The Perfect Man

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William Branham essentially believed that he was the perfect example of a mature Christian and that he was the "wave sheaf" that was waved over the people, demonstrating that more like him would soon be appearing.

What William Branham taught

This is another teaching where William Branham pointed to himself. It is the height of arrogance.

William Branham is suggesting that (like Jesus Christ in his day), there is a wave sheaf (the first fruits of the crop) being waved over the final church to demonstrate that "the first one" has "come to maturity". He wavers between who that "one" is... but essentially, he is referring to what God was doing through himself. (Luke 17:30)

"Full maturity". A man who is representative of the "stature of a perfect man", demonstrating "agape/perfect love" and "perfect faith" speaking a "perfect word" message. It also suggests that the church itself is ripe and just about to come to that same level of maturity.

By this teaching, William Branham was basically saying he was fully "mature".

What should that say of his character then? How then do the apparent "lies" demonstrate Jesus Christ? This puts him on a level entirely different than any other prophet in the Bible. Elijah was just a man. Moses was just a man. They didn't have the Holy Ghost. But William Branham claimed was a god-man (fulfilling Luke 17:30/Malachi 4/Rev 10:7), fully mature.

How can we compare him with other reformers (who had partial truth) or old testament prophets?

Quotes of William Branham

Notice, It was the first corn of God's Wheat that had been raised from the dead, God's first corn of Wheat. By God's quickening Power, God had quickened His life, raised Him up from the dead, and He was the Firstfruits of those that slept, the Firstfruit. He was that Sheaf.

That's why they had to wave that sheaf, for it was the first one that come to maturity. And it was waved as a memorial of thanksgiving to God, believing that the rest of them would come. It was a sign.

And, today, because He was the first Son of God to come to full maturity, to be in God, He was plucked up from the earth and is waved over the people. Oh, what a glorious lesson! By the quickening Power, the first One! Although, He had--He had been typed; and many times, as we'll see later, that He was typed. But this was really the Firstfruit of them that slept. He was waved over the promised Seed that had promise of Life.

He was waved at the Day of Pentecost, "when there came a sound from Heaven like a waving, mighty rushing wind," and was waved over the people, the pentecostal people that was up at Pentecost, waiting for the Blessing to come.

And to be waved again, we realize, in the last day, according to Luke 17:30, in the Son day again, "in the day that the S-o-n of man will be revealed," or waved again over the people.

Now, Who is the Son of man? "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us." And if all the teaching that we have, and confirmation of the Word of God; by Word of God, by signs, by wonders, we see today, that in the Book of--of Luke here, that as we just quoted from, or the--the Luke the 17th chapter and the 30th verse; and Malachi 4, and the different Scriptures that we are acquainted with, that that Word again is waved over the people, that the dead traditions of man is dead, and the Son of God is alive again with the baptism of the Holy Spirit right among us, and is giving us Life.

As Christ was the first One to raise, from all the prophets, and so forth; although typed in many places, He was the Firstfruits of those that slept. In the Bride, coming of Christ, coming out of the church, there'll have to be a Sheaf waved again in the last days. Oh, my!

Waving of the sheaf! What was the sheaf? The first one that come to mature, the first one that proved it was a wheat, that proved it was a sheaf.

Hallelujah! I'm sure you see what I'm talking about. It was waved over the people. And the first time there will come forth, for the Bride age, for a resurrection out of dark denominationalism, will be a Message, that the full maturity of the Word has turned back again in Its full Power, and being waved over the people, by the same signs and wonders that He did back there.[1]