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If you find a copyright infringement

All of the sermons of William Branham are in the public domain.

This website was initially put together by a number of people who acted as editors. It is possible that they copied something from a website without attribution. If you are the owner of information and believe that we have violated your copyrighted material, please contact us. We will then examine the situation and take action if needed. The most helpful piece of information you can provide is a URL or other reference to what you believe may be the source of the text.

If the editor was, in fact, the author of the text that is published elsewhere under different terms, that does not affect their right to post it here under the GFDL. Also, sometimes you will find text elsewhere on the Web that was copied from this website.

Finally, we have copied some material from various Wikipedia articles and, where we have done this, we have tried to indicate attribution.

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Fair use materials

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