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The following interviews were recorded in India by Rev. Samuel Shinde:

Eyewitness Testimony
Premabai Gaikwad

A Cancer Patient Instantly Healed

Sister Premabai said she was a member of the Choir and she saw many things. One was a cancer patient who had come from Rangoon - Burma. Brother Branham prayed and he was immediately healed.

A Cancer Patient from Pakistan

The next was, two boys from Pakistan had brought their mother, a cancer patient, who was lying in front of the pulpit and the boys were sitting nearby. Brother Branham turned to the boys and said, “This is your mother. You are come from Pakistan, and you stay in a city called Karachi, lane # so and so, House # so and so. You have taken your mother here and there and they have all turned her down. Is it true?”

“Yes”, they said.

“Do you believe Jesus Christ will make her whole?”


Everybody saw she was just a skeleton lying there. Brother Branham said, “In the name of Jesus Christ rise up and walk.”

Immediately she stood on her feet, came to the pulpit and gave her testimony.

Parsi boy in a wheelchair

He was brought by his father and was sitting right in front. Everybody was waiting eagerly for the boy to be healed. So every time Brother Branham would discern and call peoples’ names, they thought surely today Brother Branham would call his name. But Brother Branham never called his name and this was the last meeting. Then the boy thought, "when that man of God passes by through the little place through which the ushers would take Brother Branham away (as the whole Church was jammed packed) I will touch his coat."

As Brother Branham finished the meeting and the ushers were taking him away speedily, the boy unconsciously got out of the wheelchair and went to touch him, not knowing that he was healed and already walking.


The late Sister Tirkee was staying in a hut given to her by the St. Paul’s Hindustani Church inside the Church compound. They were very poor, her husband jobless, and she and her children were sick. Her relatives, at that time, had come from North India to stay with them. They all had attended the services. She noticed, that after discernment, Brother Branham was getting weak, and the ushers had to hold him and take him to the car.

Sister Tirkee felt very sorry for Brother Branham, because he was a man of God, and was getting exhausted. The same day she said to her relatives, “I will stay at home and fast and pray on my knees for Brother Branham, for the Lord to give him strength.”

The next day her relatives attended the service as usual. During discernment, Brother Branham suddenly stopped and pointed to the wall (separating the Church from her house) and said, “Daughter, may God bless you!”

People thought, where is that ‘daughter’? People did not understand that Brother Branham knew that someone was praying for him. Only her relatives understood. She said, “When Brother Branham pointed his hand, (the Church had kept some Church articles in her room including one brass Cross) a light flashed on the brass Cross and onto her. She said, immediately she and her children were healed. Also the same week her husband got a job and from that time blessings continually flowed.

According to Sister Tirkee, there were huge crowds which had come from different parts of India and it’s neighboring countries. Patients were brought from the nearby Nair Hospital, even from the Operation Theater and the Hospital was almost empty. Meetings were initially held at the St. Paul’s Indian National Hindustani Church and later shifted to Hume Memorial Congregational Church to accommodate the ever increasing crowds.

William Branham's Chauffeur

One day Samuel Shinde was traveling in a local train from Ulhasnagar to Bombay. He was preaching the Gospel to the people in the compartment, about our Lord Jesus and His wonderful works. There was a man sitting opposite him and listening attentively. He said, “Sir, a Preacher had come from U.S.A., and in his meetings many miracles took place and many were healed. Samuel Shinde asked him if the name of the Preacher was ‘William Branham’?

“Yes”, he said.

“How do you know him?”, Samuel Shinde inquired.

He replied that he was William Branham's chauffeur during the Bombay meetings. Here is one testimony he recalled:

It so happened that I had met a man on the second last day of the meetings, who had brought his crippled daughter in a wheel chair. Seeing the crippled girl I felt pity, as she reminded me of my fourteen year old daughter. I immediately told the father of the girl, "Why don’t you come earlier and take the front seat, as Brother Branham calls out people by their name?"

The father replied, "I cannot do that as she may need to go to the rest room."

I tried my best to explain to him the necessity of coming early as people were coming from out of town and were rushing for the front seats so that they could be called out by Brother Branham. This man happened to live close to where I live.

That evening Brother Branham asked me, “What shall I do for you, because you have helped me and served me?”

I did not understand what Brother Branham meant. Brother Branham repeated the same question again and again. As I still couldn’t understand what he meant, Brother Branham explained that he wanted to give me whatever is in my heart.

I said, "Brother Branham, there is a crippled girl who lives nearby and would it be possible for him to come to her house to pray for her?"

"Yes", he said.

So the next morning, the last day of the meeting, we went to the girl’s house, who by that time was bathed and was sitting in her wheel chair. This family was shocked when they saw me and Brother Branham and thought it was a dream, because thousands and thousands of people wanted to at least touch Brother Branham. They immediately invited us in. The whole family gathered as Brother Branham spoke to the girl, "Will you bring the ball if I tell you?"

She replied, "Yes, I will."

So Brother Branham took the ball and threw it through the open door, and it rolled down the stairs.

He said, "Go in the name of Jesus."

The girl, (who never walked all her life), stood up, and ran after the ball, picked it up and brought it back completely healed.