Other Names of God

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There are many names of God that are mentioned only once, or only a few times in the Scriptures. Many of these names in the Old Testament are similar to the names of God found in the New Testament book of Revelation.

Scripture Name Meaning
Psalms 144:10 Hannoten Teshuah The Giver of Salvation
Psalms 50:6 Shofet Judge
Genesis 49:24 Roeh Shepherd
Isaiah 9:6 Peleh Wonderful
Isaiah 9:6 Yo’etz Counsellor
Leviticus 24:16 HaShem The Name
Isaiah 43:15 Borei Israel Creator of Israel
Ecclesiastes 12:1 Borei Creator
Genesis 16:7 Mal'ak Jehovah The Angel of the LORD
Genesis 48:16 Hamelekh Hagoel The Redeeming Angel
Isaiah 10:17 ‘Or Israel Light of Israel
Isaiah 42:6 ‘Or Goyim Light of the nations
Deuteronomy 4:24 Esh Okhlah A consuming Fire
Isaiah 26:7 Yashar Most Upright
Isaiah 44:6 ri'shon first
Isaiah 26:7 'acharon last

In addition to the above names, both Abraham and Joshua met men who they worshipped. Abraham met Melchizedek and gave him tithes (Genesis 14:18-20) of all he had, and Joshua met the "Captain of the host of the LORD" and worshipped him (Joshua 5:13-15). Because both Abraham and Joshua knew God personally, it is evident from these scriptures that they recognized "Melchizedek" and the "captain of the host of the LORD", as God appearing in the form of a man.