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Generation book

Generation is a collection of 39 testimonies of people who were witnesses to William Branham's ministry. Compiled by Angela Smith, William Branham's granddaughter, this book was published in 2006 and is available from

Excerpts from Generation
Curtis Hooper "Bill and I were the same age...we went to school together." "My middle girl, Evelyn, we call her Sissy, had asthma. Sometimes she'd pass out and turn blue. ...Then he put his hands on her and began to pray, and when he did she took in a breath that we could hear all over the room. ...In no time at all her color was back to normal and she was running around"
Lee Vayle "I first saw Brother Branham in 1947 in Burnaby, British Columbia. ...There was a little girl that was mentally deficient, and he just laid his hand on her, and she became instantly whole in her mind."
Alex Shepherd "He was the most humble, truthful man that I ever knew,"
Morris Ungren "His brother, Howard, brought him to the platform, and when he began to speak, the first thing he did, the very first person he recognized, was the janitor!"
Cleo Evans "When he was trying to get a big bass out of the water, Welch [Cleo's husband] (who was barefooted and had rolled up his pants) said, "Brother Branham, I'll get it for you." He ran out in the shallow water, and that's when it bit him, a ground rattler. Brother Branham prayed for him, and he never had a problem because of that bite."
Carl Wheeler "I was present in the Tabernacle when Brother Branham preached the church ages and God himself came down and vindicated that prophet before my eyes. That Light that appeared was such a supernatural thing to me.
Helen Downing One time I was in the prayer line and he took hold of my hand and said, "You have what you think you have, but the Lord has healed you." I had been thinking I had TB, but I was healed and never had any more symptoms after that."
Vernon Mann He'd greet you with such kindness, and say, "God bless you." You know, if I'd been a Catholic priest or a tramp off the street I think he would have greeted me the same way. He was just like that.
Rosella Griffith Martin When Brother Branham spoke to me, he said that he saw me in darkness. Then he said, "You're an alcoholic."
Mary Norman Brother and Sister Branham acted just like best friends together.
Pauline Palmer I was in the prayer line for my son, Byron, ...He prayed for him, and he was healed of the Bright's disease (a disease of the kidneys) that he'd had for about six months. Afterwards, we took Byron back to the doctor and he said that he was fine. Even Mayo's Clinic had told us there wasn't anything they could do for him.
Willard Collins A lady went through the line and Brother Branham ...called her name, then he said, "your house number is..." ...A lady sitting next to me said, "Oh no, he missed it that time. I know the lady, and she doesn't live there." I just had to seek that one out. And when I did, I found out that unknown to the two ladies who sat next to me, just two days prior the lady in the prayer line had moved to that new address!
Joseph Coleman Brother Branham said "...your name is Coleman, and you're praying for your father that's got a growth. That's Thus Saith The Lord."
Anna Jeane Moore Price In April of 1948 we mailed out the first Voice of Healing magazine from Shreveport. ...The masthead listed Gordon Lindsay as editor, Myself as managing editor, Jack Moore as co-editor, and William Branham as the publisher.
Hick Hickerson He made three little marks on his hand, and he said, "These two outside guys are the two extremes. Now this guy here, whatever I do, I can hardly get him to move, but over here is a guy that moves real easy. I have to make it look so much like Jesus to get this first fellow to move, that the other man runs on past it and says it is Jesus. But if you make me anything other than your brother, a sinner saved by grace, you make me an anti-christ."
Al Peterson "We know Jesus Christ better because of William Branham"
Deloris Branham Filer You wouldn't believe that a prophet of God would come through a family like ours. Not that we're bad people, but we're people that didn't have anything.
Earl Williams He said "There is a little lady out there in a red dress, sitting on the bleachers, and she's got a problem with her back. She doesn't know what the problem is but it's a kidney problem." It was my cousin, and that was the truth, that's what it was.
Ruth Sumner Brother Branham said to [her husband] ..."I see a woman appear between me and you. Why, it's your mother..." And then he said that she would be well. When we got home, she met us at the door.
Doug McHughes He said, "I see a heavy-set doctor looking in your eyes. He's telling you that you're going to go blind in your right eye. ...Thus Saith the Lord, you'll not go blind." ...I was a ways up on the mountain when all of a sudden I realized that my eyes didn't hurt.
Charles Cox He sent me a tape, was called Faith Is The Sixth Sense, and while I was listening to that tape, I received the Holy Ghost. And my wife did too.
Earl Martin I remember that at that first service I attended he prayed for a blind woman and she was healed and began counting the overhead lights in the auditorium.
Hellen Borders Mullen One of them said, "Brother Branham? Don't you know the Assemblies of God don't believe in Brother Branham?" I said, "I believed in Brother Branham before I believed in the Assemblies of God." That was pretty much a turning point in my life.
Pearry Green He put his hands over on my shoulders and said, "Brother Green, whatever you do, keep your balance in the Scriptures."
Billy Paul Branham I'll never forget the occasion when Dad was speaking in a big open-air stadium and a man jumped up during the service and screamed out, "William Branham, by what name do you do this?" And Dad replied, "In the Name that you know very little of, the Lord Jesus Christ." That man dropped dead, right where he stood.
Jim Ed Daulton We pulled into a hunting camp to get some water...and the man that came to ask us what we wanted was just swearing a blue streak. ...Brother Branham was just standing there, looking around. Then he said, "Boy, the Lord God sure did drop a lot of rocks here in Arizona, didn't he?" And when he mentioned the Lord's Name, that man never said another swear word the entire time we were there.
Loyce Branham I asked him about it. He said, "It's just like this," and he reached for my hand. "If there was anything wrong with you, it would show right here," and he looked at the back of his hand, then he looked up at me and then back at his hand. I saw the change in his hand. Little spots had appeared, and instantly I knew something was wrong or that wouldn't be happening.
Dallas Stayton The first thing I ever knew about Brother Branham was when my cousin, David Wood, was healed of polio in one of Brother Branham's meetings.
Louise Novodvorski God showed him everything about me, and I said, "Yes, that is true." It was the happiest day of my life. I became a new creature, and I lost my old sinful mind.
Arvel Mosier Before I went off to the Army, he said, "I have prayed about it, so you go and serve your country. I always wanted to be a soldier." And he assured me, "God is going to take care of you." I spent 14 months in Vietnam and I never fired one shot, nor did I ever have a shot fired at me.
George Smith As we finished praying, the phone rang in the church office and Brother Green quietly went to answer the phone. It was Brother Branham, calling from Arizona, and after a short greeting, he said to Brother Green, "First let me speak to George." When I took the phone, he said, "George, I want to be the first to congratulate you upon receiving the Holy Ghost." How did he know I was there? How did he know what had just happened?
Betty Collins Phillips I was in the service when Brother Edmund Way died. ...Brother Branham stepped over the altar railing and knelt down and prayed for him and his heart began beating again. ...Sister Way, who was a registered nurse, said that when he fell, he did not have a pulse.
Jacqueline Wheeler Nothing made me as sick as even the thought of seeing a snake. So when we got up there in that canyon, I just really didn't want to go up that trail! Brother Branham said, "There's no snakes here." He knew exactly what I was worried about.

I was not born until four years after his passing, so William Branham is a grandfather that I have known mainly by pictures, and by listening to his voice on tape. From family stories I know how he spent his time at home, and how he interacted with his children. He was a man who desired no popularity for himself and sought no earthly treasures; a man who washed his own car, mowed his own lawn, and was not the least bit pretentious. (Angela Smith, from the introduction to Generation.)