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Who am I?
45px This editor comes from Canada.
Bcflag.jpg This editor comes from British Columbia.

Hi everyone. My name is Jeremy Bergen, and I am responsible for all of the content on this site. If you write something, I will read it, and make sure it is in the format we want before this page goes public. I just spent the last few months finishing the introduction website at - hope you like it and give it out to as many people as you can!

I will be taking 6 months off work to finish this site starting March 1, 2007. However, I still really need your help, assistance and prayer as I cannot finish this site on my own.

I was able to present this website at the Virginia Men's Meetings on January 27, 2007 (hosted by Bro. Barry Coffey). The response to this presentation was very positive, and we were able to distribute about 4,000 newly printed business-style cards among the 150 brothers and minsters in attendance for redistribution to unbelievers across the continent.

Please leave me a note if you have a question or comment. Thank you for your contributions to this site, and for your prayers.