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#REDIRECT [[List of Issues with the Message]]
A number of years ago, we received a sincere question in an email regarding the message of William Branham.  We diligently tried to answer the question.  We tried to prove that the message was correct and that William Branham was a true prophet of God, but the results of our research were very troubling and raised more questions.  We spent several years researching these issues which in turn only raised even more questions.
=What happened next...=
Our biggest problem was that '''no one in our church''' was prepared to sincerely consider our questions and try to answer them.  We talked to many well known ministers that also followed William Branham, but they didn't have any answers either.  A few of the more honest ministers actually admitted that we had stumbled onto some questions that they couldn't answer (at least in a way that reflected positively on William Branham).  So we kept searching for answers.
What was important to us was the Bible and it has always been our sincere desire to follow Christ regardless of the cost.  That is more important to us than family, friends or work.  Our questions were driven by our desire to know Jesus Christ in his death, burial and resurrection.
=What does the Bible say about sincere questions?=
The Book of Acts contains numerous examples of Paul reasoning with the Jews in their synagogues about the Messiah. Paul was dealing with tough questions being put to him by Jews that did not believe the message of Christ.
When someone comes to us with a tough question, how are we supposed to respond?
:''But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and '''be ready always to give an answer to every man''' that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear...<ref>1 Peter 3:15-16 (KJV)</ref>
:''...but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, '''always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you''', yet with gentleness and reverence...<ref>1 Peter 3:15-16 (NASB)</ref>
:''Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And '''if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it'''.  But do this in a gentle and respectful way.<ref>1 Peter 3:15-16 (NLT)</ref>
I am not sure why those in our church did not seem to believe or practice this verse, but we have found this attitude through out the message - message believers refuse to answer, or even discuss, our questions in an open and honest manner.
=Fear not=
If you are a message believer, the list below is frightening.  You may get angry.  Some have become physically ill.  They are going to raise a lot of questions.  '''But please just take your time.'''  Think about the questions that we are asking and the facts that we are presenting (click on the highlighted text to go to the specific research on an issue).
We are not expecting you to believe anything just because we are saying it.  But '''what we have done is to provide all of the facts, quotes and references necessary to back up all of our research and observations'''.  Study these things out for yourself.  If you can find any errors in our research, we will change the information on our website - [[Contact information|please, just let us know about it]].
To the extent anyone in the message has sought to provide us with an explanation for, or specific solution to, a  problem or concern that we have raised, we have listed these in the discussion of the issue.  There have not been a lot of explanations to date that have been sent to us, and most of them are easily identified as being the product of [[Cognitive Dissonance]] (if you don't know what that is, please click on the link).
Finally, don't be afraid.  The opposite of love is [[If you need help#If you are afraid|not hate, but fear]].  If you have [[How to Deal with Doubt|doubts, they need to be resolved]], and the only way to do that is to find out the truth.  We wished that we had known these things years ago.  And we are presenting them here so that you don't have to spend the years researching these issues that we did.
{|style="width:100%; background-color:#cedff2; border:1px #a3b0bf solid; text-align:center;"
|''There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, '''because fear has to do with punishment'''. The one who fears punishment has not been perfected in love. 4:19 We love because he loved us first.'' (1 John 4:18-19)<ref>Biblical Studies Press, The NET Bible First Edition; Bible. English. NET Bible.; The NET Bible (Biblical Studies Press, 2006), 1 Jn 4:18–19.</ref>
=Our Promise=
The following is a '''master list of all of the issues and problems that have been raised by us and others in respect to William Branham and his message'''. 
The purpose of this list is to provide a short concise summary of all known issues that can be used as a quick reference guide when discussing these concerns.  Our aim is to provide a detailed explanation for each problem, and the research we have uncovered, when you click on them.  To the extent that the specific problem does not link to anything, it simply means we have not had the time to research the issue as yet.
'''OUR PROMISE''' - If you are aware of any errors/problems/concerns that are not on this list, please let us know [[Contact information|by email]] or by [https://www.facebook.com/BelieveTheSign a message to us on our Facebook page].  We will correct any factual errors as quickly as possible.
