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Plum and Apple Trees

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=The Vision of the Plum and Apple Trees=
[[Image:AppleTree.jpg|thumb|300px|left|The Apple Tree represented TrinitariansTrinitarian Christians]]
[[Image:PlumbTree.jpg|thumb|300px|right|The Plum Tree represented Oneness Christians]]
''But I have come to this place that I want to explain what stage of time we're living in according to the ministry that the Lord give me. And I wanted to record it from the Tabernacle. It came on my heart last spring, but I waited till got back here so I could get a--a recording of it to send it to you peoples of the world.''
If William Branham was correct in condemning Trinitarians in 1965, then the vision of the plum and apple trees from 1933 was wrong. If the vision from 1933 is wrong, then William Branham was a false prophet as visions should not be subject to [[Progressive Revelation]]. It is unlikely that God's opinion changed on this subject. Do you think that William Branham was wrong in his teaching in 1965, or that the 1933 vision was false?
[ Click here for a printable summary of this vision].

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