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Plum and Apple Trees

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'''William Branham had a vision''' on the morning he laid the cornerstone for the Branham Tabernacle of a grove of plum and apple trees. His interpretation of this vision is clear - both Trinitarians and Oneness believers are found in the Cross. Yet in 1965, he completely goes against this vision from God and declares Trinitarians to be lost.
=The Vision of the Plum and Apple Trees=
[[Image:AppleTree.jpg|thumb|300px|left|The Apple Tree represented Trinitarians]][[Image:PlumbTree.jpg|thumb|300px|right|The Plum Tree represented Oneness Christians]]
''But I have come to this place that I want to explain what stage of time we're living in according to the ministry that the Lord give me. And I wanted to record it from the Tabernacle. It came on my heart last spring, but I waited till got back here so I could get a--a recording of it to send it to you peoples of the world.''

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