=Was William Branham really a prophet?=
While at first we found this almost impossible to believe, '''we have been unable to locate a single unambiguous prophecy that was made in advance in a public forum (on tape) and that was later clearly fulfilled.'''  However, there are numerous examples of visions that were made publicly which failed (were not fulfilled) and prophecies that changed drastically over time.  If you click on the individual lines below, they will take you to a detailed explanation of each issue.
#[[Proof of the Prophetic|Did William Branham make any '''REAL''' prophecies?]] '''(We can't find any ''before the fact'' prophecies on any tape!)'''
#[[The Municipal Bridge Vision|Why did William Branham say that the municipal bridge vision was fulfilled when it clearly wasn't?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[The Brown Bear Vision|Why did William Branham say "Thus Saith The Lord" that he would shoot a large brown bear, when he didn't?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[The Vision of the Meetings in South Africa|Why did the vision that William Branham had of the meetings in south Africa fail to be fulfilled?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Did William Branham prophesy his own death?]]
#[[Heavenly Vision|Why did William Branham's original commissioning vision disappear?]]
#[[Prophecy of the Cloud|Why did William Branham change the vision of the angels appearing?]] '''(Prophecy Changed)'''
#[[The Marilyn Monroe Vision|Was William Branham's vision of Marilyn Monroe's death accurate?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#'''[[Prophecy#William Branham's SevenNine Visions of 1933|The <strike>Seven</strike> Nine Visions of 1933]]'''
##[[Franklin D. Roosevelt|Why did William Branham prophecy that America would start World War 2?]] '''(Prophecy Changed/Failed Prophecy)'''
##[[Mussolini invades Ethiopia|Was Mussloni's invasion of Ethiopia really his last invasion?]] '''(Prophecy Changed/Failed Prophecy)'''
##[[Hitler and WWII|Why did William Branham's prophecy of Hitler change over time?]]  '''(Prophecy Changed)'''
##[[Russia and the three ...isms|Did Facism, Nazisim and Communism really unite into Communism?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
##[[Driverless Cars|Did an advertisement for driverless cars precede William Branham's prophecy?]] '''("After the Fact" Prophecy)'''
##[[Morality|Are women really going to wear a fig leaf apron and go topless?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
##[[Women's Suffrage|Did women elect the wrong person or was it the men's vote?]]  '''("After the Fact" Prophecy/Failed Prophecy)'''
##[[Rise of a Woman in America|Why did William Branham state that the prophecy of the rise of the cruel woman in America was already fulfilled?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
##[[America in Ashes|Why did William Branham change his prophecy of the destruction of America?]] '''(Prophecy Changed)'''
#[[The Alaska Earthquake|Was the prophecy of the 1964 Alaska earthquake made after the fact?]] '''("After the Fact" Prophecy)'''
#[[Third Pull|What is the Third Pull?  Was it prophetic?]]
#[[Man and the moon|Why did William Branham say that man would never land on the moon... but the communists might?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[New Albany Prophecy|Did William Branham really prophecy where he would live?]] '''("After the Fact" Prophecy)'''
#[[Ohio River flood of 1937|Why did William Branham mention the Ohio river flood years before he told of his prophecy without saying anything about it?]] '''("After the Fact" Prophecy)'''
#[[1977|Why did William Branham predict that the USA would be destroyed by 1977?]]  '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Plum and Apple Trees|If the vision of the Plum and Apple Trees was from God, why did William Branham change his mind about it in 1965?]] '''(Prophecy Changed)'''
#[[World Council of Churches|Was the prophecy of the World Council of Churches accurate?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Destruction of Los Angeles|Why is Los Angeles still above water if Billy Paul is an old man?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Florida under water|Is Florida going under as well?]]
#[[Nikita Khrushchev|Was the meeting of Nikita Khrushchev and Dwight Eisenhower the fulfillment of Daniel chapter 2?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Destruction of the Vatican|Will Russia destroy the Vatican?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[The Seventh Angel is on the Earth at Christ's Coming|Was William Branham's death before the Rapture a failed prophecy?]] '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Racial Violence in America|Why did William Branham prophecy that Martin Luther King, Jr. would cause the death of millions, when this didn't happen?]]  '''(Failed Prophecy)'''
#[[Was the birth of Joseph Branham foretold]]?  '''(Ambiguous prophecy)'''
#[[The Death of Florence Shakarian|Was the death of Florence Shakarian prophesied before she died?]] '''(Ambiguous prophecy)'''
#[[Santa Rosa prophecy about William Branham|Was William Branham's ministry foretold in a Santa Rosa church?]]
