Indian Sunworshipper healed

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Before the services in India, William Branham was invited to a meeting with the heads of 17 different religious groups. At this meeting were Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, and other representatives. After each of the men said something about their respective religions, William Branham simply invited them all to attend his meeting that evening. Some came, some didn't.

At the meeting, a blind man was brought to the platform. William Branham challenged anyone and everyone to come and heal the man. Then, in the name of Jesus Christ, he prayed for the man and the man received his sight.

Eyewitnesses to the Healing of the Blind Man

Billy Paul Branham's Eyewitness Account

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They brought this blind man up. He stood there before those people, and he said, "Gentlemen." He said, "I listened to you talk about your Gods." He says, "I want to know, tonight, if any of your gods, or all of your gods" (oh, my) "can come here and give this man his sight." He said, "If you can," he said "I'll put a sign on my back, and go through the town of Bombay, and say I'm a false prophet."

You talk about knowing where you stand! It wasn't him, it was God in him. That's why I say I'm not glorifying a man, I'm glorifying God in a man. I'm giving a witness of God in a man. I'm talking about a witness of God in you and I. It's the same God tonight.

I'll never forget my daddy, as he pulled this little blind man up to him. He said, "Sir," through the interpreter. He said, "You didn't go this wasn't born this way," he said, "you was this way from worshiping the sun." He said, "You didn't know no better." He said, "But God's going to give you your sight, tonight."

He pulled him to him, and when he prayed, and I'll never forget, just like I said like Elijah on Mount Carmel. Said, "Father, I thank you that you've already showed me." (Oh...) He said, "Lord, give this man his sight."

Copy of Invitation to Religious Meeting in India

That man raised his hands and begin to scream. The man took the Bible and begin to read from it, like that.

He said, "How many of you people out there forsake your Gods and serve the One and true living God. Tens of thousands give their heart to Jesus Christ that night. Because God kept His Word. Amen. I was with him in India.

William Branham recalls blind man's healing

And in Bombay, I was entertained one afternoon in the temple of the Jains, where seventeen different religions of India, every one of them denying Jesus Christ, and every... Entertained there by these seventeen different religions.

And I seen that night, under the power of the Holy Spirit, how that God put a challenge to every holy man, every religion, and everything else, to a blind man standing on the platform. When they seen the discernment, they thought it was a telepathy of some sort. Then a vision broke over a man that had been blind for twenty years, a worshiper of the sun. And I saw the vision that he was going to be healed. Then I challenged every Mohammedan priest, every Buddha priest, every holy man, Raja's, all, that, "Any man that will come here and give this man his sight, I'll worship the god that gives him his sight. And he said he will do the same." He worshiped the sun.

And I said, "What, what would you do? What would you Mohammedans do with him? You would say, 'He worshiped the--the creation instead of the Creator.'" I said, "I would say 'amen' to that. But then there has got to be somebody right and somebody wrong." I said, "What would you do? You would make a Mohammedan out of him. The Buddha would make a Buddha worshiper, and so forth." I said, "What would you do? You would only change his mind. You would only change his way of thinking."

I said, "We have the same thing in the United States. All the Methodists wants the Baptists to become Methodist. And then the Presbyterian wants them all to become Presbyterians. And--and the Oneness wants them become Twoness. And twoness wants them become... Oh, my! What is it? It's a change of mind. There has got to be something real somewhere. See, something has got to be right, and something is wrong."

I said, "Now let the God of creation restore his sight, before here a half a million people. And he said, the god that will give him his sight, he'll serve." And I said, "I'll become a disciple of the man who comes and gives him his sight."

That was the stillest five hundred thousand you ever heard. Nobody. I wouldn't have made that challenge if I hadn't have seen the vision. Now, there was five hundred thousand witnesses of that.

And I said, "Why don't you come? Because you can't do it." And I said, "You, you Mohammedans, you claim the Mohamed religion the greatest in the nation," and I said, "and which it may be, in numbers; and the Buddha, and so forth. But surely there is some priest that's able to come and accept this challenge." Nobody did.

I said, "The reason you don't, is because you can't. And neither can I. But the God of Heaven, has raised up Jesus Christ, who I am His witness tonight, that I've seen a vision that the man is going to receive his sight. If he doesn't do it, then I'm a false prophet, and run me out of your country. But if He does do it, then you're obligated, before your own priests and everything, to witness that He is truly the Son of God, and the Saviour of the world." Everybody was quiet.

Brought the blind man; put my arms around him. I said, "Lord Jesus, according to the vision that cannot fail, I pray You would give the man his sight." And he begin to scream. And the mayor of the city was sitting there, and he run and grabbed him. He could see as good as I could.

Then they had a militia of about, oh, hundreds of soldiers, couldn't keep the people back. They run over the top of the soldiers, run beneath their legs and sticks, that they were trying to keep the crowds back. Time I got to a car and got out, I hardly had clothes on, no shoes on my feet, jerking for the shoes, and jerking for the coat and everything, hungering and thirsting for God.

But the God of Elijah still lives today, and He is just as much God as He ever was.

Sermon: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hot Springs, Arkansas, June 27, 1963