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Was Ernest Fandler the real man from Windsor?

Ernest Fandler migrated from Switzerland to California before the great depression, and then moved up to Alaska looking for gold. The following paragraphs are taken from his autobiography.

Caught in Edmonton

That night I told two Indians I met to come to the meeting the following night. I wanted to find out something. I offered to pay the Indians for their trouble. The next night they came and went right up to the platform. William Branham, the evangelist, greeted them, and then told them what they had on their hearts, and what their diseases were - tuberculosis and heart trouble. Thoses two fellow were aware that someone was there besides that little man. William Branham said, "You are strangers to me. I don't know you, but there is someone here who does know you". They both started to weep. When they were leaving the platform, he called them back and asked, "Do you know why you are here tonight?" Turning around, he lighted right straight at me and said, "That little fellow there shook your hands last night." Then he told them exactly what I had said to them.
That did it! I ran to my motel room, crying bitterly. I asked the Lord to forgive me for my unbelief and all my other sins. I said, "I know now that you are God, and alive today, and knowest every person."

Caught in Chicago

In Chicago, before the service began one night, to fellows were trying to put doubt in my mind about having the Holy Spirit. Feeling a little discouraged, I sat way back in the crowd. When Brother Branham started the prayer line, he said, "I cannot do anything until the Angel of the Lord comes first." Then he said, "He is here now." and as usual, a holy hush went over the audience. Then he said, "The Holy Spirit is over the audience now."
After this, he pointed to several sick people in different parts of the congregation as the Angel of teh Lord showed him. He told each of them their sicknesses, and then to raise their faith, he told some of them their names and addresses, and also why and how long they had been sick. All at once, I felt a strange feeling come over me. Brother Branham said, "Little fellow there, stand on your feet." I was not going to stand because I thought it was only for sick people. But then he said, "You have been seeking the Holy Ghost."
I stood up. "You have got it." he said, and I passed out right there.

Healings in Shawano, Wisconson

Many people got saved and healed at those meetings. The last night someone brought a blind woman to the prayer line. As shse stood there, I went over and looked in her eyes. There were no eyeballs. Her eyes were half-closed and there was just a little white there. She was the last one in the prayer line and I was kind of hoping the meeting would close before she got there to be prayed for because I had advertised that the blind would see, but I didn't expect something like this. When we got to Brother Branham, he said, "Here is another blind woman, everyone bow your heads."
Then he prayed, weeping a litte, "Jesus, Blind Bartimaeus came to you, and you gave him his sight. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. This poor woman is totally blind for 40 years. I pray that you will give her her sight."
Then he said, "Now Satan, you are exposed, you cannot hide now, I charge you Blind Spirit, to leave her, in the name of Jesus Christ." Then he said to her, "You are healed now, but don't look yet." A little later, he said, "Touch my nose." When she touched his nose, she looked around, and started screaming. I saw that she was perfectly normal and told her to go over to the chairs and sit down for a while.