#[[What if William Branham was a Prophet?]]
=Was William Branham Honest?=
:'''If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.''' - ''Mark Twain''
The Bible plainly tells us what is expected of Christian leaders:
:''An elder must be blameless...<ref>Titus 1:6 (NET)</ref>
:''For the overseer must be blameless as one entrusted with God’s work...<ref>Titus 1:7 (NET)</ref>
:''The overseer then must be above reproach...<ref>1 Timothy 3:2 (NET)</ref>
:''And these also must be tested first and then let them serve as deacons if they are found blameless.<ref>1 Timothy 3:10 (NET)</ref>
William Branham portrayed himself as a simple, honest, uneducated man who was sent from God as a prophet to fore-run the second coming of Christ.  However, many of the stories that he told have been proven to be untrue and many of the doctrines that he said he received directly from God were, in fact, plagiarized from other ministers.  If you click on the individual items below, they will take you to a detailed explanation of each issue.
#Why did William Branham change the story of [[Congressman Upshaw]]'s healing?
#Was [[Donny Morton]] really healed?
#Did William Branham prayer for [[King George VI|King George VI and was he really healed?]]
#[[The Pillar of Fire|Did the Pillar of Fire really appear above William Branham's head in Houston?  Why did other pictures from that evening appear in the newspaper, when he said his picture was the only one that turned out?]]
#[[The Mystery of the Empty Cornerstone|What was in the cornerstone of Branham Tabernacle?]]
#[[Plagiarism|Why did William Branham say that he received his revelations from God when he took many of his doctrines from other men?]]
#[[The Cloud|Why did William Branham say that he was under the cloud when they took its picture, when he clearly wasn't?]]
#[[Kari Holma|Why did William Branham's story of the boy raised from the dead in Finland differ so dramatically from the other people that were there?]]
#[[Prophecy of the Cloud|Why was the vision of the five angels changed to a vision of seven angels?]]
#[[Rattlesnake Mesa|Why did William Branham say that he was at Sunset Mountain when he was actually at Rattlesnake Mesa?]]
#[[Roy Davis|When did William Branham embrace Pentecostalism?]]
#[[Was William Branham Honest|Was it reasonable foe William Branham to blame his poor grammar on his dad?]]
#[[William Branham's Travels|Did William Branham travel around the world seven times?]]
#[[1933 Ohio River Experience|Did anyone hear the voice on the Ohio River in 1933?]]
#[[The Perfect Man|Was William Branham really the first fruits of spiritual maturity?]]
#[[The Man from Windsor|Why did the story of the man from Windsor change so drastically over time?]]
#Was [[Florence Nightingale]] the granddaughter of the original Florence Nightingale?
#[[The Houston Photograph|Was the photo from Houston supernatural or just the out of focus picture of a flood light?]]
#[[Discernment errors|Was William Branham's discernment 100% accurate?]]
#[[Leo Mercer|How could William Branham have allowed Leo Mercer to be part of his ministry?]]
#[[An Uncertain Sound|Did William Branham claim to be a prophet?]]
#[[The Nazarite Birth|Was William Branham born under a Nazarite Vow?]]
#[[The Amber Light|Did William Branham see an amber light?]]
#Who was [[Hope Branham's Nurse]]?
#[[Proposing to Hope Brumbach|Was William Branham truthful about asking Hope's parents for her hand in marriage?]]
#[[William Branham's Double Standard#William Branham in Shorts|If only sissies wear shorts, why did William Branham wear them?]]
#[[Jim Jones|Did William Branham help to launch the ministry of Jim Jones?]]
#Was Marshal [[Matt Dillon]] from Gunsmoke a real person?
#[[Is Joseph Branham a prophet?]]
#Was there a [[Mormon prophecy about William Branham]]?
#[[Guessing the disease|Was Willilam Branham's ministry always 100%?]]
#[[Prophecy: Danny Henry|Danny Henry message]]
#[[William Branham's View of Himself|How did William Branham view himself?]]
#[[William Branham and Money|Was William Branham a wealthy man when he died?]]
#[[William Branham Speaking as God|If God spoke through William Branham, why did he mess up?]]
#[[William Branham's Double Standard#William Branham the Hunter|If it was wrong to kill animals for sport, why did William Branham do it?]]
#[[William Branham's Double Standard#William Branham at the Theatre|Why did William Branham deny that he went to movies 3 weeks after admitting that he did?]]
#[[William Branham's Double Standard#William Branham, sold out for a Cadillac|Why did William Branham criticize those who drove Cadillac's when he owned one?]]
#[[William Branham's Double Standard#Trimmed Hair & Short Skirts in the Branham Family|Why did William Branham criticize women that cut their hair and wore short skirts, when his own family did?]]
#[[Arvel Mosier|What actually happened to Hattie Wright's boys?]]
#[[Different Stories|Why did William Branham's stories change so radically over time?]]
#Was William Branham [[The Perfect Man|the perfect man]]?
=Did William Branham preach what Paul preached?=
If you study the message, you will find that William Branham departed significantly from the plain meaning of scripture in many things that he taught.  If you click on the individual items below, they will take you to a detailed explanation of each issue.
#[[Christians that were required to believe Satanic doctrine|Why were most Christians required to believe Satanic doctrine to be saved?]]
#[[Temporary Salvation|If you don't feel saved, are you still a Christian?]]
#[[Can the Holy Spirit abandon you?]]
#[[Justification, Sanctification, and the Holy Spirit|Is salvation something that you earn?]]
#[[Mixing Law and Grace|William Branham mixed law and grace.  Is that a problem?]]
#[[Fallen From Grace|What did William Branham teach was involved when someone "falls from grace"?]]
#[[Water baptism|Was William Branham's understanding of water baptism historically correct?]]
#[[The Godhead|Did William Branham simply copy Emmanual Swedenborg's teaching on the Godhead?]]
#[[The Serpent's Seed|Does the Bible really teach that the serpent had sex with Eve?]]
#[[The Fulfillment of Malachi 4:5|Was William Branham the fulfillment of Malachi 4:5?]]
#Was William Branham guilty of [[Theological Trespassing]]?
#Did William Branham's teaching on [[The Token|the Token]] agree with Paul's teaching on the subject?
#[[Ephesians 4:30|When is a person sealed by the Holy Spirit?]]
#[[Matthew 17:11|Is a gentile Elijah prophesied in the Bible?]]
#[[Matthew 24:28|Does the message teach the correct interpretation of Matthew 24:28?]]
#[[Matthew 27:46|Did Jesus die screaming for help, crying for mercy because He was separated from God?]]
#[[Luke 17:30|Did William Branham reveal the Son of Man?]]
#[[John 16:13|Does the Holy Spirit lead people into the message?]]
#[[John 18:6|When Jesus died on the cross, did God leave him?  Did he simply die as a man?]]
#[[Revelation 10:7|Was William Branham the fulfillment of Revelation 10:7?]]
#[[Seventh Seal|If the seventh seal was silent, how did William Branham know what it meant?]]
#[[Zechariah 14:7]]
#[[Amos 3:3|Can any two walk together unless they be agreed?  Did William Branham understand this verse?]]
#[[The Sin in the Wilderness|Were the Israelites that died in the wilderness eternally lost?]]
#[[Was William Branham a racist?|Are biracial marriages unscriptural]]?
#[[Twisted Theology#Lilies work hard|How hard do lilies work?]]
#[[Twisted Theology#John Wept for Joy|Did John weep for joy or because no one was worthy?]]
#[[Abraham and Sarah|What was God's reaction to Sarah laughing?]]
#[[The Prophet and The Eagle|Where do eagles type prophets in the Bible?]]
#[[King Saul - The Peoples' Choice?|Did the people choose Saul as King of Israel or was it God?]]
#[[The Body of Christ|Does the Bible teach there are two tiers of Christians?]]
#[[The Message#Is the "Bride" a special category of Christian?|Is the "Bride" a special category of Christian?]]
#[[Three holy words|What are the three holy words of the Bible?]]
