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    The following tract, entitled "Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever" was written and distributed by William Branham during his early campaign years.


    This book has been written so that everyone who reads it may know that Jesus Christ is still Saving and Healing people.

    It is my belief that He is soon to appear again.

    This book tells how He chose a poor boy and called him to his ministry, how the boy ran from Him for awhile and then whole-heartedly turned to Him.


    Oh Father in Heaven, please bless everyone who reads this book.
    Let them know that You are going to call a mighty Church soon, such as we have never seen.
    We still believe You.
    Create a longing in every heart and, Oh Righteous One, help thy humble servant to carry on Your message.
    I know You hid me in the bulrushes, as You did Moses for some purposes.
    So Father, help me to glorify Thy name, for I ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.

    Page 1

    I was born in Cumberland County, Kentucky, in a small log cabin. My father and mother were married young and I was the first child. I have been told by mother that once when I was only about six months old, and father was away from home, we were snow-bound in the mountains for several days. We were out of food and mother was becoming weaker all the time. At last she thought the end had come. She said that she gathered all our clothes and bedclothes and taking me in her arms she wrapped them all about us so that we might keep as warm as possible.

    Dear reader, I believe that would have been the end if our loving Savior had not come on the scene at that time. But He is always near and appears at the right moment. He spoke to a dear old saint-hearted neighbor and told him to come and see why there had not been any smoke coming out of our chimney for the past few days. When he arrived and broke into the cabin he found mother and I almost starved. He got some wood and made a fire. Then he returned to his cabin to get us some food. Soon we were on our way to strength and health again. Praise His name for that.

    Soon after that we left the state of Kentucky and moved to Indiana. Father went to work for a farmer near Utica, Indiana. We lived there about one year and then moved farther down the Ohio Valley. Several years passed and I had grown to be a good-sized boy when God spoke to me.

    Page 2

    I was on my way one evening to carry water to the house from the barn, which was about a city block from the house. About half-way between the house and barn there stood an old poplar tree. I had just got home from school that evening and the other neighbor boys were going out to the old pond to fish. I was crying to go but dad said that I had to pack water. I had stopped under the tree to rest when all of a sudden I heard the wind blowing the leaves. I knew it wasn't blowing any place else. It seemed to be a very still afternoon. I stepped back from the tree and noticed that a place about the size of a barrel seemed to be blowing through the tree leaves. Then there came a voice saying: "Never drink, smoke, or defile your body in any way, for I have a work for you to do when you get older." It scared me so, that I ran home but I never told anyone about it. I could never drink or smoke. I believe God is going to do a great work in the last days.

    When I became old enough to go out with young company, they would tease me and say I was a sissy for not smoking or drinking. They would say that even the girls would smoke and that they had more nerve then I had. I was ashamed then to tell them what had taken place in my life. But, dear friends, I certainly do get glory out of telling the world about it today. Hallelujah!

    About the age of fourteen years I was seriously wounded while hunting. I spent seven months in the hospital. God dealt with me but I would not take heed. The calling became more and more real to me. But not being raised in a Christian home I tried to resist it. Many times I heard that still, small voice calling me, but I would turn it away. I got so I could hardly stand to even hear church mentioned.

    Page 3

    On day I decided I had found a way to get rid of that calling. I was going out west to work on a ranch. Friend, God is just as great out there as he is any place. May you profit by my experience. When He calls for you, answer Him.

    One September morning in the year 1927, I told mother I was going on a camping trip to Tunnel Mill, which is about fourteen miles from Jeffersonville where we lived at that time. I had already planned a trip to Arizona with some friends. When mother heard from me again, I wasn't at Tunnel Mill but in Phoenix, Arizona, running away from the God of Love. The ranch life was very good for a while, but it soon grew old, like any other pleasure of the world. But may I say here, Praise God, that the experience with Jesus grows sweeter and sweeter all the time and never grows old. Jesus gives perfect peace and comfort always.

    Many times have I heard the wind blowing through the tall pines. It seemed as though I could hear His voice calling away out in the forest, saying, "Adam, where art thou?" The stars seemed to be so close you could pick them with your hands. God seemed to be so near.

