An Analysis of William Branham's Visions and Prophecies

Here is a list of questions related to William Branham's visions and prophecies. Please click on the link in each question to go to an article containing a detailed analysis of the issue:

  1. Did "Thus Saith The Lord" fail Donny Morton? (Failed Thus Saith The Lord?)
  2. Did "Thus Saith The Lord" fail Agnes Shippy (Failed Thus Saith The Lord?)
  3. Did William Branham make any REAL prophecies? (Why can't we find any before the fact prophecies!)
  4. Why did William Branham say that the municipal bridge vision was fulfilled when it clearly wasn't? (Failed Prophecy?)
  5. Why did William Branham say "Thus Saith The Lord" that he would shoot a large brown bear, when he didn't? (Failed Prophecy?)
  6. Why did the vision that William Branham had of the meetings in South Africa fail to be fulfilled? (Failed Prophecy?)
  7. If the vision of the Plum and Apple Trees was from God, why did William Branham change his mind about it in 1965? (Prophecy Changed?)
  8. The Prophetic Visions of 1933
    1. Why did William Branham prophecy that America would start World War 2? (Prophecy Changed/Failed Prophecy?)
    2. Was Mussloni's invasion of Ethiopia really his last invasion? (Prophecy Changed/Failed Prophecy?)
    3. Why did William Branham's prophecy of Hitler change over time? (Prophecy Changed?)
    4. Did Facism, Nazisim and Communism really unite into Communism? (Failed Prophecy?)
    5. Did the prophecy of egg-shaped cars come from William Branham's visit to the 1933 World's Fair? ("After the Fact" Prophecy?)
    6. Was William Branham's prophecy of a driverless car based on a Disney TV program? ("After the Fact" Prophecy?)
    7. Are women really going to wear a fig leaf apron and go topless? (Failed Prophecy?)
    8. Did women elect the wrong person or was it the men's vote? ("After the Fact" Prophecy/Failed Prophecy?)
    9. Why did William Branham state that the prophecy of the rise of the cruel woman in America was already fulfilled? (Failed Prophecy?)
    10. Why did William Branham change his prophecy of the destruction of America? (Prophecy Changed?)
  9. Why is Los Angeles still above water if Billy Paul is an old man? (Failed Prophecy?)
  10. Did William Branham prophesy the election of Kamala Harris? (Vague Prophecy?)
  11. Why did William Branham predict the Catholic church would never apologize when they did? (Failed Prophecy?)
  12. Did William Branham predict his own death? (Prophecy about William Branham?)
  13. Will the Roman Catholic church take over the world monetary system? (False Prophecy?)
  14. The Tent Vision (Failed Prophecy?)
  15. What did William Branham prophesy about Billy Graham? Did the prophecy come to pass? (Failed Prophecy or a Lie?)
  16. Was William Branham's death before the Rapture a failed prophecy? (Failed Prophecy?)
  17. Why did William Branham state that Martin Luther King, Jr. would cause the death of millions, when this didn't happen? (Not a prophecy?)
  18. Was William Branham's vision of Marilyn Monroe's death accurate? (Failed Prophecy?)
  19. Why did William Branham change the vision of the angels appearing? (Prophecy Changed?)
  20. Why did William Branham predict that the USA would be destroyed by 1977? (Failed Prophecy?)
  21. Was the meeting of Nikita Khrushchev and Dwight Eisenhower the fulfillment of Daniel chapter 2? (Failed Prophecy?)
  22. Will Russia destroy the Vatican? (Failed Prophecy?)
  23. Why did William Branham say that man would never land on the moon... but the communists might? (Failed Prophecy?)
  24. Was the prophecy of the World Council of Churches accurate? (Failed Prophecy?)
  25. Did William Branham ever pray for "kings, monarchs, potentates, and great men of the world." (Failed Prophecy?)
  26. Was the prophecy of the 1964 Alaska earthquake made after the fact? ("After the Fact" Prophecy?)
  27. What is the Third Pull? Was it prophetic? (Vague Prophecy?)
  28. Did William Branham really prophecy where he would live? ("After the Fact" Prophecy?)
  29. Why did William Branham mention the Ohio river flood years before he told of his prophecy without saying anything about it? ("After the Fact" Prophecy?)
  30. Is Florida going under as well? (Ambiguous prophecy?)
  31. Did William Branham prophesy his own death? (Not a prophecy?)
  32. Why did William Branham's original commissioning vision disappear? (Vision abandoned by William Branham?)
  33. Was the birth of Joseph Branham foretold? (Ambiguous prophecy?)
  34. Was the death of Florence Shakarian prophesied before she died? (Ambiguous prophecy?)
  35. Was William Branham's ministry foretold in a Santa Rosa church? ("After the Fact" Prophecy?)
  36. Were Dead Raised in William Branham's Ministry?
  37. Q&A with a message minister relating to William Branham's prophetic ministry
  38. What if William Branham was a Prophet?
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