#[[Eternal Sonship|If the Son is not eternal, can the Father be eternal?]]
#Is there a difference in the meaning of [[Q&A on the Godhead#Eternal vs. Everlasting|Eternal vs. Everlasting]]
#[[Sex was not in God's original plan|If sex was not in God's original plan, how come he made us as secual beings?]]
#[[Women were designed by Satan|Were women really designed by Satan?]]
#[[Can you lose your healing?]]
#[[Reason and Faith|Should Christians "cast down reasoning"?]]
#[[Prophets that ministered at the same time|Were 2 major prophets ever on the scene at the same time?]]
#[[Q&A on the Godhead#Did God leave Jesus Christ on the cross?|Did God leave Jesus Christ when He was on the cross?]]
#[[Q&A on the Godhead#What is the meaning of "begotten"?|What is the meaning of "begotten"?]]
#[[Three Persons|Does the Christian church actually teach that there are three gods in the Trinity?]]
#Did William Branham misrepresent [[The Trinity|the Church's historical view of the Trinity]]?
#[[Enoch and Noah#The Seventh from Adam|Was Enoch the seventh from Adam]] proof of the Serpent Seed doctrine?
#[[Michael the Archangel|Is Jesus Christ the same as Michael the Archangel?]]
#[[Reading between the lines|Does the Bible say that we have to "read between the lines"?]]
#[[Enoch and Noah|Noah started building the ark after he saw Enoch go in a Rapture]]
#[[Enoch and Noah|Was Enoch a type of the wise virgin, and Noah a type of the foolish virgin?]]
#[[The Importance of a Seven-Lettered Name|Is the spelling of William Branham's name of spiritual significance?]]
#[[Illegitimate children]] cannot be part of the rapture.
#[[That which is perfect is come|Has "that which is perfect" come?]]
#[[Hierarchy in Heaven|Is your admission to heaven conditional on William Branham's judgment?]]
#[[Tithing|Is tithing required in the New Testament?]]
#[[Long Hair or Uncut Hair|Does long hair mean uncut (i.e. no trimming of split ends) for women?]]
#[[Marriage and Divorce|If a wife cuts her hair, can her husband divorce her?]]
#[[Long Hair or Uncut Hair|Does God hear the prayer of a woman that has cut her hair]]?
#[[Grounds for Divorce in the Message|Can a man get a divorce for any reason?]]
#[[Marriage and Divorce|Can a man remarry after divorce but a woman can't?]]
#[[Destruction of Los Angeles|Is Capernaum under the sea?]]
#[[The Message Dress Code|Is the message dress code in the Bible?]]
#[[Legalism|How many rules do I have to keep in order to get to heaven?]]
#[[The Midwives of Egypt|Were the midwives in Egypt actually witches?]]
#[[Are There Women Angels?]]
#[[Destruction of Los Angeles#Pearry Green's Testimony]] - Is Billy Paul an old man?  And if he is, why aren't sharks swimming through Los Angeles?
#[[THUS SAITH THE LORD|Were there any times when William Branham's "Thus Saith The Lord" actually failed?]]
#What is the actual meaning of [[El Shaddai]]?
#What was [[The Sign of the Messiah]]?
#[[William Branham and the future|Was William Branham's view of the future biblical?]]
#[[William Branham's View of Himself|How did William Branham view himself?]]
#[[Jehovah|Does God only have seven compound names?]]
#[[The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11|Who are the two witnesses of Revelation 11]]?
#Why do we need William Branham's message when [[The Sufficiency of Scripture|scripture is sufficient?]]
=Other strange or false beliefs of William Branham=
William Branham believed, and taught, some outrageous things that people should accept as the truth.  Here are a few of these bizarre teachings:
#[[William Branham and the Freemasons|Why was there a Pentagram clearly displayed on the front of the Branham Tabernacle?]]
#[[Plum and Apple Trees#Trinitarian Christians|Christians that believe the doctrine of the Trinity are lost]]
#[[William Branham and Flying Saucers|Are UFO's actually investigating angels?]]
#[[The Rock Where Moses Stood|Did God moved the rock that Moses stood on to the Arizona desert in 1964?]]