    One thing that seems to mean so much to me yet about that country is the roads in the desert. If you ever get off the road, you get lost so easy. So many times tourists see little desert flowers and go off the highway to pick them. They wander off in the desert and are lost and sometimes die of thirst. So it is in the Christian way - God has a highway. He speaks of it in Isaiah, 35th chapter. It called the "Highway of Holiness." Many times little pleasures of the world draw you off the highway. Then you have lost your experience with God. In the desert when you are lost, there sometimes appears a mirage. To people who are dying of thirst, the mirage will be a river or lake. Many times people run after them and fall in them only to find that they are just bathing in hot sand. Sometime the devil shows you something that he says is a good time. That is just a mirage, it is something that isn't real. If you listen you will find yourself only heaping sorrows on your head. Don't heed him, dear reader. Believe Jesus who gives living water for them that hunger and thirst.

    Page 4

    One day I got a letter from home telling me that one of my brothers was very ill.

    It was Edward, the one next to me. Of course I thought not serious, so I believed he would be all right. But one evening a few days later when I was coming from the city as I passed through the mess hall at the ranch I saw a paper on the table. I took it up. It read, "Bill, come out to the north pasture. Very important." After I had read the note a friend and I walked out to the pasture. The first person I met was an old Lone Star ranger who worked on the ranch. His name was Durfy, but we called him "Pop." He had a sad expression on his face as he said, "Billie boy, I have bad news for you." At that time the foreman came walking up. They told me that a telegram had just arrived telling of the death of my brother.

    Dear friend, for a moment I could not move. It was the first death in our family. But I want to say that the first thing I thought of was if he was prepared to die. As I turned around and looked across the yellow prairie, tears ran down my cheeks. How I remembered how we'd struggled together when we were little lads and how hard it had been for us.

    Page 5

    We went to school with hardly enough to eat. The toes were out of our shoes and we would have to wear old coats pinned up at the neck because we had no shirts on. How I remembered also one day Mother had some pop corn in a little bucket for our lunch. We did not eat with the rest of the children. We couldn't afford food like they had. We would always slip over the hill and eat. I remember that the day we had pop corn we thought it was a real treat. So to be sure I got my share of it I went out before noon, took a good handful before brother got his share.

    Then standing there looking on the sun parched prairie I thought of all those things and wondered if God had taken him to a better place. Then again God called me, but as usual I tried to fight it off.

    I made ready to come home for the funeral. When Rev. McKinny of Port Fulton Church, a man who is just like a father to me, preached his funeral he made mention that "There may be some here who do no know God, if so, expect him now."

    Oh how I gasped my seat, God was dealing again. Dear reader, when he calls answer him.

    I'll never forget how poor old Dad and Mother cried after the funeral. I wanted to go back West but mother begged me so hard to stay that I finally agreed to stay if I could find work. I soon got a job with the Public Service Company of Indiana, where I am employed now.

    About two years later while testing meters in the meter shop at the Gas Works in New Albany I was overcome with gas and for weeks I suffered from it. I went to all doctors I knew. I could get no relief. I suffered with acid stomach, caused from the effects of gas. It grew worse all the time.

    Page 6

    I was taken to specialists in Louisville, KY. They finally said it was my appendix and said I had to have an operation. I could not believe it, for I never had a pain in my side. The doctors said they could do no more for me until I had an operation. Finally I agreed to have it done but insisted that they use a local anesthetic so that I could watch the operation.

    Oh, I wanted some one to stand by me that knew God. I believed in prayer but could not pray. So the minister from the First Baptist Church went with me to the operating room.

    When they took me from the table to my bed I felt myself getting weaker and weaker all the time. My heart was hardly beating. I felt death upon me. My breath was getting shorter all the time. I knew I had reached the end of my road. Oh friend wait until you get there once then you will think of a lot of things you have done. I knew I had never smoked, drank or had any unclean habits but I knew I was not ready to meet my God.

    My friend, if you are only a cold formal church member you will know when you reach the end that you are not ready. So if that is all you know about my God, I ask you right here to get down on your knees and ask Jesus to give you that experience of being born again, like that He told Nicodemus about in John, chapter 3, and oh how the joy bells will ring - Praise His Name.

    It began to grow darker in the hospital room as though it were in a great woods. I could hear the wind blowing throught the leaves, yet it seemed a great way off in the forest. You have probably heard a puff of wind blowing the leaves, coming closer and closer to you.

    Page 7

    I thought, "Well, this is death coming to take me." Oh! My soul was to meet God. I tried to pray but could not.

    Closer the wind came, louder and louder. The leaves rattled and all at once I was gone.

    It seemed then that I was back again a little barefooted boy, standing in that lane under the same tree. I heard that same voice that said, "Never drink or smoke." And the leaves I heard were the same that blew in that tree that day.

