The Death Penalty for Adultery?

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William Branham believed that the moral standards in Africa were much higher than that in North America.

Quotes of William Branham

They got laws in their tribes. If a young girl, someone… One certain tribe there that, if a young girl is not married by the time she's a certain age, she has to take off tribal paint. And before she's married, she's tested for her virgincy; she has to tell if it's, she's been ruined, she has to tell who marred her, and they're both put up together and killed at the same time. We ought to have something like that around this country. That's right. It's true, friend. Then we talk about the heathen, I just wonder who is the heathen.[1]

In the Africa there's a tribe of them back there, that if a woman isn't married by a certain time, she has to get out of the tribe. And if she is married, and before she is married she has to be tested for her virgincy. If she be found guilty, she has to tell the man that's done it, and they kill them both together. Be a lot of killing around the United States if that took place, wouldn't it?

Think of it. Heathen, it's a disgrace. It's a stain on that flag that our forefathers fought for. It's a disgrace to our nation. And when the womanhood is broke, and motherhood, in any nation, the backbone's broke. God give us old fashion mothers again.[2]

And I tell you, in their own living over there, they could teach this Christian world over here morals that they wouldn't know nothing about. Why, there's a tribe there, if a girl is wait till after a certain age, until she's married... And if she doesn't have someone or doesn't marry someone by that time, well, she has to take off tribal paint, and go into the city, and just be a roustabout like them that's in the city, go in the compound. She's no more fit to stay amongst the--the society of that tribe. Now, and if she is married, before she can be married she has to be tested, her virgincy. If she be found guilty, she has to tell the man that done it, and they're both killed together. What if they'd do that in Hollywood, or Los Angeles, or over the United States tonight? There'd be a lot of killing done. No night life in Africa like that. No, they live higher, cleaner morally than we do that calls ourselves Christians. Yes, sir. If that girl's found guilty, if a woman ever found guilty of running or dishonorable to her husband, she's killed right there with the man that lives with her. Yes, sir, there's no immoral among them. I never in all the discernments of cases, never found one case of--of venereal disease among them. That's right, not in any of them. I found TB, and other things, even leprosy, but no immorals, any venereal.[3]

That's what's the matter with our country today. The reason we got so many loose-leaf things in the earth today, the penalties are not strong enough. If a man was caught running out with another man's wife, they should both be taken out in public and castrated, right, public, and turned loose. That's right. If a man is caught doing anything wrong, down the road, speeding, he oughtn't to be given less than ten years; he's pre-... premeditated murder. See? You put penalties like that on it, you'll slow them down.[4]


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