Did William Branham prophesy the COVID-19 global pandemic?

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Some message followers are proclaiming that William Branham prophesied the COVID-19 global pandemic based on a quote that they say proves he prophesied the pandemic.

Was this an actual prophecy or are message believers taking William Branham's comments out of context?

What did William Branham say?

In 1963, William Branham stated:

Israel needed a way out of Egypt. They needed some way, some military strength or something, to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians. God provided a prophet with the vindicated original Word. Moses! That right? They wanted a army to rise up and to take them out, and beat the Egyptians down. But God sent them the Word, the prophet with the vindicated Word that God had spoke before to Abraham, saying, “Thy seed shall sojourn in a strange land. But I’ll visit them with a mighty hand,” the Word that God had spoke. They was crying for a deliverer, and God sent them a prophet with the Word. God had a provided way to tell the difference between the believer and the unbeliever. And God…
Now, some of them said, “Well, now, if the plague falls, we’ll just go in the hospital. If the plague—if the plague happens to fall, you know what we’ll do? We’ll go get Dr. Jones. He’ll know how to take care of it.” It didn’t work. Yet, they were smart. “Well, if the plague falls, we’ll just go down beneath the ground, in a cave, and shut the door down.” That won’t do it one bit of good. “We’ll stay in the house, and put a mask over our face, and—and put some disinfect on it.” Didn’t do a bit of good.
God made a provided way. Yes. And it was (what?) the blood. God provided it, as simple as it seemed, to take the blood of a lamb and sprinkle the door. Yet, God said that was His way, and He honored it. “All out from under the blood died, the firstborn.”[1]

Was this a prophecy?

This was not a prophecy. William Branham was telling the story of the plagues coming to Egypt during the time of Moses and was simply telling the story in terms of today's medical technology. It was not a prophecy. Prophecies do not use the word "if". Prophecies do not speak in past tense.


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