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    1. “You can have the baptism of the Holy Ghost every hour in your life, and still be lost and go to hell.” 65-1207 LEADERSHIP. (Did he use the word ‘baptism’ in a different context? Possibly referring to the anointing that could fall on anyone?)
    2. Can't use tithes to build a church
    3. For a person to be qualified for the ministry, they have to marry a virgin.
    4. “Gifts and callings are without repentance. “ – was his interpretation an ‘innocent’ one? Or simply a ‘private interpretation’?
    5. Necromancy – WMB talked to his dead wife/daughter “contact dead spirit in the world of the dead”. The talk with Hope & Sharon and the chair in heaven that will never be taken away.
    6. The worship of the angel – WMB fell face down before the angel – Why does the angel not rebuke him? He just vanishes
    7. The Zodiac doctrine
    8. Major Prophets were never to be judged. WMB reckoned himself in this group - What to do when he speaks error? Accept it anyhow?
    9. The Evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is believing the message
    10. He married his brothers/sisters and remarried them after divorce.
    11. Speaking in tongues. This is no more seen. (It was a promise by Christ and was manifested in the early church) – where did this “Mystery of receiving the Holy Ghost without sensation” come from.
    12. His statement that you can join a Masonic lodge as long as you remain a Christian. (???)
    13. What was this issue of “revise them a little” on old prophecies? (Retelling constantly changes)
    14. CAB version of 1977 prediction is seriously out of place. Was there any real need to mention dates in reference to the return of Christ?
    15. Did his uninformed comments on scientific matters indicate an underlying problem? “Man has one rib less”, “man will never get to the moon”, “The earth is square”, “The sun stood still”, “The lowest form of life is a frog”. Etc
    16. Irenaeus was a Catholic Bishop. How he ended up as one of the church messenger, given WMBs stand on the cahtolic church defies logic.

    These pages need to be completed: