William Branham and the Pyramids

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William Branham thought that the Egyptians were much more advanced than modern civilization. They had atomic power, which they misused, causing the flood which destroyed the earth.

Do the pyramids cast a shadow?

If the sun is higher than 52 degrees, the Egyptian pyramids won't cast a shadow. During the winter months, the pyramids cast a shadow for considerable parts of the day. Even in the simmer months, when the pyramids don't cast a shadow during large parts of the day, they still cast a shadow in the early morning and evening.

Quotes of William Branham

And they were much better scientists than we have today. Go down in Egypt and look at the pyramids setting in the middle of the earth. No matter where the sun is, there's never... Geographically, it's in the center of the earth. There's never a shadow around it, no matter where the sun is. How'd they do that? And these boulders, at least two city blocks high, that weigh a billion tons, how'd they get them up there? Produce something now that'll lift them up there. They can't do it.

They can't make mummies today, as they did in them days with the body. They can't embalm like they did. None of those things. They were smarter, really than they are today.[1]

And those pyramids, why, up there, over a city block high, in the air, there's tons. There's boulders up there almost as big as this tabernacle. They couldn't put them up there today if they had to. So they did it some way. And then, the sphinx, I think it takes sixteen flat cars for its leg to lay on. What about its body? And it sets way in the air there. How did they get it up there? See, they were--they were people that had secret intelligence that we don't have today. I think we have it, but we just haven't advanced with it, atomic or something like that. Because electric powers, or no powers like that, could lift it. But they built it then. And that pyramid, the big pyramid setting there, geographically, is so perfect in the center of the earth, no matter where the sun is, there's never a shadow around it. Engineering, we got a lot of--long ways to come, to compare with them. And to think, that's been more than right on five thousand years ago, they had that.[2]

Now, the second thing He wrote, Enoch, in the times of the pyramid, down in Egypt. I've been there and perhaps many men in here and women has been there. You notice those pyramids, we couldn't reproduce them. They're too great, too gigantic. They're so geographically in the center of the earth, no matter where the sun is, there's never shade around them. And they got tons and tons and tons of boulders up there, that they argued about that once. We used to debate it in school, how they built it. Well, the fellow of my point said, "They rolled it up."

"Why," I said, "that's--that's... Why, they couldn't." I know you can't take a boxcar and unload it and set it out on the railroad track and put enough men around it to push it. It ain't unloaded, you can't do it. I've seen it tried too many times. You can only put one line of men. The next line has to push against the next man's back. How you going to push a--a boulder up yonder, a half a city block in the air that would weigh a thousand tons. What they had then was the atomic power, just like they got now, and they built it. And that's what they shook the world out of its orbit, 'cause away from the sun throwed it sideways and brought the rains and--and destroyed the world by water. This time they're going to throw the same thing right straight back into the sun and burn it up again. Just as perfect as it can be.[3]

But they built it. They could achieve it. They had a--a way of doing it; maybe atomic power, or hydrogen power, or something. But gasoline power and electrical power, you couldn't make machine big enough to lift it up there. So how'd they get it up there? And it's so perfect masonry, till you can't run a razor blade around the--the places where they're setting together, hundreds and hundreds of tons. How did they do it? How did they build them? They could make a mummy, take a body and embalm it that still has features looking right today, after around almost four thousand years ago, still looks natural. A coloring that we can't duplicate at all. They were smart, intelligent. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man."[4]


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