    But this time the voice said, "I called you and you would not go." It repeated the 3rd time.

    Then I said, "Lord, if that is you, let me go back again to earth and I will preach Your Gospel from the house tops and street corners. I'll tell everyone about it!"

    When this vision had passed, I found that I had never felt better. My surgeon was still in the building. He came and looked at me and was surprised. He looked as though he thought I would be dead, then he said, "I am not a church-going man, my practice is so great, but I know God has visited this boy." Why he said that, I don't know. No one had said anything about it. If I had Known then what I know now, I would have risen from that bed shouting Praise to His Name.

    After a few days I was allowed to return home but I was still sick and was forced to wear glasses on my eyes because of astigmatism. My head shook when I looked at anything for a moment.

    Page 8

    I started out to seek and find God. I went from church to church trying to find some place where there was an old-fashioned altar call. The sad part was I could find none. I said that if I ever was a Christian, I would really be one. A minister that heard me make the remark said, "Now Billy boy, you are going off in Fanactism." I said that if I ever got religion I wanted to feel it when it came just as the disciples did.

    Oh praise His name. I got religion later on and I still have it, and by his help I will keep it always.

    One night I became so hungry for God and a real experience that I went out to the old shed back of the house and tried to pray. I did not know how to pray then so I just began to talk to Him like I would anyone else. All at once there came a light in the shed and it formed a cross and the voice from the cross spoke to me in a language I could not understand. It then went away. I was spellbound. When I got to myself, again I prayed, "Lord if that is you, please come and talk to me again." I had been reading my Bible since I had been home from the hospital and I had read in John 4, "Beloved believe not all spirits, but try them if they be of God."

    I knew that a spirit had appeared to me, and as I prayed it appeared again. Then it seemed to me that there had been a thousand pounds lifted from my soul. I jumped up and ran to the house and it seemed as though I was running on air.

    Mother asked, "Bill, what has happened to you?" I replied, "I do not know but I sure feel good and light." I could not stay in the house any longer. I had to get out and run.

    Page 9

    I knew then that if God wanted me to preach, He would heal me, so I went to a church that believed in anointing with oil and I was healed instantly. I saw then that the disciples had somethimg that most of the ministers do not have today. The disciples were bapized with the Holy Ghost and so could heal the sick and do mighty miracles in His name. So I began to pray for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and got it.

    One day about six months later, God gave me the desire of my heart. He spoke to me in a great light telling me to go preach and to pray for the sick and He would heal them regardless of what disease they had. I started preaching and doing what He told me to do. Oh friend, I can't begin to tell you what all has happened: Blinded eyes opened. The lame walked, cancers have been healed and all kinds of miracles have been done.

    One day at the foot of Spring Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana, after a two week's revival, I was baptizing 130 people. It was a hot August day and there were about three thousand people present. I was about to baptize the 17th person when all of a sudden I heard that still, little voice again and it said, "Look up." The sky was like brass on that hot August day. We had not had any rain for about three weeks. I heard the voice again, and then again the third time it said, "Look up."

    I looked up and there came from the sky a big bright star which I had seen many times before but that I had not told you about. Many times I have told people about it appearing and they would only laugh and say, "Bill, you are only imaging that. Or maybe you were dreaming." But praise God, this time He had showed Himself visible to all, because it came so close to me I could not even speak.

    Page 10

    After a few seconds had passed, I screamed and many people looked up and saw the star just over me. Some fainted while others shouted and others ran away. Then the star returned back into the sky, and the place where it had left was about fifteen feet square, and this place kept moving and churning about or as though waves were rolling. There had formed in this place a little white cloud and the star was recieved up in this little cloud.

    Dear reader, if I only had room in this book to tell you of the many things that have happened, of how our tabernacle was built, and many of the powerful revivals we have held. People have come from far and near to be healed. But I am going to have to make this book small enough so that it will sell cheap and be in reach of all. These things are to let you know that Jesus Christ is still the same as He was yesterday and to-day and will be forever, and that you should believe Him and be saved. If you can, at any time our revivals are near you, please attend them.

    Page 11 - Testimonies

    Now on the next pages you find some Personal testimonies of a few that have been healed during some of our meetings.

    I was in the hospital in New Albany, Ind. when I heard of Bro. Branham. I had been struck by a car. Practically all my ribs were broken. My back wrenched, I was a hopeless case, as for medical aid. Brother Branham prayed for me, and instantly my ribs went to their place, and my back also. The doctor could not understand it. I got up, put on my clothes, went home, and went to work.
    Praise God for His Healing Power.
    William H. Merrill, 1034 Clark St., New Albany, Ind.
    :I had been a cripple for many years. Been bedfast for sometime. My limbs were drawn so I couldn't walk. Doctor said I would never walk. I heard of Bro. Branham and how God was answering his prayers. So I called him. He and another young man named, DeArk, came and prayed for me. Immediately my limbs were healed. I could walk. I am still walking. It has been 4 years ago since it happened.
    I praise God for his Wonderful Power.
    Mrs. Mary Der Ohanion, 2223 E. Oak St., New Albany, Ind.

    Page 12 - Testimonies

    To whom it may concern;
    I had been crippled for quite awhile. My limbs had been broken and I could never walk again. According to the Dr. statement. My son rolled me to Bro. Bill's meeting, in my wheel chair. That night I seen a man walk that had not walked in 18 years. I also seen a man recieve his sight and walk through the church without any aid. He had been blind for 40 years and many others, cripples and all manners of disease healed that night. So when it came my time to be prayed for, I had faith to believe in Jesus, that He was the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. Bro. Bill prayed for me, caught me by the hand and said, "In Jesus' name - walk."
    I felt the power of God come on me. My limbs which stuck out straight in front of me went to the floor and I began to walk, and praise God, I left my old wheel chair and walked several city blocks home.
    Mrs. T. Hargrove, 149 Spring St., Jeffersonville, Indiana
    I was given up to die two years ago with cancer. I knew Bro. Bill for years. Knew him to be a just person and have been in many of his meetings. God blessing him and working many, many miracles by him. I called him to pray for me. My cancer vanished.
    I am still happy, praising and thanking God.
    Mrs. L. Stinner, Missouri Ave., Jeffersonville, Indiana

    Page 13 - Testimonies

    I was given up by our family doctor, just a few hours to live. I have been sick for about 3 years with cancer.
    A man by the name of Wiseheart told me about Bro. Bill. They drove 35 miles through snow and ice to get to me. By the time they had gotten there, a number of my friends and relatives had gathered together to see me for their last time. My daughters had brought my grave clothes to put me away in. I was almost unconscious when Bro. Bill got there. He ask for all unbelievers to go out of the room. Then he knelt and prayed for me. I felt the power of God on me when he layed his hand on mine, and at once I felt my cancer was gone.
    I rose to my feet praising God for His power. That has been 4 years ago and I haven't had no more cancer since.
    Praise God for His Goodness.
    Mrs. Sarah Hoyse, Middletown, Ind.
    I was a cripple from birth. I could never walk or use my hands and arms. I heard where Bro. Bill was holding a wonderful healing meeting. I attended and saw many marvelous things done by faith in Jesus' name and laying on of hands.
    Bro. Bill prayed for me, then looked straight at me and said, "In Jesus' name, walk." I felt the power of God come over by body. I obeyed, and for the first time in life I began to walk. I was 35 years of age.
    God in these last days is doing wonderful things.
    Praise His name forever.

    Page 14 - Testimonies

    Our little girl, Betty, had been sick for three months. We had two noted doctors of the city, but seemingly, they could not find the cause. We also had many outstanding ministers of the city and country around to pray for her. She steadily grew worse. Then we sent to Jeffersonville, Ind., for a man by the name of Rev. Wm. Branham, who has a gift of Divine Healing. Bro. Bill, as he is called, came to us at once. After hours of praying, he came in and told us that the Lord had showed him a vision of what to do for our little Betty. She was mere skin and bones and shook all the time as if she had palsy. Bro. Bill asked us if we would believe God and would obey what He said to do. After he had prayed and called over her the name of Jesus, our little girl was immediately healed. That has been about 10 months ago. Our little Betty is now in perfect health and is fat as she can be. I will be glad to write to anyone in question of her healing, or any of the healing that took place during the revival which Bro. Branham held here in St. Louis in 1945.
    The healing that took place in the St. Louis Revival is found in the book entitled "Heavenly Vision," by Bro. Branham. Be sure to read it.
    Rev. Robert Daugherty, 2009 Gano Ave. St. Louis, Mo.

