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Leo Mercer to Update the Prophecies
By the way, Mr. Mercier and many of them are going to take some of these old prophecies, and dig them out, and revise them a little, or bring them up to date, and put them in papers. (November 13, 1960, William Branham)

Prophecy is the foretelling of future events by a human messenger (prophet) under divine inspiration.

During his life, William Branham claimed to have a number of visions and prophecies. This article contains all of William Branham's major prophecies and visions, the first date that they were told by William Branham and whether they were fulfilled or failed. The big question is - Did William Branham make any REAL prophecies?

We have also indicated whether the prophecy was "before the fact" or "after the fact." If the first telling of a prophecy or vision occurred after the prophecied event had taken place, this would be considered an "after the fact" prophecy. In order to be classified as a true prophecy, the prophecy must be publicly recorded "before the fact", that is before the fulfillment of the prophecy occurs.

We invite you to study the prophecies and make your own decision as to whether William Branham was a true prophet or not.

And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him. (Deuteronomy 18:21-22)

William Branham's Eight Visions of 1933

William Branham tells of a series of visions in June 1933 that would transpire before the coming of the Lord.[1]. William Branham was very bold with these prophecies, claiming that the visions would be accurate "to the dot" and were "Thus Saith The Lord".[2]. While he states that there were seven visions, he initially relates an eighth vision relating to President Roosevelt (we assume that he dropped the eighth vision because seven is a much more prophetic number).

In the Laodicean Church Age book, William Branham says, “Now let me say this. Can anyone prove any of those visions wrong? Were they not all fulfilled?” Over 80 years after 1933, we now have the benefit of hindsight in our ability to confirm the accuracy of these prophecies.

Prophecy First Date Timing Status
1 - Franklin Roosevelt Sept. 27, 1958 After the fact The prophecy was changed over time so that it appeared to have been fulfilled
2 - Mussolini Invades Ethiopia Mar. 26, 1953 After the fact The prophecy was changed over time
3 - Hitler and WWII Sept. 27, 1958 After the fact Details changed over time
4 - Three Isms Mar. 26, 1953 After the fact Failed
5a - Egg-shaped Cars Mar. 26, 1953 After the fact Failed
5b - Driverless Cars Sept. 27, 1958 After the fact Unfulfilled
6 - American Morality July 19, 1964 After the fact Failed
7 - Cruel American Woman Leader May 1, 1955 Before the fact Ambiguous[3] - WMB claimed that it was fulfilled
8 - America in Ashes December 4, 1960 Before the fact Unfulfilled

William Branham's recorded sermons are the only source as to the accuracy and timing of these visions. However, William Branham often included facts when describing these prophecies that are historically inaccurate. William Branham stated that he kept a book of his prophecies[4]; however, the contents of this book were never released to the public. It is our understanding that the Branham family has stated that this book has been "lost". However, others have speculated that it was intentionally destroyed because its contents did not support the claims that William Branham made.

Now, in 1933 when we were worshiping over here in the Masonic temple where the Church of Christ stands today, on one April morning before leaving home, I was dedicating my--a car (I got a '33 model car, and I was dedicating it to the Lord's service.), and in a vision I saw the end time. Now, notice how striking this is. Back yonder when I was just a boy, and you can imagine what a 1933 model car looked like--now, what it looked like. And I went over there to the Masonic temple where... Some of you old-timers in here remembers; it's wrote down on an old paper at home. It's already in print and went out around the world. See? That was in 1933. And I predicted that there would be some great tragedy happen to this United States before or by the year of 1977. How many remembers me saying that? Look at the hands. Sure.[5]

We have been unable to locate a copy of the print version of the 1933 prophecies and many speculate that it, in fact, never existed.

Other Prophecies and Visions of William Branham

Prophecy First Date Timing Status
The Municipal Bridge Vision March 2, 1948 After the fact Failed
The Brown Bear Vision April 1, 1962 Before the fact Failed
The Vision of the Meetings in South Africa July 13, 1952 Before the fact Failed
The Marilyn Monroe Vision Oct. 13,1962 After the fact Failed
The Seventh Angel is on the Earth at Christ's Coming March 17,1963 Before the fact Failed
The birth of Joseph Branham May 6, 1951 Before the fact (sort of) Not a true prophecy (too ambiguous[6])
1977 Nov. 13, 1960 Before the fact Failed (prediction, not a prophecy)
The Death of Florence Shakarian Sept. 11, 1965 Before the fact (but with an out) Fulfilled
New Albany Prophecy May 1, 1951 After the fact Fulfilled
Prophecy of the Cloud Not prophesied The Cloud was not prophesied Not a prophecy
Prophecy of the Five Angels December 23, 1962 Before the fact Changed from 5 to 7 and, therefore, it failed
Ohio river flood July 17, 1951 After the fact Fulfilled
Destruction of Los Angeles April 29, 1965 Before the fact Unfulfilled
Kari Holma - The boy raised from the dead in Finland August, 18 1950 After the fact There are serious questions about the fulfillment of this prophecy
Heavenly Vision 1945 After the fact/Changed Failed
Man and the moon March 9, 1958 Before the fact Failed
Destruction of the Vatican May 13, 1954 Before the fact Unfulfilled
Don't Eat Eggs July 21, 1963 Before the fact Unfulfilled
World Council of Churches Get Before the fact Unfulfilled
Third Pull Get After the fact There are serious questions about the fulfillment of this prophecy
Plum and Apple Trees Get Before the fact Unfulfilled

William Branham was also vocal about his doctrine concerning the end times, and the future after the rapture of the Church.

Prophecies about William Branham

The following are prophecies that were made about William Branham:


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  3. The “ambiguous” school of prophecy has as its foremost member in Nostradamus. Ambiguous prophecies are phrased in such a way as to allow a great breadth of potential fulfillments. In respect of William Branham's prophecies, his classic ambiguous prophecy relates to the "prophesied" birth of his son, Joseph.
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