on there, "We're waiting on you, Lord." And when he said "We're waiting on you." We were clear at the back, and it was like a cloud had just settled over the whole congregation. We got to see it.

Prophecy: Dying with two holes

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Before he preached that Shreveport meeting, I was up in his room with him. His motel room. And he was telling me about different people having dreams of his end. And he says that, about him dying, he said, ..."perhaps shot." And he pointed to a hole here (lower front neck), and here (side of skull). And of course he died from the automobile accident, you know. But they had been feeding him through the throat, and they had a (?) up on his head, to relieve the pressure on his brain. And that's the way he died: he had the two holes, that he told me about.

Topeka Tornado

You know, Topeka is where all these tornadoes seem to originate. And there again I drove the Dauch's up to the auditorium where the meeting was going to be, had to go there about 3 hours early. And as we were getting out of the car, you know, it was a nice day, wasn't any clouds or anything. And all at once there was a clap of thunder just like a cannon went off. And it seemed strange, because the skies were clear. And then I went ahead and parked the car, and I come back, and an hour or so passed, and here it started to get a little bit stormy looking. Another hour passed and it started looking real bad. And pretty soon the air raid siren went off.

And this is the way they warn people, in Kansas, that there is a tornado approaching. Sure enough, a tornado had been sighted. It had touched down, and was coming right towards Topeka about 5 miles out. And some of the people that were with Brother Branham in the motel, said that he come out and saw it, and he said, "It's going to be all right. It's going to break up and the sun will come out."

And that's exactly what happened, just like he said it would. We were there.