    Page 15 - Testimonies

    I had been in bed on my back for 8 years and 9 months with T.B. and the doctors had given me up. I hardly wieghed 50 lbs. and it seemed that all hope was gone. Then from Jeffersonville, Ind., about 35 miles from our home, came Rev. Wm. Branham, in a vision which he had seen of a lamb being caught in the wilderness and was crying, "Milltown" (That is where I live) Bro. Branham had never been here or know of anyone from here. Coming in, he laid hands on me and prayed, calling over me the name of our dear Lord Jesus. Something seemed to take hold of me and at once I was up and thanking God for his Power to heal. I went out-doors for my first time in 8 years, then was baptized in the river, in the name of Jesus Christ. I am now the piano player at the Baptist church here. Much more goes with this great healing. I have not room in this testimony to write it all. I will gladly write and tell in full to anyone interested in my healing.
    Georgia Carter, Milltown, Indiana.
    I had been operated on and had a cancer form from the operation. I had done all I knew how to do to regain my health, but had failed. My wife was also sick and we heard of Rev. Branham and how God was working through him in healing the sick. We went to his home one Sunday afternoon about six months ago, and when we arrived we found others there for the same purpose, and being healed. Then we had a talk with Bro. Branham and asked him if anything could be done for us. We told him we were Catholics but he told us that Divine healing was in the reach of all who would believe. He called our attention to a Catholic lady who had recieved her sight since he had asked God to help her, and now she is reading fine print. She had been so blind that she was led to his house. Then my wife and I were prayed for and we both were healed. My cancer disappeared! We are now so happpy and healthy and every morning I arise from bed and pray 3 hours for Bro. Branham and his work for God. I have an electrical business here in the city and every Sunday morning we go to early mass and then hurry across the bridge to the Branham Tabernacle. Also we attend the night services and Wednesday night prayer meeting. We are having a wonderful time and it seems like living in a new world. I will gladly answer any letter for information on my healing.
    Louis H. Head, 417 Garnet Court, Louisville, Ky.

    Page 16 - Testimonies

    I want to add my testimony for the Glory of God in regard to Divine Healing. For about three years I was afflicted with eczema, which kept spreading and growing worse, until the backs of my hands and the tops of my feet were a solid scab. There were badly swollen and very sore. On April 11, 1945, Bro. Branham anointed me and laid hands on me in prayer, but instead of getting better, I continued to get worse, and as I had been using ointment on my hands and feet, I thought that was probably the reason I was not healed. So I decided to stop the use of all medicine and leave my case entirely to the Lord. On June 10th, Bro Branham and Bro. Steward prayed for me again and the Lord healed me, Praise His Holy Name! Once before Bro. Branham had anointed me for weak arches. My feet hurt so that it was torture for me to walk. But since I was anointed, my feet became stronger, and today I can walk a long distance with less foot discomfort than when only one square before the anointing.

    Page 17 - Testimonies

    And I wish to add that this isn't my first experience with Divine healing. Twenty-one years ago, I attended a meeting conducted by the Rev. C. H. Erickson at Columbus, Ind. Others were healed of various ailments and as I had suffered from a bad case of catarrh for a long time and had a growth on my right eye so that it partly covered my sight (and would have blinded me in time), I, too, asked the Lord to make me well and He did. I was never again bothered with either ailment. I recieved this blessing sitting in my seat, as I had not requested the prayers of Rev. Erickson. I have witnessed healings and heard and read the testimonies of others. Nearly two years ago I passed this home near Prospect, Ky. A little, sick baby was lying on a pallet in the yard and the mother told me it was past four months old and had been sick all its short life. It was very thin and could not take nourishment without screaming with pain. The following Sunday I told Bro. Branham about the child. He and the congregation prayed for the baby, and a few weeks later, I again passed this home and inquired about the baby. It was getting well and gaining weight. I went in to see it, and it was taking nourishment and really enjoying it. It is written that our heavenly Father has given His son Jesus Christ, all power in heaven and earth, and has given Him a name above every name, and Peter said that it was in His name, through faith in His name, that the lame man was healed at the Temple Gate. It is in that same name these wondrous things are done today. And when we are healed by the prayer of faith, this is not the only blessing we receive, but it carries with it the assurance of sins forgiven. Jas. 5:15
    Thank God that we have in this troubled world today, men like Bro. Branham, Erickson, John Sproul and other whom the Spirit has given the gift of Divine healing. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. And He is just as able and willing to heal us as when He preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and healed the people nineteen hundred years ago. I saw Joan Gray, the little baby who was sick, on August 26. She is now past 27 months old and is as well and healthy as can be.
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    G.W. Jones, 705 E. Maple St., Jeffersonville, Ind.

