William Branham and Science

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Medical science

Squeeze your lips, you die

William Branham believed that if you squeezed or touched your lip in the wrong way, you would die:

You know what it is, you even touch your lip here, in here, you can die in a little bit. A bee stung a man down here below New Albany recently. Stung him on the lip and he died in about two minutes. Anything right around here… Don't never squeeze nothing on your lips, 'cause it runs to the nerve that runs to your brain. Really, people… A man should never shave over their lips. That's exactly right. When your razor pulls, tears comes in your eyes. It's bad right in there, 'cause them main nerves.[1]

But sex is in the lips

Each human being male and female have a different type of gland. A female has a female gland, sex gland. A male has a male gland, sex gland. And those glands lay in the human lips.[2]
...those glands, sex glands, are in the lips. The man kisses a woman, he's actually, potentially, committed adultery. Sex glands are in the woman's lips and in the man's lips. He could kiss her on the hand, it wouldn't mix through their sex glands. But the sex glands is in the lips.[3]

You become gay by kissing a man on the lips

And here's another thing might be brought up, men kissing one another in the mouth. That's dirty. That's filth. And what does it do? It starts homosexuals. Stay away from that.[4]

Other quotes of William Branham

Not long ago science made fun of man, when... in the Bible. And the Bible said, "Your whole body is full of light." Science said, "Your body, full of light? Who ever heard of such. It can't be. No light in your body." But they find out, that's wrong. They invented an x-ray. And the x-ray takes your own light meters. It don't take any other light. Your own light makes the x-ray. The x-ray doesn't have any light of its own. It's your light that takes the picture, the lights that's in your body. So God was right after all.[5]

Here sometime ago science said, "Oh, my. Isn't that awful. That that Bible says that God said, 'As a man thinketh in his heart.' There's no mental facilities in his heart to think by."

But you know what? Last year they found out God was right. The soul lives in the heart and not in the mind. That's right. So God was right. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Not as his intellectuals introduced to him, but as his soul tells him. It can't fail there.[6]

The sun doesn't shine like it used to. Science tells us that the world is bulged out so many feet in the middle that's making the ocean more shallow in the center and deeper towards the north pole and the south pole, and well there's just nothing. The stars are not in their orbits as they should be, and everything seems to be out of cater.[7]

And the evening star shines in the evening. The morning star shines in the morning. And they're both the same size stars and the same kind of star. Now, put two and two together and you got it. See? See, there you are. So it isn't... The star isn't Messiah; he's just reflecting the Messiah.

Now, the star does not reflect its own light. The star reflects the light of the sun. Is that right? [A brother says, "No."--Ed.] Huh? ["In a sense. The moon does; the stars reflect their own light."--Ed.] Yeah, the moon... Yeah, really... I really mean that the moon reflects just the light. Yeah. Now, if a--if a star reflecting its light, then its light would have to come from the--from God, because it is a glacier of some sort. Isn't it? [The brother says, "Sun."--Ed.] Huh? A sun of itself, off of the sun. ["The suns farther away than our sun."--Ed.] Yeah. And they... We're told that those suns come from the big sun. The sun throwed these missiles off and they're little burning missiles like the sun. So they're amateur suns to us. Is that right? Amateur lights. ["Some are... Most of them are bigger than our sun."--Ed.] I mean to us, to us. See? We're talking about ourselves here. All right.[8]

Now, we're made up of light meters. Inside of us is cosmic light. Now, that cosmic light is a light that they can take an x-ray with. The x-ray doesn't come from the x-ray light; it comes from your own light. And then if that cosmic light, say, could be pushed to a place to where not cosmic light but Eternal Light... God could dwell supremely, to do our thinking, do our walking, do our talking, then it's no longer the man; it's God in the man. (I suppose I'm deafening you by this thing, 'cause I hear it rebound. It's got an awful voice. It isn't me; it's this. Now, see, lay it onto that.)[9]

And how do you know which way you're going? I believe the hour will come when they'll actually find out that the world don't even run. I believe that with all my heart. I don't believe--how much they scientifically prove it or anything more. They done a lot of scientific proving they had to take back. See? God said the world stopped... The sun... I mean the sun stopped instead of the world (See?), the sun. I actually don't believe the sun... I--I--I don't believe the sun does what they say it does. I know the moon travels, and I believe the--the sun runs also. See?

But some of them say, "He looked at the ignorance of Joshua (See?)," and said "He stopped the..." said, "It was..." Well, he said, "He stopped the world."

I said, "Then you told me, 'if the--if the world would ever stop, it would just shoot like a comet through space.' See?" I said, "Then, what happened then?"[10]

Joshua had a commission to go over and to take that land, and God caused a great paradox. Even science can prove, today, the scar is still in the sky, where that absolutely happened. I heard in Chicago, not long ago, a scientist talking, that was showing it on a little chart, where it happened.[11]


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