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Help for New Editors

First, please remember that you can't wreck anything on this website!!' We can undo with a simple push of a button any type of mistake that you might make. So please experiment as much as you want.

The first thing that you need to do if you are a new editor, is to learn the basics of editing. It's actually pretty easy and we have prepared some special articles to get you started:

  1. Take the BelieveTheSign tutorial
  2. Basic editing commands
  3. Experiment with editing pages in the sandbox
  4. Basic guide to the proper layout of an article
  5. The BelieveTheSign style manual
  6. What do I do if I have a problem?

OK, now that you are at least a little familiar with how to edit a page, you can start doing some real edits. Here are some places for you to start. Just pick something from the following that is of interest to you and start editing. Remember, you can't hurt anything.

  1. A list of articles that need to be expanded - These articles have been started but are still too short or are missing a major topic area on the subject.
  2. A list of articles that need to be cleaned up - These articles have been started but need some help to get them to the point where they are up to our quality standards.
  3. A list of stub articles - Stubs are articles that are way too short at the time being
  4. A list of articles that need be brought into conformity with our style guidelines - These articles have been started but need some help to get their style in line with our style guidelines.
  5. Articles that need illustrations or photographs - These articles are lacking illustrations. They are mainly text but the author thinks that there may be pictures or other media that could be used to make the article more visually appealing.
  6. A list of major projects that need a lot of work - The editors have specifically requested help in getting these pages done
  7. BelieveTheSign:Tasks A list of tasks that can be completed from simple to hard with time estimates to complete them. A great place to find small projects to work on.
  8. A list of all of the pages on the BTS website - If you aren't sure whether a topic has been covered somewhere, check the listing of all of the pages on the website.

If you need additional help, just click on "Help" in the navigation menu on the left side of the page.