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Who am I?
45px This editor comes from Canada.
Bcflag.jpg This editor comes from British Columbia.

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Hi! my name is Rod Bergen and, among others things, I am a chartered accountant with a wonderful wife, 4 great kids and 4 fantastic grandkids. I love the Lord with all my heart, love to sing and worship (I am one of the songleaders at the church in Cloverdale, BC and really enjoy a good practical joke now and then. If you would like to see who I am, just go to the Cloverdale Bibleway website and download the New Year's Eve watchnight service from the archives.

I am also responsible for the MessageMusic website, which you should give a listen to if you like good Gospel music.

I am the chief technical person on this website, even though I don't have a clue what I am doing most of the time. My basic philosophy is that there's really nothing you can't figure out technically if you have a little time (which is the commodity that I find myself constantly short of). If you have a technical question or concern, we will try to deal with it ASAP.

I am here to help you

If you have a question regarding a technical issue relating to the way the software works or a problem you are having with the software, please go to the technical support page and enter your question there. We will try to respond as quickly as possible. Also please look through all of the help pages as I have put a lot of general help on a variety of topics there.

If you have a question regarding editorial issues or an article you are writing, please enter the question on the "talk" or "discussion" page associated with the article you are editing - see "Help with Talk Pages."

Current projects

  • I have received the first iteration of the extension to Mediawiki from Bro. Robert Wilson for posting videos and will be testing it out in Feb
  • Setting up Coppermine to allow non-techies to upload pictures for the site.


Email relating to the BelieveTheSign website should be sent to the following address:

We will try to answer any email within 24 hours. However,. leaving a message on my talk page is better than sending an email.