#Does the sun revolve around the earth
#[[William Branham and the Pyramids#Who built the pyramids?|Who built the Pyramids?]]
#[[The earth is square|Did you know that the earth is square?]]
#Do women have one less rib than men?
#[[Wrong statements|What other strange things did William Branham believe?]]
==William Branham's often contradictory teachings==
William Branham often contradicted himself, both in his biographical stories but also in his preaching.  Here are a few examples:
*[[How many will be saved?]]
*[[An Uncertain Sound|I am God's prophet... I never said I was a prophet.]]
=Other Issues Relating to William Branham's Message=
#[[Hagin Prophecy|Kenneth Hagin's Prophecy]]
#Our review of Owen Jorgensen's biography - ''[[Supernatural: The Life of William Branham‎]]''
#Our response to [[A Biographer Answers Critics of William Branham|Owen Jorgensen's defense of William Branham]]
#[[An Open Letter to Owen Jorgensen]] by Luca Freeman
#Who is [[Voice of God Recordings]] and how much money do they have?
=Strange Things Taught by Message Churches=
These doctrines may not have been taught directly by William Branham (or at least we have not found quotes yet) but are widely held by Message ministers/believers and are taught in a variety of message churches (please note that they may not be found in all message churches). 
#[[Is the Message a Cult?#William Branham's message > the Bible|ALL message churches place the words of William Branham above or at least equal to the Bible]].
#The use of red herring arguments when [[Failed Prophecies]] are pointed out (see video)
#[[The Message|The message]] is Jesus Christ.
#[[Progressive_Revelation|The doctrine of progressive revelation]]
#[[Luke 20:4-8]]
#[[Acts 3:21]]
#[["Blind Faith"]]
#[[Logic and the Message]]
#[[Reason and the Message|Thinking is discouraged]]
#The [[The King James Version of the Bible|KJV is the only inspired translation]] of the Bible.
#[[Message Urban Legends|'''Urban legends''' of the message]]
#If you don't believe the message, you are not going in the rapture.
#Only ministers can handle the Word.
#Your Pastor will take you through.
#The Message is our Absolute.  In other words - ''William Branham said it, I believe it, that settles it.''
#The Pastor is our Absolute or Your Pastor in his Office is always right.
#Diminishing the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ of two thousand years ago, as a result of Promoting the Jesus Christ of Today.
#The focus on the message, removes the focus from the bible.
#Rapturing Faith in on the Tapes.
#Don't question. Don't argue. Don't Debate. Don't Discuss. Just give them a message book.
#If they're Seed...
#The church is the wife, the husband is the pastor
#"programs" are of the devil, so no-one does anything to help others through the church.
#Missions are for people overseas, not the homeless down the street.
#It's OK to preach against other churches who don't have the mighty revelation.
#Deacons are glorified ushers and no longer redistribute wealth to the poor.
#There's no higher order to reveal the Word than a prophet. The following is a quote of Luke Gibson - ''that is an elementary teaching in this message and a close look at the scriptures will declare God always reveals His Word by prophets (Amos 3:7)''.
#Education is of the devil... but I know more than other Christians.
#Everyone outside the message is foolish virgin
#Legalistic teachings related to [[The Celebration of Christmas]]
#People have made Jesus into a super man.  Message believers are the sons of God and ultimately, don't need Jesus to be the sacrifice.
=But Message believers reject these teachings=
There are a few things that William Branham taught that followers of William Branham simply do not believe in any practical sense.
#[[The Importance of a Right Spirit]]
#[[Draw a bigger circle]]
#The vision of the [[Plum and Apple Trees]]
=Now what?=
If you have honestly looked at these questions and the research provided in our analysis of each issue, it is difficult for anyone to believe that William Branham is a prophet of God.
To help those who are now confronted with these issues and wonder what the next course of action should be we would recommend the following links:
#Further research on William Branham - [[Research Sources for William Branham and His Message]]
#If you are looking for non-message sources to help you grow spiritually - [[Resources that have helped us]]
#[[If you need help]]
#If you want to ask us a question, you can [[Contact information|email us]].
We sincerely pray that this information has helped you on your spiritual journey.  May the Holy Spirit lead you into the truth of Jesus Christ!
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