Did William Branham visit the graves of Muhammad, Buddha, and Confucius?

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    William Branham said that he had visited the graves of Mohammed, Buddha and Confucius:

    I've visit the grave of most all the founders of a religions; the Mohammedan, and also to--to the grave of Buddha, and Confucius, and many of the philosophers.[1]

    But did he?

    Did William Branham visit the grave of Confucius?

    The facts are:

    1. Confucius is buried in Kong Lin cemetery which lies in Qufu in the Shandong Province.
    2. William Branham was never in China.

    The conclusion: William Branham lied about visiting the grave of Confucius.

    Did William Branham visit the grave of Buddha?

    The facts are:

    1. Buddha was cremated.
    2. There is no grave of Buddha.
    3. Therefore, it is impossible that William Branham visited Buddha's grave.

    The conclusion: William Branham lied about visiting the grave of Buddha.

    Did William Branham visit the grave of Muhammad?

    The facts are:

    1. Muhammad is buried in the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi ("Mosque of the Prophet" or the "Green Dome") in the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia.
    2. It is possible that William Branham had a layover in Saudi Arabia on his way to India. He did land in Egypt twice on his flights to and from India.
    3. While at the grave of Muhammad, William Branham said he noticed that there was "a white horse that stands there" which is changed every four hours in preparation of him rising from the dead. However, Islam does not teach that their prophet will resurrect (other than in the general resurrection which referred to as " Yawm ad-Dīn" in Arabic) and there is no white horse standing at the grave of Muhammad.
    4. In 1958, William Branham admitted that he had been in "the country near the grave of Mohammed" (we assume he was referring to Egypt) and not the actual grave itself.[2]

    The conclusion: William Branham lied about visiting the grave of Muhammed.

    Video Transcript

    William Branham considered himself a world traveler.

    I've seen them carry on in the heathen fields. I've been seven times around the world, in all... in all kinds of heathens and around hundreds of thousand, as many as 150,000 people and, yeah or 50,000 people gather at one time.

    This is a clear exaggeration as he only made five overseas trips and never went around the world. Not Even once. Ron Spencer, a message minister in Virginia, explains this as follows:

    And when Brother Branham was even here in Harrisonburg, just like he was all over the world seven times... the miles that he traveled is why they say it's seven times.

    That’s a great excuse… But William Branham never used it himself. Ron Spencer simply made it up and there is nothing factual to back up his claim. Now, I do understand that this claim in and of itself, might not be that big of a deal. You wouldn’t want to hang a lot on one wild exaggeration.

    But there’s another, related statement William Branham made that I would like a message minister to explain:

    I've visit the grave of most all the founders of a religions, the Mohammedan, and also to the grave of Buddha, and Confucius, and many other philosophers.

    While perhaps not obvious at first, this statement cannot possibly be true. When William Branham made this statement in 1953, he had only been overseas twice, once to Finland in 1950 and then to South Africa in 1951. He had not yet been to India where Buddha was cremated. There is no grave as Buddha’s ashes were distributed to various sites across India.

    The tomb of Confucius is at Qufu in Shandong Province, China. William Branham never visited China. Ever. In his book, Supernatural, Owen Jorgensen states that William Branham landed in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia on his way to India in 1954. While in Saudi Arabia, William Branham stated several times that he visited the grave of Muhammad, the founder of Islam:

    Here sometime ago, noticing at the grave of Mohammed, at Mohammed's grave there's a white horse that stands there. It's been there for two thousand years. They change the guards about every four hours. What are they doing? They are expecting Mohammed to raise someday and get on this white horse and ride the world and conquer it.[3]
    I've been to the grave where the white horse is changed every four hours. Where, Mohammed, a great priest and—and leader right after Christ, was supposingly to be a prophet, and, I don't doubt but what he was…[4]

    The grave of Muhammad, the Green Dome, is in Medina, over a 500-mile drive from Riyadh. It is true that Islam teaches that their prophet, Muhammad, rode to heaven on a white horse. But there is no white horse at the Green Dome. And they do not teach that their prophet will rise from the dead and jump on a white horse. They do not have a white horse waiting for him. And they never did. William Branham made up this story. He was never in Medina, and he never visited the Green Dome. Just as he never visited the grave of Confucius or Buddha.

    For followers of William Branham, anyone else making up such a story would be accused of lying. But they just can’t accept that their prophet was less than honest.

    Can someone in the message please explain why William Branham made up stories like this?


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