    Page 18 - Sermon

    Dear friends, there are others who have been healed and would like to give their testimony as witnesses to the power of God but we have not the space for it just now in this small book. These testimonies that have been given are to encourage you to believe Jesus Christ and to know Him as your Savior and Healer.

    Many who read the Bible, say, "If I had only lived in the Bible time, I would go to Jesus and He would help me." Friend, He is here today to help you, just the same as He was in that day. Only believe in the Holy Ghost, He is the Witness of Jesus. Please, right where you are, believe Him, and you will be healed.

    Page 19 - Sermon

    Our text is found in Isaiah, 53:5.

    "He was wounded for trangression, bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed."

    Now friend, the Bible says, "By His stripes we are healed." And we will admit we still have forgiveness of our sins by the shedding of His blood, no matter what we have done. Why? Because it was in the atonement, you say. Was not His stripes for healing in the atonement also? Then if the atonement for healing has lost its power, then you are in your sins; for, the atonement for your sins were made by the same Blood from the same man at the same place, at the same time, on the same day.

    Then you will have to say that they work together or either is of no effect.

    No, friend, you believe Jesus just the same for your healing as you do for you sins, and the atonement will have the same effect. It will work for you either way, when you believe that it was made for you in this day as well as for those in that day.

    Just like you go down to the river to cross on the ferry-boat, you see others crossing, so why can't you? You do not go to the captain of that boat and ask him whether the boat will make the trip or not. You just pay your fare, get on and sit down. It is then up to the pilot to get you across the river.

    Page 20 - Sermon

    It is the same method by Divine Healing, you see others being made well and you can be healed too. Only go to Jesus. The fare in this case is belief, then it is up to Jesus to see you through.

    Oh, brother and sister, believe Him, you too can be healed. The day of Miracles is not past for those who believe it is not.

    What is the first thing you do when you are planning a picnic? You get the old ladies almanac and see if on that day the almanac says whether it is going to be raining or fair. Then you will rejoice if it says fair. They you will say, "We will plan the picnic for that day." You will buy all your lunch and get ready for the outing just because the almanac says "fair."

    Oh, brother and sister, you put that much faith in an almanac, why can't you believe in God's Word? Remember God has always had some who believe, why won't you be one of them? Read Mark 16 and see that the last command given to the church was to heal the sick. He said, "And these signs shall follow them that believe."

    If your church says that they believe and the signs do not follow, then according to God's Word they do not believe.

    Ask someone today for a good sign of a believer and they will point out someone in good social standing. One who pays well on the collection plate. Oh my friend, some of them know no more about God than a Hottentot knows about an Egyptian night, and some of them are well-polished scholars out of seminaries too. But you don't have to be a scholar to know God. But you do have to do more than most of them, you have to believe and if you will the signs in Mark 16:17-18 will follow you as Jesus said they would.

    Page 21 - Sermon

    Remember in Mark 16 it says preach the Gospel to every creature. You may say, "Bro. Branham, what is the Gospel, that we may know whether we have it or not. Is it the Word?"

    Paul said that the Gospel comes to us not only in word but by Power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. Then would you not have to have the Power of the Holy Ghost to demonstrate those signs of Mark 16?

    Turn with me to 2nd Timothy, Chapter 3 and see how the Holy Ghost says that in the last days people would have a form of godliness but would deny the power thereof, and from such people, the Bible says for you to turn away.

    Is not that a sign that we are living in the last days? People deny the power to heal and to be so free from sins.

    The churches are getting so cold the thermometer goes to sixty below zero. You can not have victory and practice Divine Healing along with card parties and cigarettes. Some people go to church on Sunday morning with a big cigar in their mouth, looking like a dehorned Texas steer. The Word says for us to clean ourselves from all uncleanliness. Oh brother, turn away from your worldly things and serve God. Then He will permit you to walk in His highway of Holiness as Isaiah 35th Chapter spoke of. Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever -- Page 22

    If someone would bring you a money order for $70,000.00 you would start rejoicing. If I would ask you why you were so happy, you would reply that you had $70,000.00. If I doubted it, you would hand me the money order. If I would say that it was only a piece of paper with writing on it you would quickly reply that there had to $70,000.00 deposited with the U.S. Government before the order was written and that therefore the government would back it up.

    Know then that James 5:14 says that the prayer of faith shall save the sick. You might say that was only paper with writing on it. But brother, all Heaven backs up the Bible.

    When you read His Word remember the promise is to you. Then start rejoicing and believing and He will heal you.

    He is the same God today and forever. Amen.